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  1. Ins: May, Weid, Brown Outs: Petty, Brown, Jordon (sub) FB: Hibberd - May - Tomlinson HB: Rivers - Lever - Salem C: Langdon - Oliver - Brayshaw HF: ANB - Brown - Spargo FF: Pickett - Weid - McDonald R: Gawn - Trac - Viney I: Melksham - Jones - Jackson - Hunt S: Jordon
  2. Ins: Fritsch, Harmes, Lockhart Outs: Jones, Kozzie (managed), Hibberd (managed/injured) — FB: Lockhart - May - Lever HB: Salem - McDonald - Rivers C : Tomlinson - Viney - Langdon HF: Melksham - Brown - Hannan FF: Spargo - Weid - Fritsch R: Gawn - Oliver - Trac I: Brayshaw - Harmes - Lockhart - Wagner
  3. My saints mates are extremely confident against us, and even more so with another failure at selection for us. Its depressing that we are now behind that pathetic club. We won’t get within 30-40 points of them tonight.
  4. My two cents. Ins: Gawn - Rivers Outs: Sparrow - TMac ---- B: Hibberd - May (Membrey) - Lockhart (Butler) HB: Salem - Tomlinson (Resting ruck) - Lever C : Langdon - Viney - Harmes (Hill) HF: Fritsch - Weid - Melksham FF: Spargo - Preuss - Pickett R: Gawn - Oliver - Trac I: Brayshaw - Hannan - Rivers - Vanders (crush Billings or someone like that) E: Jones (too slow for the saints), TMac (need to rest Gawn more fwd)
  5. Outs: - Max will get a rest. He did his job last night. North are the perfect team for Preuss to play against, he'll want to prove himself. - ANB will get 2-4 weeks for his tackle. - Vanders might get a rest too. He copped another face knock, and may need the week to recover. Ins: - Pickett was rested (they just didn't want to mention ''managed" because it would go against Goodwin's previous comments) - Preuss gets his chance - Hannan back in to replace Vanders. ---- FB: Lockhart - May - Lever HB: Salem - Tomlinson - Hibberd C : Langdon - Viney - Jones HF: Melksham - Jackson - Bennell FF: Pickett - Weid - Fritsch R: Preuss - Oliver - Trac I: Hannan - Sparrow - Harmes - Brayshaw
  6. Outs: Jones - TMac - Sparrow Ins: Vanders - Tomlinson - Bennell — Lever May Hibberd Salem OMac Lockhart Langdon Brayshaw Tomlinson Melksham Jackson Bennell Pickett Weid Hannan Gawn Viney Trac Oliver Harmes Vanders Fritsch
  7. Jetta needs to stay for the Gray match up. Jones deserves another week. Bennell needs a rest. TMac will put on the same amount of tackling pressure as Bennell would, so no huge pressure loss with his inclusion there. Ins: McDonald Outs: Bennell — Jetta (Gray) - May (Dixon) - Lever Salem (Duursma) - OMac - Lockhart (Butters) Langdon - Viney - Jones Melksham - TMac - Hannan Pickett - Weid - Fritsch Gawn - Oliver - Trac Brayshaw - Harmes - Jackson - Hibberd
  8. How nice is it to wake up on a Sunday after a win!!
  9. I have no idea what game JoeBoy was watching. But my go at it.. —— Jetta - Showed his age Lever - Looked more composed McDonald - Surprisingly really solid May - One to forget Salem - Dashing and confident Hibberd - Passionate and reliable Melksham - Quiet but important Harmes - Some better signs Langdon - Great first half Gawn - Competitions best ruckman Viney - Inspirational and unrelenting Vanders - Quiet but aggressive Hannan - Important role player Brayshaw - Needs more centertime Fritsch - Goalkicking is back Weid - Executed his role Pickett - Needs more time Bennell - Silky but hesitant Petracca - Our game breaker Lockhart - First one out
  10. Ins: Weid, Brown, Jones, Bennell, Jetta Outs: Smith, Vanders, Lockhart, Hunt, Rivers — FB: Jetta - May - Lever HB: Salem - McDonald - Hibberd C : Langdon - Jones - Tomlinson HF: Hannan - Weid - Melksham FF: Kozzie - Brown - Fritsch R: Gawn - Trac - Oliver I: Brayshaw - Harmes - Bennell - Viney
  11. I don’t normally get emotive on Demonland, but I really don’t know why any of us bother with these guys anymore. Melbourne Demons have to be one of the worst teams to follow in any professional sport around the world. Teams are laughing at us mid game... mid game. Let that sink in.
  12. Lever is worth a late first round pick, and 4-500k a year. We overpaid, and it caused some issues with the playing group. Lots were angry about paying 800k for an intercepting defender with average skills. They were right. Unfortunately it was a gamble that didn’t pay off. We hoped he would be our Howe, Stewart or Sicily but he’s a tier or two below.
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