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  1. Post 1964 our best 5 are Flower, Stynes, Lyon, Neitz, Gawn Trac and Oliver will be in there in a few years
  2. He took some really strong contested marks yesterday which was a lovely sight.
  3. In - Bowey, Petty Out - Hunt, Tomlinson
  4. votes 6 Gawn 5 Oliver 4 Langdon 3 Petracca 2 Lever 1 Chandler
  5. He will force Tomlinson out of the team soon which would be a huge plus for us.
  6. Lever was awesome. Thats the player we envisioned when we poached him from the Crows. As the commentators were saying people can easily forget hes only 24, seems like hes been around forever. He also did his ACL a couple of years ago which seems to get glossed over too. This could be his year.
  7. Imagine being stuck in a room with these three for a few hours. A fate worse than death.
  8. Bowey too good. Wont take long for him to debut
  9. Chandler would fill a huge need for us if he can continue that form into the real season
  10. Hunt, Jones and ANB still being on our list is embarrassing
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