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  1. I am just a guy who hates war. I have been waiting all my life for an anti war, non interventionist US president and he came along in all his orange glory. Cant wait for his 2nd term.
  2. The left wont be happy until they control 100% of the media. People like Daniel Andrews are not allowed to be questioned. And they have the nerve to call the right authoritarian.
  3. Would love to see a team in Tassie. Unlike GWS and the Suns they'd have some soul and that will have them off to a good start.
  4. He was awesome this season, but in 2021 I am expecting nothing less than the greatest individual season ever by a Melbourne player. It is going to be spectacular!
  5. One of the few real investigative journalists in the country.
  6. Maxy has Jimmy well and truly covered. Max is dominant, a legitimate superstar. Jimmy was never really a top 10 player except for one season (1991).
  7. Exactly, we are on an island. We would have barely had a case all year if Victoria had a premier with an IQ above 80.
  8. The alt right doesn't even exist. It was a boogeyman created in 2016 so Hillary could try and rile up her brain dead base, and a lot of people on the left still think it exists. They also believe there's a Nazi around every corner too. They're mental.
  9. Bend over for your Chinese masters, dieter. Xi loves your kind. Highly impressionable and highly obedient.
  10. But I thought it was all just a conspiracy? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/china-s-xi-jinping-is-pushing-for-a-global-covid-qr-code-he-may-struggle-to-convince-the-world/ar-BB1bh2oQ?appwebview=true&enablessr=true " target%3D"_blank">Read the Article
  11. Are we locked in at 21 and 24 barring any trades? There was discussion here the other day we would have picks 25 and 26
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