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  1. Good. The more pressure the better. Either we respond or we fall apart.
  2. If we lose tonight I hope the Kangas beat us too. Might as well fast rack the inevitable. But of course I want us to win both games by 10 goals. We need all the joy we can get at the moment.
  3. Bedford should have been selected with Kozzie out. Hannan out too. Melksham in poor form. We have no small forwards, just like the good old days.
  4. How did we get screwed? We play back to back games at Adelaide Oval now instead of more travelling. Kangaroos play the Tassie ground very well and now its at a neutral venue. Great result (as long as we take advantage)
  5. 2020 goals Harmes 1 Landgon 0 Gawn 0 Oliver 0 Kick some goals tonight please.
  6. If we cant easily beat this team tonight, with an extra 2 days break, all the coaches need to go and all the NQR players. They did us a favor bringing Tex Walker in, hes a liability these days.
  7. Not looking forward to the inevitable Richmond vs West Coast grand final.
  8. Its time for Harely Bennell to turn it on. All the talk when we got him was he would come in to the team in the 2nd half of the season and give us a big boost towards the finals. Well the table is set for that story to happen, so lets go.
  9. A winless Crows, bottom of the ladder, on heir home turf. Luckily we have some good form at Adelaide Oval. They made a mammoth 8 changes, which rarely happens and should make it very hard for them to win but is against us so its a 50/50 game.
  10. We arent trading Oliver. That is insane talk. The kid just turned 23 and wont peak for another few years for christs sake. Trade Brayshaw, sure, but we wont get much for him.
  11. Still way too many inside mids. Amazed we are carrying all 4 of Harmes, Brayshaw, Jones and Sparrow. Should be two at the most but ideally just one of them.
  12. Eight changes for the Crows... now thats swinging the axe.
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