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  1. Surprised hes equal favorite for the Brownlow with Trac. He wont have a vote the last 3 weeks and didnt start the season in scintillating form. Maybe he wont be equal fave after tonight. Now watch him get 18 possession and 4 goals in this last quarter and the Tigers win
  2. Made a grand final then added a player the calibre of Jeremy Cameron. Geelong are filth.
  3. Fair quarter from the Cats. Would lol if they lost the game now.
  4. Wanted Sparrow in, but all good with Harmes. 8-0 - lets do it I say I say lets do it.
  5. Geelong are old , slow and declining. If they lose they will be 4-4 with Danger still a while away. Tigers are making the finals either way. So hopefully the Cats lose tonight and their season spirals. My hate for them is strong.
  6. https://www.afl.com.au/news/608563/update-swans-coaches-get-green-light-to-fly-superstar-returns
  7. Hes too good. Just too good. Pray to heavens he stays a Demon for life... Norm Smith and Neita could do with some company in the 500 goal club.
  8. I see your point SD, I do however enjoy kicking the AFL decision makers at every opportunity.
  9. Nice of young Kozzie to take time out of his day and grant that guys picture request.
  10. Yeah and thats because it would be Nathan Jones, who wasnt even worth close to 900k at his peak. Trac is a superstar and will be worth every penny. Do you really think he will suddenly be as bad as Nathan Jones when hes the same age?
  11. Casey game has been cancelled, Sparrow needs to play vs Sydney he has barely played this season and of course, didn't play at all last year. At what point does lack of game time become a development issue? Same goes for Chandler. PJ2's final call 4.0 In Petty, Sparrow, Chandler Out Tomlinson (knee) Jones (managed) Baker Sub to be Melksham.
  12. This is the real Hutchy, I knew it. Great cause!
  13. LOL good question... knew I should have held off on saying well done to the AFL for bringing it back.. when they didn't even do it last night. Or next week apparently. They cant do anything right.
  14. Harmes throws our midfield balance off and he cant play any other position . Sparrow can play as a pressure forward and go in the midfield when needed and dominated the VFL last week. Sparrow in before Harmes, surely.
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