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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Thats good. Now that I think about it, 7 50 pm was way too late to start. Must have had something to do with $$$$
  2. Roof open, cant see that happening. Might be rain and that surface hasn't seen rain since.... never?
  3. Its so annoying. Going forward I think we should expect at most about 15 games a year from Jack, he will need to be managed forever.
  4. Awesome that Salems back. Viney is so frustrating.... need him out there soon, our midfield walks taller with him.
  5. Bad preparation for the Dogs, same as the Swans the week we played them. A loss would really suck now.
  6. Would be nice if Baker took the next step as we need a real winger with some speed who can break the lines.
  7. So we are 10-0 then. Why haven't afl.com updated their ladder?
  8. Win a flag and then they're in the conversation. Theyre obviously a brilliant duo though, best in the league.
  9. Wont be a crowd at the biggest game of the year. Think about how absurd that is.
  10. The ABC getting taxpayer money is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the Australian public.
  11. We have the next few days week to rectify it because the Dogs will be be licking their lips at that stat.
  12. If Hunt has another bad game Friday night, you have to like Boweys chances of a debut vs the Lions.
  13. Thats rarely a one game off scenario. if its a proper groin he may be out a while.
  14. I will always call it Docklands. Marvel, I mean come on....
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