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  1. I can only assume that for this to happen. You're planning on spiking Peter Bell's drink before he walks into the negotiation room then making the decision on his behalf. They don't want to give up Lobb, but you've basically asked them to pay massive overs for Jackson and give Lobb away for free. Even if the two 3rd/4th rounders that have vanished into thin air and up at Fremantle, that's still a horrible deal for them. For what it's worth I think most of us assume this is between a 0 and 0.0001% chance of happening....buuuuut in the interest of fun my mega trade hypothetical would be something like Melbourne sends Jackson to Freo along with Tomlinson and pick 32 to the Dogs Freo send pick 13 and Lobb to the Dogs And the Dogs send Naughton to Melbourne --------- Dogs IN Lobb, Tomlinson, 13, 32 OUT Naughton The Dogs get 2 ready made but old players to help at both ends of the ground and a high end draft talent (with their own pick 11 could on trade that and 13 into the top 10) but lose their best forward. They still probably consider this a net loss... Despite the ins Freo IN Jackson OUT: Lobb, 13 Freo get Jackson without giving up 2 firsts or finding a top 10 pick and give away a guy that want to keep but who also doesn't want to be there. They'd likely consider this a break even but the rest of the footy world would think it's a win. Melb IN Naughton OUT Jackson, Tomlinson and 32. Melbourne get their man but pay thought the nose for him. But frankly to pull a contracted superstar from another team expecting to contend would be win in itself. Anyways that was a fun waste of time
  2. 2016 Hawks finished 3rd with the 6th best percentage thanks largely to a 6-0 record in games decided under 10pts. 8-1 in games decided under 20 The went out in straight sets to Geelong and WB
  3. I think with his marking ability and his mild success was down forward in the past. There is more than fair case that Petty could make it as a forward. However, Petty is May's heir apparent, He continues to take steps to be coming an elite defender. Our long-term success is predicated on our defence remaining strong. We know that we've got Lever for years and a lot of younger small defenders. Developing a player like Turner to come in and play as the 3rd tall while Petty prepares to play the number 1 allows us to have a defence that will last for years. Moving Petty away now requires an emergency. I don't think we're at that point, and frankly, I don't really think we're close to that point. The last two weeks we've tried a shorter forwardline and managed to score north of 90 both times, On top of that, it's encouraged faster ball movement which is also better for our mids. And allowed Brown to get more involved again even if he's not clunking big marks. So far this year we've only given up more than 80pts 3 times, As long as we can keep our average score above 80, I don't think the forward line is as big a problem as people think it is. Doesn't mean it's not frustrating at times, but a constant reliable defence is more important than the luxury of 1 maybe 2 forward contested marks a game. Use him as a swing man in game if we need but other than that just let him continue to develop and he may well turn into an All Australian as few years from now.
  4. Just finished it as well, it's a fantastic listen.
  5. If I was a West coast fan, I wouldn't be fearing a 150 point loss, that's not the Melbourne way. What I might be fearing is sitting there at 3/4 time without a goal on the board. Guarantee that'll be the only number Melbourne cares about.
  6. I had to close the app and open it again. But after selecting tomorrow's game you should now see it has the 'show barcode' button to the left of where it currently says 'ticket details'
  7. Mine finally came through literally 2 minutes ago. Try looking again now
  8. I haven't seen anything advertised but every year they do a special with the premiership winners. The Richmond ones are still on Kayo. "The Fighting Fury", "Redemption" and "One night in Brisbane". The West Coast one is too, "We're Flying High" The AFL the last few years is also released coaching audio from the game. Always a fascinating listen. It's called Sound the alarm. Last year they released the Richmond prelim against port Adelaide as well. I'd love to hear our prelim against Geelong as Scott watches on helplessly as Max made a mockery of them. As for the club, they record everything. I'm not sure when they will release it but they will release some kind of documentary for the season. I suspect that they'll have some behind the scenes stuff lined up to go with the December 5 celebration. At least I would if I was planning it. But as for a full documentary style thing. We'll have to wait. Maybe they'll wait until we finish our three-peat One thing these all have in common is they are usually released in the lead up to the season the following year. So we may have a few months to wait.
  9. I'm a fan and don't want to see him go but the club has been happy to let players go if they're going for opportunity think Hannan and Preuss last year. There was a noticeable push a few years back to be reasonable on all deals even if that meant not haggling the perfect outcome for us, respect for the player's wishes always seems to come first. A rookie with <5 games. If he wants to go I wouldn't expect any more than a pick in the 60s or 70s.
  10. https://www.theaflstore.com.au/products/melbourne-demons-2021-premiers-seasons-highlights https://www.theaflstore.com.au/products/melbourne-demons-2021-premiers-victory-pack https://www.theaflstore.com.au/products/melbourne-demons-2021-premiers-dvd 3 different DVD or DVD packs. The middle one specifically says alternate commentary The last one was available through the club store on the night (also as a blu-ray for those of us in the 21st century). But they both disappeared, idk if that means sold out or if they'll be back
  11. I don't want to belittle the action but it's kind of the done thing these days. Dusty did it for all his Norms. A few players have done it with the ANZAC medal in recent years. In fact I think Trac did it when he won the ANZAC eve medal earlier this year too. And players also talk down the Brownlow/B&Fs and such, seems all those accolades take a back seat until retirement.
  12. I did have to chuckle at that (after we were told he was ok). All this commotion about a scratch match and he does it in a regular training drill.
  13. Sorry to rain on the Hang Smith parade. But Salem is clearly responsible for Cameron from the Centre bounce in this instance. I don't know why, it's clearly not the norm, perhaps there was an undesirable interchange switch after Clarry's goal. But Salem comes up to the contest fails to clear it and leaves Charlie out the back. Not at all a smith mistake
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