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  1. I'd hypothesise that Merrett's kicking efficiency has gone down as a result of being forced into an inside mid role because they're so lacking in quality inside mids. The same as how Brayshaw's numbers have dropped being played on the outside. Both player's have the potential to have spikes if they swapped because they would both get moved into roles they are more suited for. That said I have doubts Brayshaw would agree to that deal, I suspect it is Freo or stay. As for Harmes who was mentioned by others, I suspect his long term contract would decrease his trade value in a deal like this.
  2. I'll preface this by saying I have 0 mail on this and doubt we are interested anyway. But logically, given Curnow's injury history, I think they would be open to a deal if the right one came up. That was essentially our reasoning behind trading Hogan. We realised we could get May so we got we let Hogan go. Carlton again is linked to quite a few players, if they need a deal done and we came knocking (and Curnow was open to the idea) then they'd have to consider it.
  3. You may be right, but given they're linked to half the competition's free agents it may just be they've run out of list spots
  4. Mathematical if we only win 1 it is technically possible but close enough to impossible to ignore. Realistically we must win both and have any one of the following happen: WB lose one of their last two (Haw, Freo) and keep our ~6% lead Coll lose both (Suns, Port) their draw makes percentage irrelevant Stk lose both (WC, GWS) and we must make up ~8% I expect the maximum pain, so this will likely have us win both and then be forced to endure 2017 all over again watching us fall from inside the 8 to out after our last game. When either the Dogs or the Pies win the following 2 da
  5. Collingwood had one of the hardest runs in the first footy frenzy. Perth -> Bris -> Adel -> Bris in 13 days. But of course we didn't care when we got the soft kill in the last of those 4 games
  6. He wont get the nomination over Riccardi this week. But he's only played 5 games with just 4 H&A games to go. Odds high that he'll still be eligible next year. If he can get a nomination in the run home, both he and LJ will be a chance to add to our list of multi-nomination players. Jones, Blease and Gysberts is some real hit and miss company
  7. Thumbs up for quality Youtube viewing. As for luck tonight, 3 sitters missed by the saints in the first half and Trac's kick bouncing at right angles to a goal is the luck we needed
  8. Just saw this too. I haven't followed him much either but as a realistic option at 100 odd games, in his mid 20s and is officially available I'd be very interested
  9. I've been wondering if there's a little bit of Brayshaw of 2018 about his season. Out of the side until he genuinely earns his spot then comes in and plays his best footy
  10. I'm not trying to be a smartarse (maybe a little). But I would describe team structure as the roles and their purpose within our 22. In theory you should be able to write up our whole structure and what each role entails without mentioning a single player name. Different teams have different collections of roles and it is a very fair discussion to have that our structure is not working well enough and needs to change. But I would describe this thread as a rebranding of "Our Best 22" without that title because you're disappointed (and rightfully so) with player performances on Thursday
  11. Just out of curiosity, @WERRIDEE how would you define "Team Structure". You've called the thread "The Team Structure" then commented on the quality of individual players broken into forward, back, midfield and interchange....
  12. Out Fritch, TMac, Brayshaw Jones In AVB, Bennell, Jordan Rivers Harmes to move to high HF role. Bennell for TMac to fix disastrous 3 tall structure, Jordan and AVB replace Brayshaw and Jones in midfield rotation. Statement for Brayshaw and as scheduled AVB return for Jones Omac May Lockhart Hibbard Lever Salem Langdon Viney AVB Harmes Jackson Melksham Hannan Weid Pickett Gawn Trac Oliver Bennell Jordan Rivers Sparrow
  13. Reading the thread title I half expected the op to just be "we don't kick it between those 2 big posts often enough"
  14. Really? Well, best I bet the farm on Port
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