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  1. That's is the smoothest process as I've had so far. In and out in under 60 seconds, my favourite up the top in level 4. And I didn't have to pay the processing fee which I have had to for our home games. Enter Barcodes -> Melbourne allocation -> General Reserved -> Checkout
  2. It will never happen but they could have All The awards, Rising Star, All Australian and Brownlow night rolled in together on the Friday night over the bye and then have a real festival of footy showcasing the 3 major state competition Grand finals on the Saturday. VFL Early afternoon eastern then SANFL Twilight then WAFL night. Could even throw under 18s on there if they wanted.
  3. This is spot on. At least half our goals came from contests that involved these 2 where they don't earn stats. For others that hadn't noticed, check out these time stamps in the all the goals video: 0:00, 1:57, 3:08, 3:25, 3:50 for Jackson (admittedly 1:57 he doesn't impact much but he was the target) 1:34 and 2:45 For Tmac. And that's not counting the ones where he was in scoring chains.
  4. I would rather the bye before the Grand Final. Too much is read into resting players. I couldn't care less if a side rests players before the finals. If they did the work to get there then imo they have the right to prepare themselves for the final how they see fit.
  5. To a point I agree. Me complaining about where I get to sit is the pinnacle of a first world problem. But to be clear it's not as simple as putting in a barcode. Ticketek's got a number of flaws that make that hard to some to understand. The 3 big ones for me is. Showing All tickets as $0 when they aren't, logging you out even when you say never to and using the words 'Allocation Exhausted' for level 4 instead of 'Closed' or 'Unavailable'. Form a technical perspective I understand why some of these problems are there. But for those less familiar with the web good [censored] luck nav
  6. Idk if simple is the word... But:
  7. I thought given people are having ticketing troubles I'd add a couple of notes on what I do to try and minimise my pain (Future AW: seems I wrote a thesis more than ‘notes’ I added a TL;DR at the bottom. Really speaks to how [censored] [censored] Ticketek is when there are so many potential stumbling blocks on what should be so easy). Most of this is specific to Ticketek but you can transfer the concept to Ticketmaster but we only play 1 more game at Marvel this year and most don’t go there anyway so I won’t waste my time on that. Before I even start I have all my family's membership barc
  8. It's not you. Their 'keep me logged in checkbox' is broken. It's likely just adding to the confusion. I've been thinking of writing up somewhat of a guide for what I do because I'm fairly tech savvy and find it pretty painful. God knows how the technologically illiterate are supposed to do it.
  9. One simple take away from this game. We wanted to see maturity and that's what we got. Turned a shaky start into a comfortable win. Pleasingly the turnaround came before the injuries mounted.
  10. I'm not suggesting dropping him. But just to put Bayley's kicking into context. Let's take Levi Casboult, a renowned great making yet horrible kicking forward. His goal accuracy (including failed to score) in 2020 was 45.7%. Bayley only managed 42.3%. This isn't a little off radar to start the year it's a long running pattern. Infact Casboult's career average is (marginally) higher than Fristch 48.4% vs 47.3%. Bayley has started first 2 weeks of this year with 9 shots for just 3 goals. Anyone who thinks he is a good shot for goal is kidding themselves.
  11. I think with us structuring up strongly behind the ball we'll just have to live with the contest. Our end to end transition has been much better and there's a clearer effort to create space even with an out number. Back in 2018 we did this really well. Our best footy came from behind In the above clips we get 2 goals in transition despite an outnumber. One is Jones' where we get out the back with a 5 on 4 in our 50. But even better is the TMac pass to Fristch which is a 5 on 3. This more controlled confident ball movement means we have a high chance of scoring in our first i50 a
  12. Gate 5 has been split down the middle as part of the covid segregation inside. Just go to gate 5 as normal and you'll see tones of signage indicating which side is A and B. I was able to see it from the train a couple weeks back
  13. In the interest of over analysing content from the club to guess team selection. Blue team looks like the ones. But there was a few who played on both sides including Jones, Sparrow, Viney and I think maybe Melksham. And as far as I could see Hunt was in the pink the whole time. Read into that what you will
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