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  1. While I sort of agree with Garry Lyon, he could of expressed it more eloquently. I guess football was more important than English class in his younger years at his old town in Kyabram. He is always known as being a grumpy bugger ol' Garry Lyon though! 🤣 It also needs to be remembered that the Melbourne players were quite traumatised seeing poor Angus Brayshaw getting knocked out for 2 minutes by that vile piece of slime Brayden "the Thug" Maynard. Nevertheless, I am sure the Demons will "suck it up" and hopefully use the disappointing exit from finals as motivation for next year. Here is the link with Garry Lyon's comments: https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/suck-it-up-claims-stars-ko-derailed-dees-run-after-finals-choke/news-story/4479e3db7817a98992ad748f28457bc7 I should note that everyone in the football media loves to kick the Melbourne Demons while we are down and out. But you gotta expect that when there are high expectations and you don't meet them. Oh well....better to be criticised for poor finals performances than being Wooden Spooners! 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. What I always wonder about is why the Melbourne Football Club has had so few 300+ game players? Especially with a Football Club as old as ours. I know some Football Clubs have numerous 300+ game players and even 400 game players. Especially Football Clubs like Hawthorn, Richmond, North Melbourne and Essendon. However, the Melbourne Demons only have David Neitz and now Nathan Jones. The late and great Robbie Flower probably could of but definitely had numerous injuries throughout his career. Adem Yze and James McDonald were definitely chances to play 300+ games too. Historically, so could of 1950s champion Demons Rover Stuart Spencer if he hadn't moved to Tasmania at the prime if his career. Lets hope that this lack of 300 game players changes in the future. I am confident that it can with the likes of Christian Petracca, Angus Brayshaw, Christian Salem, Clayton Oliver and even James Harmes. All are relatively young and are well over 100+ games. Anyway, I would definitely be interested knowing who else at the Melbourne Demons people here think might be a chance of playing 300+ games?
  3. Just putting a suggestion out there. I think it would be great to see a movie or a documentary about the Melbourne Football Club and how we became Premiers this year in 2021 ending our 57 year Premiership drought. Obviously, I am very biased but I think it would make a fantastic movie or documentary. It could go from 1964 until 2021 looking at all the heartache and pain we have been through. The triumph of 1964, the loss of Ron Barassi to Carlton shortly afterwards, the shock sacking of Norm Smith, the wilderness years of the 1970s, losing a game against Fitzroy but 190 points, big Carl Ditterich who liked to belt blokes, Brent "Tiger" Crosswell who only brought a towel with him to training, the shining light of Robbie Flower, the prodigal son Ron Barassi returning in 1981 as coach. Mark "Whacko Jacko" Jackson and his crazy antics on the football field. The Brownlow medalists in the 1980s of Brian Wilson and Peter Moore. The defection of Gerard Healy to Sydney for the big bucks. The amazing year of 1987 trying to help Robbie Flower to make the finals. The heartache of Jimmy Stynes running through the mark in the Preliminary Final only for Gary Buckenara to kick a goal for the Hawks to get them over the line and into the Grand Final. The year 1988 with our humiliating loss to the Hawks in the Grand Final. The early 1990s with Jimmy Stynes winning the Brownlow and the amazing antics of Allen Jakovich. The 1994 finals series under Neil Balme and the wonderful feats of Garry Lyon kicking 10 goals and David Schwarz becoming a super star. The almost merger with Hawthorn in 1996 and the dodgey proxy votes to say we voted "for" the merger. The multi-millionaire saviour in Joe Gutnick. Neil Balmes sacking and the embarrassing wooden spoon in 1997. The recruitment of young star ruckman Jeff White from Fremantle and the appointment of Neale Daniher. The 1998 final series and the emergence of stars like David Neitz, Adem Yze and Jeff Farmer. The salary cap and draft penalties in 1999. The remarkable bounce back to make the Grand Final in 2000 only to be physically beaten up and crushed by Essendon. Shane Woewodin's surprise Brownlow medal in 2000. The yo-yo years of finals under Neale Daniher. The tragic loss of Melbourne player Troy Broadbridge in the Boxing Day Tsunami. The close but just not good enough finals series of 2004, 2005 and 2006. The resignation of Neale Daniher in 2007 and the appointment of Dean Bailey. The years of frustration and embarrassment from 2008 until 2013. The poor treatment of our veteran players like James McDonald, Cameron Bruce, Brad Green and others in favour of a flawed youth policy. Captaincy for the two Jacks in Grimes and Trengove which in someways sadly hindered their careers with far too much pressure. The alleged "tanking" saga with former player Brock McLean spilling his guts against us and sanctions from the AFL. The huge amount of debt the Melbourne Football Club was in and Jimmy Stynes taking over as President. The "Debt Demolition" campaign that helped save our club from financial ruin. The freakishly talented Liam Jurrah who's career was like a comet burning brightly but far too quickly. The horrific "186 game" in Geelong. The Mark Neeld era. The regular thumpings and overall embarrassment for the club, its players and its long-suffering supporters. The turnaround with the appointment of Peter Jackson as CEO. The chase to sign up Paul Roos as coach. The development years from 2014 until 2016 trying to fix our playing list and our club culture. The shining light which was Nathan Jones. The Simon Goodwin apprenticeship. The untimely deaths of Robbie Flower, Jimmy Stynes, Sean Wight, Dean Bailey and Colin Sylvia. The wonderful 2018 finals series. The emergence of Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca, Jack Viney and other young star players. The unique larrikin and character who got caught smoking on the way to training once and is our superstar Captain Max Gawn who Jimmy Stynes took an interest in. The disappointment of 2019 and the finishing 9th twice in 2017 and 2020. The drought breaking year of 2021! You gotta admit it is definitely a movie or at least a documentary with that story line right there! With movies like "The Club" and documentaries like "Year of the Dogs" I think it is a worthwhile proposition for someone considering making a movie or a documentary about the Melbourne Football Club too. It would be a movie or a documentary 57 years in the making!
  4. I read an interesting article in the Herald Sun newspaper about Mark "Choco" Williams last week. I still think he has some value as an assistant coach in the AFL and would love to see him at the Melbourne Football Club. Especially with the big shake up of our coaching department. Obviously, Mark Williams is seen as being a bit abrasive and confrontational. He has ruffled feathers of some of the more sensitive types. But he did wonders in the development of Dustin Martin and other players at Richmond. If anything I think he had a big influence in helping Richmond win it's 2017 AFL Premiership. It must be remembered that he is still obviously an AFL Premiership coach with Port Adelaide from back in 2004 (we won't talk about the horror of 2007 with Geelong's utter annihilation of Port Adelaide in that Grand Final except that it took that ignominious record away from the Demons disaster of the 1988 Grand Final!). He also has a passion still for coaching and is currently coach of the Werribee Tigers in the VFL as far as I can recall. Seeing as we have a few "good cops" in Simon Goodwin and now Alan Richardson. I would like for us to have Mark Williams as a "bad cop" to balance out all the touchy feely stuff with a more hardline attitude who will tell the players off if they are slack and lazy at training or put in weak and pathetic efforts during a game. Obviously, the "old school" fire and brimstone yelling and screaming at players doesn't work like it used to. Nevertheless, I think Mark Williams would be a handy asset as a great development coach for the Melbourne Football Club. I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this suggestion.
  5. Today Jeff White has published a piece on The Sports Source website. It's titled Footy and Business. He writes about how his footy career at the Demons shaped the way his business is being run today. It's a great read! Enjoy http://bit.ly/2rOZOcM
  6. I found a positive article in regards to Max Gawn and his knee rehabilitation. I really hope he can fully recover and become our number #1 ruckman at the Melbourne Demons in a few seasons' time. Here is the article in question:- Gawn's strong resolve I would also like Max Gawn to aim to become the strongest player at the Melbourne Demons if he builds up in the gym for the whole year. Doing a PE Teaching degree at Deakin University will also keep him busy. All the best to Max Gawn in his recovery! GO DEMONS IN 2012!
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