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  1. I loved this one: I think that sums thins up pretty well to be honest.
  2. I just wish Oliver would sort out his goalkicking. It's the only aspect of his game that's missing.
  3. Just watching the replay. The Swans' first clearance of the second quarter has just leapt out at me as a blatant and obvious throw in full view of the presiding umpire. This is getting beyond a joke.
  4. Just for reference, here's Aiden Bonar flattening Fritsch behind play in the first quarter. Deliberate head high contact which left the player stunned and in need of a trainer. Not even mentioned in the MRO's report for the round. Nth Melb v Melbourne _ Match Centre _ Kayo Sports — Mozilla Firefox 2021-05-03 22-51-47.mp4
  5. I just had to put this here. Sometimes it awesome to be wrong, right?
  6. Sitting in front of my computer...
  7. Had a look at the replay on Kayo. The biggest conclusion we can draw is that North are in real trouble. The lack of any sort of depth is strongly reminiscent of us at our worst half a dozen years ago. They have nothing in their key positions, but that's ok because they have almost nothing in the middle as well and most of that is nearing the end of their careers. For our side, congratulations on whoever it was talking up Deakyn Smith during the off-season. He looks to be a very nice prospect. Give him a year or two to build his body and I could see him in the senior side. Sparrow
  8. He was at the ground. They interviewed him at half time.
  9. Great news. I love that the club are getting these deals done early and with a minimum of drama. We're not hearing about players putting off talks until the end of the season or looking at their options. Already the media are turning their attention to the players who are out of contract at the end of 2022, because we've given them nothing to speculate on this year. Great position for the club to be in.
  10. He played a really good game on the weekend. He used to be a bit flashy, dropping out for long periods. He seems to have moved past that, at least based on that game. He showed real presence and leadership in the middle and kept at it all game.
  11. ... Be pretty happy. You know the last time we won the first six games of the season was something like 1965, right? Edit: Or was that the first seven games? I think that team won like eight in a row anyway.
  12. Don't forget his antics last year. Got a week suspension for a deliberate elbow to the head of an opponent, appealed and had it downgraded to careless and a fine. Played the next match, elbowed someone in the head and got a week again. Once again the AFL is demonstrating to the world that they have NFI how to run a league and their self-proclaimed integrity as an absolute joke.
  13. Throw a blanket over the top three. They all had great games in different ways. 6 - Lever 5 - Trac 4 - Gawn 3 - Oliver 2 - Viney 1 - Fritta I have to give it to Lever for stepping up in the absence of May and some of the ridiculous defensive efforts he made. Being the only man in our defensive 50 when Geelong were streaming down the field and somehow making the stop was just stupid. Petracca unlucky given his dominance. I see plenty of people giving him the six and can't argue. Gawn also unlucky with his level of dominance over their ruck brigade. I wa
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