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  1. I saw a very interesting interview with Oliver either early this year or last year. He talked a lot about how he doesn't like changing things and how settled he is at the club. He has his routine, he comes in on his days off and works out in his gym on his machines etc. The overriding impression I got was of someone who doesn't like changing things and had pretty much grown roots where he was. I really don't see him wanting to leave.
  2. Just in isolation for COVID. It'll be back soon.
  3. So for once the MFC is setting the example for the rest of the sides?
  4. That's hilarious given the number of frees they failed to pay to us, not to mention a clear mark that they called touched then paid two identical marks to the bombers in the next couple of minutes. For my two cents' worth: I think Brown was up for it today to show his old side what they had lost and it was great to see. A huge game from him. Fritta needs to be put in the hands of a seriously good kicking coach to sort out his set shots. He should have had five today. Also a good gym program. If he can put on a little muscle and improve his fitness he'll be a great player.
  5. More to the point is the number of people leaving Brown out of their votes! 20 disposals and 13 marks as a high half forward/CHF. He had a huge game.
  6. Well, Pert was talking about playing a recognisable brand of footy... This is ours right here. We dominate the play but don't put the opposition away, then have a five to ten minute lapse where the opposition score heavily to snatch the lead off us.
  7. WTF was that? Seriously. Against a side like that, we played the most defensive set-up we've seen all year and concede the entire back half of the ground to them so they can chip it around and rack up the uncontested stats. IF ever there was an occasion to attack the game, today was it. That was just tactically backwards from Goodwin. Horrible tactics, horrible skills, terrible game all around. There were only a few who actually put an effort in.
  8. Bring on the Yze. He's highly rated, he's had a long apprenticeship under Clarkson and he was an exceptional kick. Just what we need.
  9. One big wrap for Smith. He took on three or four opponents for a ground ball and managed to force a ball-up. It was his one shining moment, but it was something the rest of the team lacked for most of the day. If he had the skills and football smarts to match his power and athleticism he'd win a Brownlow.
  10. I just have a really hard time accepting those missed shots. Unprofessional, horrible basic skills, choking under pressure... Good sides don't do that.
  11. Can we get Jack Watts back?
  12. He worked hard, he got lots of ball and lots of ground, but in terms of the scoreboard, his contribution is basically the winning margin for the Swans. His man kicked two goals (from uncontested marks) and set up two others. Langdon missed two set shots, one of which resulted in a goal to the swans, and had no assists. He's not alone in that by any means. Jones cost us two goals and plenty of other people missed easy shots, but I do factor it into my assessment of his game.
  13. The problem is he's now seen as our most dangerous forward. Coaches are putting extra time and effort into stopping him, which means he's getting a lot of extra attention from defenders who are significantly bigger and stronger than him. To make matters worse, for a period there Goodwin was sending him up a creek without a paddle by clearing out the forward 50 and making him play as the sole FF against multiple opponents because we didn't have any other in-form forwards. Basically, he's been asked to shoulder too much of the forward-line's load and needs the other, bigger forwards to step u
  14. I'm surprised at the love for Langdon. His man got away from him in their 50 repeatedly and in return he missed his chances in attack for us.
  15. I'd like to see Bennell play a few more games, especially given his winning % for the team, but if he doesn't that's cool. He's still not there with his body. Needs to put on a bit more muscle and get more miles into his legs. The fat that he's been playing as much as he has this year is a great sign. Also, His physicality and defensive pressure is a complete non-issue for me. Sure, it would be great if he was a tackling machine, but that's not what he was drafted for and it's not what we need him for. He's on the list because he's a great ball-user and a smooth outside runner. He'
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