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  1. Throw a blanket over the top three. They all had great games in different ways. 6 - Lever 5 - Trac 4 - Gawn 3 - Oliver 2 - Viney 1 - Fritta I have to give it to Lever for stepping up in the absence of May and some of the ridiculous defensive efforts he made. Being the only man in our defensive 50 when Geelong were streaming down the field and somehow making the stop was just stupid. Petracca unlucky given his dominance. I see plenty of people giving him the six and can't argue. Gawn also unlucky with his level of dominance over their ruck brigade. I wa
  2. That wasn't a change, it was a reshuffle. We swapped one of the players on the ground for the substitute. Still the same set of players, just a different one starting with a vest on. 😝
  3. Max Gawn - 41 Hitouts, 23 Disposals, 6 marks, 1 goal Both opposition rucks - 24 Hitouts, 19 disposals, 4 marks, 1 goal.
  4. Do we have confirmation that May has a broken eye socket? That's what it looked like on the ground with the massive swelling and I see someone has mentioned it earlier.
  5. Ben Brown won't come in. He's played half a practice match. He's not ready yet. While we're winning there is no pressure to rush him into the side, so he's going to keep building up at Casey for now.
  6. That was just a genuine great win. Everyone contributed, nobody shirked and we operated as a unit all game. Yes, there were a few moments of idiocy that cost us goals, but overall we once again controlled the game and didn't panic when they got a run on. Of particular note is the fact that we were never behind. Not once in that game. We scored first and they never caught up. I don't remember the last time that happened. Even with our usual trouble converting, that was pretty close to a complete game. Is anyone else noticing how much the twins (Hunt and Langdon) are feeding of
  7. You don't change a winning side unless forced. May out Petty or Daw in. Straight swap for another full back.
  8. So you're saying the umpires never miss things? The tackle was clearly late. See what the medical report has to say, but if he's ended a kid's season through a late tackle then he shouldn't be playing the next week. It shouldn't just be for concussions.
  9. Controversial opinion: I think that late tackle on Dursma warrants a suspension. If they penalise players for the outcome of an otherwise legal bump or tackle because it results in a concussion, they need to penalise players for committing illegal acts that result in injury. That was a late tackle that was needlessly brutal and may have ended the kids season. He needs to go.
  10. Also of note is the fact that in three rounds we have only looked like we weren't in control of the game for a few minutes. The start of this match was probably the worst we've seen for that, and it lasted maybe five to ten minutes. Aside from that, ugly or not, scoring or not, we've been in control of the games. The side is showing a lot of maturity in being able to keep that control, possess the ball when we need to and not panic like they used to.
  11. Well, I'm pretty happy with that effort. We're still well short of what the side will look like when everything clicks, but we're getting glimpses. As I said last week, it's great that we are undefeated and still have so much room for improvement. It really bodes well for the back end of the season that we are able to win these early games and buy time to iron out the wrinkles without ruining the season. These ugly wins are gold for us right now. Also really happy to see us win with quiet games from a lot of the prime movers. Trac was the only one of our big guns who had stats up to
  12. Bizarre results today. I hope it doesn't bode ill for us tomorrow. Not sure the Saints can claim to be finals contenders when they go that badly against the Bombers. Two of the flag favorites getting done is also interesting to see, although Richmond in particular are very good at peaking in September.
  13. I just want to say that Collingwood should be ashamed of themselves. More than usual, that is. 61 Hitouts to 4. 24 to advantage vs 1. With that sort of dominance out of the middle they should have been all over Brisbane, but they barely won the clearances and they utterly failed to capitalise on them.
  14. I'm just wondering about this. We saw a lot of high kicks, mostly from our side, but the Saints were doing it too. Does the ball maybe carry a bit more with the roof shut at Marvel? That could explain the issue. Another random thing I noticed. Tomlinson seems to have really soft hands. Even full stretch with a ball you'd expect to bounce out, it just seems to nestle into his hands. He was good last week and even better last night. Very happy with the team right now. We're winning ugly. There's still massive scope for improvement. If we iron out those issues and otherwise k
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