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  1. Actually, there is a reason. First, pretty sure if you spend under the cap, you can bank the difference and go over the cap next year. Second it leaves room on the list to fill a need midyear if you have injuries or glaring deficiencies.
  2. MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 5th Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals): Prelim B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1. Petracca 2. Gawn 3. May 4. Viney 5. Oliver Leading goalkicker: The Weed Most marks: T Mac Best first year player: Bailey Laurie Most improved player: Jackson All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, May All Australian final 22 selections (1 point each): Petracca Big Ben Brown will kick his bigge
  3. Kind of scary to think he's four or five years away from having a proper AFL physique according to conventional wisdom. The kid will be a monster.
  4. Sounds like TMac Mk 2. Same size, probably quicker and better skills.
  5. We've been crying out for quality ball-users in the forward half. Now we have two. Rotate them forward and up the ground and we'll look a lot more dangerous.
  6. Honestly, I find it strange that he's still on the list at this point. Surely this was the time to move him on if the club considers him to be a lost cause?
  7. Surely the side we want most to dislodge is Geelong? I would be thrilled if they miss finals entirely.
  8. As always, they need to stop trying to legislate how the game is played and let the teams work it out for themselves. Tactics evolve. If you want higher-scoring, more free-flowing games all you need to do is wait for a team to win a flag playing that way and other sides will start copying them and/or working on ways to counter them. Tactics are constantly evolving.
  9. On paper it looks like a great trade period. My only reservation is that we've sacrificed next year's first round pick for more picks in the most compromised draft in history. How much are those end of first round picks really going to be worth this year?
  10. Surely he'd have to think twice about signing on with Fremantle? He must have some sense of self-preservation...
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