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  1. From the limited footage I've seen, Harley Reid is well and truly top of the class. He already looks like one of the best mids they have over there.
  2. OK, I just need to highlight the Gawn Game tonight. His stats are insane. The guy is a legend.
  3. Sam has concrete hands. For someone whose game is meant to be built on contested marks, that is a fatal flaw. It's not necessarily a lack of effort, but the ball bounces off his hands every time he tries to take a grab. If he can't mark the ball, he has nothing else to offer.
  4. You remember Jarrod Molloy at Brisbane? They kept him a bit on the heavy side so he'd be more of a beast in tight spaces and harder to bring down. When he went to the Pies and dropped the extra weight he was half the player. Have to say, I think that was the best game I've seen all year. Scores level at half time, multiple lead changes, a massive arm wrestle for dominance between two very different game styles. It had everything. And of course, the right team won. I can't believe how quickly Windsor is adapting to the top level. So very happy we have him in the side. I'm hoping we'll all be equally impressed with the Kolt when he gets his chance.
  5. I can't believe how much they continue to underrate Juddy.
  6. Good reel. Looks to have real pace and a good jump. I also like how he picked up the ground ball at 23 seconds. He didn't lead with his face like so many do looking for the cheap free kick.
  7. I'd love to see Sanders on our list, even if there's every chance he'll be gifted to Tasmania in a few years. He's absolute quality and makes the players around him look better.
  8. Everything below pick 74 has a value of 0 points. Since point matching is required, if someone were to pull shenanigans like that we would be required to match a bid of 0 points. But would we then be using a main list or rookie list spot on him?
  9. That was a damn good game. We finally get a grand final that's an even contest and goes down to the last minute. It just sucks that it was those teams that gave it to us.
  10. Honestly, I'd be happy enough to see him come in as depth, but he's not worth chasing from what I can see. A late bloomer, mediocre averages in most areas and kicks a little under two goals a game. At 28 he's not likely to improve much on his existing numbers. Will he be good enough to win a regular spot in our side?
  11. Well, since he isn't a coach and the issues are in the coaches box rather than with the players, I think we can agree on that. He's already happily jumping into packs at Casey. He's not going to break any games open next year, but he'll see game time and in a few years he and JVR will be looking pretty good.
  12. Honestly, the single biggest thing they need to stop doing if they want to kick goals with their set shots is stop running out to the side. Especially since the "Stand" rule came in, players have been compulsively running out on their kicking side to try to crib a few extra metres, whether they need the distance or not. That simple act drastically lowers the accuracy of their kick. They need to get back to basics, run directly at the centre of the goal mouth, and kick the ball directly ahead of themselves. It's a basic, largely foolproof method which holds up under pressure.
  13. I don't think you need to write off the forwards on our list quite yet. JVR and Jefferson are both quality young players. They just need another couple of years to build their bodies and turn into AFL footballers. I would expect Jefferson to play in the seniors at some point next year. His mobility and athleticism are a good foil for JVR. If we use Petty as the primary KPF, they could both work off him and impact games. That being said, the elephant in the room is that our forward line problems aren't about the players. It's all about the gameplan, or more accurately, the lack of a plan to score goals. We default to either a bomb to the "hot spot" or a chip to the pocket, two spectacularly low-percentage plays. Our forwards don't move, they don't work for each other, they have no tactics in use to create space for each other so we can take marks in threatening positions. This is entirely on the coaches and it needs to be addressed far more than whether we have the players.
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