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  1. He only played 6 games in 2020, and as a forward. Played 20 games in 2021/2022 as a defender. Nice try.
  2. The narrative of Hunt having poor disposal and decision making is overblown on Demonland. Over the past 2 years he has tidied up in both areas.
  3. And that seems to suggest we are not really in play for anyone other than Grundy. GNF was saying that we were in discussion with a big name contracted player. I doubt that's the case, or the discussions went nowhere.
  4. The bad part is the 5 years remaining on his contract for a player who has pretty much missed a whole year with consecutive long term injuries. I could swallow getting Grundy if he had 2 years running on his contract, and demonstrated he had recovered from injury.
  5. Would rather keep Hunt than accept a paltry compo pick. He offers pace in the backline which is important on offense and defence.
  6. But if the Pies pay $300pa and receive a 1st round pick as many are suggesting, it's still totally disproportionate to paying Bowes full salary and receiving pick 7. As Redleg said, Grundy is a salary dump by the Pies, and that's how we should perceive the trade. Giving up a 1st round pick of any kind is ludicrous.
  7. If Chandler is slow then Spargo is glacial. IMO pace is more beneficial for defensive effort than attacking.
  8. Getting Grundy rules out getting a developed/developing ruckman from another club in the foreseeable future. The only developing ruckman we'd have at the club is Weid, and he would most likely seek opportunities elsewhere if he continues to develop. We'll probably rookie another younger ruckman, but with our 5 year commitment to Grundy, they'll want out as well. Getting Grundy is such a short-sighted move.
  9. This will allow him to spend more time with Kim Jong-un.
  10. I went to a couple of finals of a strong suburban league, but not a regular follower. There was a few ex AFL players running around in the GF, including Nev Jetta. Hard to comment on the standard of the GF because the ground (Cramer St. Preston) was like the old Lakeside oval. But the first comment the premiership coach made referred to how hard it had been during and post Covid lockdowns. This was coming from a coach of a powerhouse, so I can't imagine how tough it has been for the 100s of other suburban/country clubs. The premiership side was primarily made up of young players that came through their juniors, plus a couple of ex AFL players. It's probably easier for suburban clubs to retain local juniors than it is for country clubs.
  11. I don't mind some of the suggestions. But you were complaining about senior players holding back the development of young players at Casey. Jack Newnes would be a classic example of just that. He got the flick from St. Kilda, can't get a game at the Blues, but you think he could be in our best 22. Personally I prefer JJ as our wingman, and see how Howes and Woey develop.
  12. If another club is willing to take a punt on Tomlinson, I'd be happy for us to move him and open up some salary cap room. Post ACL, Tomlinson hasn't looked good as a 1-1 defender or as a mobile intercept defender. Moving forward, Turner looks like far better depth. If we have any intentions of playing Petty forward, we'd keep Tomlinson.
  13. Oops, I'm confusing De Konning with Kolodjashnij. It was Kolo who looked out of his depth in the final against us.
  14. I agree with what you're saying, but it will need a change of philosophy from our coaches and match committee. Our reluctance to drop out of form players, or rest banged up players, meant that in form VFL players like Chandler and JVR were not rewarded. Sam De Konning looked out of his depth at times last year, but the Cats persisted with him. I feel we missed an opportunity to blood JVR this year.
  15. mo64

    Marty Hore

    In the off season I saw him in a pub with Joel Smith and Fritsch, so he still has mates at the club.
  16. Bit rough that only one kid gets a footy.
  17. Last night's game was a blueprint on how to beat us. When the Swans moved the ball quickly and avoided kicking long, they dominated. Once they tired, the Pies were able to run the ball and they dominated. We got found out by both these teams. I can't imagine having both Grundy and Gawn on the ground in the 2nd half of games will solve the issues we faced this year. We need to change things up and become more mobile. I wouldn't bet on Grundy being mobile at his age and post injuries.
  18. Correct. Blues had Cerra well before season's end. We made a late play but never a chance.
  19. I forgot Steven Pitt. I still think he should have been a late inclusion in the 2000 GF instead of Ben Beams.
  20. Grundy is under contract, and the Pies want him gone. That's the definition of a player they do not need. And Grundy is nothing like Jackson. Jackson can sprint forward of the contest, which is something that Grundy cannot. Under Buckley, it was easy for Grundy to accumulate possessions. The only thing they have in common is that neither are good contested marks.
  21. How do we fit Grundy, Gunston and McKay under our salary cap? We might have allocated some cap space for Jackson, but who knows whether that was used for Gus. If we think that Brown and T Mac are on their last legs next year, why bring on more aging players like Grundy and Gunston, who have both had long term injuries in the past 2 years. I'd go all in for McKay, take a fly on Gunston as an UFA, and get a cheap Meek as part of Jackson deal.
  22. There's a difference between being a better player and a better option. There are more reasons for Meek being the better option than there are for Grundy.
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