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  1. I would be offering the following players as trade bait: - Viney: surplus to needs - McDonald: badly out of form - Hunt, Nibbler, Omac (if they have any value)
  2. Backs Adam Saad Age: 26 Games: 108 Role: attacking defender Pros: speed, disposal Cons: price Zac Williams Age: 25 Games: 112 Role: attacking defender Pros: speed, disposal Cons: price Forwards Jeremy Cameron Age: 27 Games: 170 Role: tall agile forward Pros: goals, experience Cons: very pricey Jack Gunston Age: 28 Games: 207 Role: tall agile forward Pros: goals, experience Cons: getting on Middle Isaac Smith Age: 31 Games: 210 Role: winger P
  3. Mental health is a real thing but I’m genuinely concerned AFL clubs are using it as an excuse to protect players who get done for testing positive. Anyone remember buddy and the ‘rumours’ doings the rounds a few years back? As recently as this week we all heard about the shame that is the AFL drugs policy. Mental health is serious and effects so many of our friends and family and it’s such a shame that there’s now a cloud of doubt around AFL players now.
  4. You removed my post last night about a video doing the rounds of Jesse with his pants down and his mouth moving like a pendulum on the basis it was yet to be reported. Well it looks like this morning it now has been by the Age. https://www.theage.com.au/video/video-sport/video-sports-hq/freemantle-suspend-jesse-hogan-20190318-5chiw.html
  5. Jack Watts once told me he liked my chest.
  6. Can confirm I am not those people. Long time lurker and Melbourne supporter from Perth.
  7. I said he wasn’t willing to put in the hard yards to become a champion not just an okay or good footballer. Hard yards includes behaviour at training, on game day AND outside of that. His behaviour on the weekends and time off (which we all know too well in Perth) since he joined MFC and not just after tragic events demonstrates my point exactly. Further, talks about his poor body language and arrogant swagger on game day have been consistent throughout his career, not just after tragic events.
  8. The main point in my post is that our team is better off with May than Hogan. To say I’m wrong when we haven’t played a season is simply ridiculous.
  9. I don’t doubt that he has been a wonderful trainer but training is only half of what it takes to reach your full potential. Being a great AFL football is a full time job. He has been a party boy with poor body language since his inception. The tragic circumstances of recent do not change that...He started off well but where’s the exponential development we all expected (and yes I acknowledge he’s been played up the ground last year)...Time will tell, that comment is fair. Very happy to eat humble pie. Yes his life has been hard, that goes without saying surely....
  10. Time will prove one of us right and one of us wrong.
  11. Take a bow Neville Jetta. Wonderful footballer, wonderful human being.
  12. Mark my words, our club and supporters will be celebrating the Hogan and May swap for years to come. While I wish Hogan all the best and still think he will be an okay footballer, he screams of Watts and Sylvia 2.0. All young players oozing with talent (and taken at high picks) who drank their own cool aid before putting in the hard yards to become the champions they all had the potential to become. Many fans, including myself, were sad to see Sylvia and Watts go (like Hogan) when they were traded but our club has grown from strength to strength pushing out these party boys who were
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