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  1. Before we get to ‘winning’ the post season, what are our needs? I’d say: a ruck forward (established + developing) - replace dog an X-factor midfielder = outside run and brilliant decision maker a lockdown small defender= replace hibbo an X factor small forward - pairing with Kozzie a capable swing man utility.- flexible player that can go forward and shift up the ground as needed Some may already be on the list, but these were our holes. What are your priorities?
  2. I just watched the video ‘inside the top 4 picks’ posted by the AFL. On AFL.com.au if you can stand it. Some points: Carlton delayed making their first selection for several minutes for no reason. Gold Coast were about as interested as someone inspecting someone else’s tinea. They all think they are comedians. Saint reckon drafting King was worth 10000 members! Shows what a complete and utter toss-fest the event was. Poorly delivered viewing experience, and stage managed by idiots. THis should have been footage that should never have been allowed out. Awful stuff.
  3. With trade week settled, time to declare our fantasies for the draft. What we know (from the hatches matches and despatches thread) MELBOURNE In: Thomas Bugg (GWS Giants) Ben Kennedy (Collingwood) Jake Melksham (Essendon) Joel Smith (Rookie B) Out: Rohan Bail (delisted) Daniel Cross (retired) Jack Fitzpatrick (Hawthorn) Jeremy Howe (Collingwood) Mark Jamar (retired) Jordie McKenzie (delisted) Aidan Riley (delisted) Jimmy Toumpas (Port Adelaide) That's 8 players out, and 3 added, plus a rookie B for fun. Leaving us with five spots in the main draft. Picks we've got - 3, 7, 46, 50, 82. Fire away!
  4. For all you dreamers, wannabe recruiters, and draftee "experts", this is your chance to state your drafting order ahead of the 2014 AFL National Draft. We will do it as the club would (and all other clubs) come draft night. We'll write down our exact orders to select the draftees and if any are selected prior they are crossed off the list and the next in order will be taken. Now this is quite easy this year considering we are dealing with pick 2 and 3, although hopefully in years to come this exercise will get harder as we climb the ladder. It doesn't matter if you know next to nothing about the draft, or if you've watched every highlights package, read every stats sheet, or have been to numerous games, this is just for fun. So now the question is who has the Midas touch or Marty McFly's sports almanac? We'll find out in a few years -------------------------------- Here's mine: 1. Christian Petracca 2. Angus Brayshaw 3. Nakia Cockatoo Why (only if you want to): I consider Petracca and Brayshaw currently the best two talents and both blue chip selections meaning they are most likely to progress well and succeed at the AFL level. As for Cockatoo, he had produced similar games in his past but we just didn't see enough of him this year, I think if we had he would certainly be in everyone's top 3 or 5 equations. He practically has it all, strength, evasiveness, vision & poise, speed, the skills (accurate kicking and clean hands/ both sides), and an excellent attitude. He can play on the outside or get his hands dirty on the inside, he also has a nice leap and can certainly take a mark. As for those mouth watering highlight packages that potential draftees take the entire season to generate, Cockatoo produced his from one game. By obtaining at least one blue chip above I believe Cockatoo is certainly worth "the risk" (foot and lack of 2014 exposure) and finally I feel he's miles ahead of the next few midfielders (for those going by "needs") and likely ready to go come 2015. Who just misses your cut? 4. Patrick McCartin: As much as I would love to see he and Hogan develop and line up next to each other for the next decade, Cockatoo has won me over. -------------------------------- Additional information regarding bios, stats, and highlights can be found here: http://www.afl.com.au/draft/draft-machine
  5. Come seasons end there will be 17 clubs looking to improve and 1 happy club looking to go back to back in 2015. In this context, what can the MFC do to fast track our run up the ladder. Recruiting - This year with 3 experienced recruits making it into out top 5 player, we seem to be improving with our drafting (from a low base), what more can we do? Development - Casey struggled and failed to make finals, indicating we still lack quality dept and development has a long way to improve. The ins/Outs for the AFL team also often seems to be adding little. What would be the ideal development platform for the MFC? an academy (aka Swans)? , a full MFC VFL team? Wildcards - Clark, Jurrah, ... are seemingly in our grasp, if they are keen and able, should we try to find a way? Quality yet with issues. Ideas - International players? Are we doing everything we can?
  6. Oh, boy, this is going to be a monster - I have put together a list of things that I would install as AFL chief that would make the game a more even, balanced, and enjoyable spectacle and I haven't changed one on field rule - who knew you could make change off field that affects the onfield... Instead of making it all TL:DR (Too Long; Didn't Read for Old Dee) I have cut them up into some sub headings so it will be easier for people to quote and massage and ridicule and explore what they wish:
  7. You know how i'm a Melbourne Supporter? Because i'm talking about the Draft. So the Phantom Drafts around the traps are looking at a 3# Viney #4 Grundy Combo. Grundy being another tall lad. A couple of Mock's are then calling Oliver Wines in for 5th. "In my opinion Wines sits right alongside Melbourne father/son prospect Jack Viney as arguably the most AFL ready player entering this year’s draft. But more importantly for us, as a fantasy prospect, I think his game will also translate as well as anyone’s. Wines is a powerfully built midfielder with a physique that reminds me a lot of Patrick Dangerfield. Immediately you will notice his exceptional body size." And from all reports just a genuine Mid, which we need. Thoughts?
  8. The PSD is quickly becoming irrelevant an I expect there to be only a couple of players picked on the 27th if any. According to the 'passes' in the ND the following clubs have Primary List spots available: GWS (5), Syd (2), Carl (2), Rich (2), and Coll (1). Most of those clubs will only have 38 players on their primary list because of salary cap pressures: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2013-11-22/swans-38player-strategy The order at this stage (this will change with any more deletions): GWS, Coll, Rich, Carl, Syd, GWS, Rich, Carl, Syd, GWS, GWS, GWS. It will be interesting to see how relevant the PSD is come this Wednesday...
  9. Draft starts in a mo... getting excited. Pick 9: Christian Salem Pick 40: Jay Kennedy-Harris Pick 57: Jayden Hunt Pick 82: Mitch Clisby (rookie upgrade)
  10. Guest

    We must trade pick 2

    It is fairly obvious that this draft/trading period is absolutely critical to the future of the MFC, it is even more obvious that we urgently need high quality midfielders. When I look at our list on paper I feel relatively content with the forward and backline stocks, we are all looking forward to a Clark, Dawes, Hogan and Howe setup and Garland and Frawley are top line defenders with McDonald having a chance to join them if he can fix some deficiencies in his game. Without a midfield however they don't have a chance - the backline is under constant pressure and the forward line doesn't get a look in, if the midfield issue is addressed and soon, could we dream that the rest of it could come together more quickly than many would think? Probably this is just MFC supporter hope but this is all we have in times like these. On the basis of the above we need to be super aggressive in addressing this midfield problem and our main bargaining power to do this (along with a potential PP and salary cap room) is pick 2. Now is not the time for our hopes to be pinned once again to an 18 year old high draft pick who we have to wait to develop into a quality player - we need experienced and quality mids right now and the club needs to move heaven and earth to get them including trading away pick 2. The Melbourne faithful have been sold hope for years and the draft has been the most exciting time of the season for many but if insipid performance like today continue the future of the club will be put in serious jeopardy, one only has to look at the effect of this years on field performance on the bottom line to see this. So please football department, do not even consider which 18 year old might be on offer at pick 2, get aggressive and get the best midfielder(s) that can give the club the immediate boost that is needed.
  11. In case anyone missed it ... Dees clear about Draft In this pre-draft Q&A, Todd Viney discusses the criteria the club uses for selecting players - the 4 pillars of talent identification: competitiveness football talent physical attributes character Worth a read, if you haven't yet.
  12. although players such as tupingwati may have individual threads i couldn't find a specific draft thread for the event as a whole. i would like to see Louis Herbert take a rookie spot. strong overhead mark, looks to have a burst of speed, excellent looking set-shot for goal but...skinny as a rake.(76kg) now before people bring up Lucas Cook and cale morton, if we take this kid as a rookie it is a lot diffent than spending a first round pick. in fact taking him as a rookie would be perfect because he isn't taking up a spot on the primary list, and we get 2 years to see if he can fill out. from afl.com.au draft machine: A very athletic, lightly built forward with excellent pace as well as endurance that can play multiple roles. Regularly impacts the scoreboard and possesses a penetrating right foot kick while also displaying strong hands overhead when he competes in the air. Kicked a career best eight goals against Murray in Round 8 of the TAC Cup and also appeared in one game for Vic Country at Under-18 level.
  13. http://www.sportsnew...north-cleanout/ McKinley - 25 years old Urquhart - 24 years old This is the age bracket of players I would like to get our hands on. Injecting a bit of experience would be nice.
  14. The trade window, circa 1936: 'Hughes then floated an idea: "I think you could probably have Len's brother Norm. But he's a bit slow for the half forward flank."' (from The Red Fox). These sentences have been in my mind for the past couple of weeks and it made me wonder what other catastrophes have been narrowly avoided. Can you think of any other examples of trades that fell through (rumoured or otherwise), leaving you wiping your brow with relief?
  15. Mr P is obviously on the nose with many here, and it is a sore subject with many as the likes of Cook et. al. appear destined for the bush, so I want to know, being far away from TAC <18 comps and the like, who has the most respect when it comes to choosing the cattle? I always thought MFC suffered a bit back in the day because we didn't have a zone that had Assumption college or the like in it, but now days how is it done? I would really enjoy some knowledgeable insights into how the clubs that have recruited well have done it? Is there a 'football whisperer' I personally would pay extra to the club if they said we want bloke 'X' he has the soft skills to identify great kids and we need to pay him X. Cheers
  16. I would like to know everyones opinions on where you think Melbourne is going this off season with new players and players that will leave please format your comments like below: Coming to Club: Leaving club: Comment: How will Melbourne benefit: look forward to hearing from you guys!
  17. Why is Todd Viney our General Manager of Player Development and Strategy? How does it make sense to put him in charge of draft selections when the biggest decision to make this year will be if and when to draft his son? It is liking asking a surgeon to operate on his or her own child. We should already have appointed someone else to this role, even on a temporary basis. It is not fair on Todd. It is not fair on Jack. Most importantly, it is not fair on the club.
  18. So I notice that people are kind of worked up about the Cloke question. Putting Cloke aside (and Cook for that matter), and assuming that Neeld is dead set on drafting another big forward, who else is realistically available? Here are a couple being thrown around on bigfooty to get you started (not that I'd want all of them). Who's missing? Kurt Tippett (Adelaide), 202cm, 25 yo Pros: Proven talent Kicking bags Immediate impact Can ruck A good age Out of contract Cons: Recent concussions Will cost us to trade Shaun McKernan (Adelaide), 196cm, 21yo Pros: Can't get a game up forward due to Tippett, Jacobs and Walker Cheap trade Young Can take a grab Can ruck Cons: Unproven (limited opportunity up forward) Daniel Merrett (Brisbane), 195cm, 27yo Pros: Unrestricted free agent Versatile Can ruck Aggressive Immediate impact Cons: Short term solution - a bit old Not a big goal kicker Not a natural forward Jesse White (Sydney), 196cm, 24yo Pros: Cheap/Free trade Aggressive A good age Can ruck Cons: Averages < 1 goal per game Unproven (has had opportunity) Obligatory inclusion in these types of posts for the last few years Nick Salter (Port), 190cm, 21 yo Pros: Proven goalkicker in SANFL Natural forward Long, accurate kick Can't get a game up forward due to Schultz and Butcher Cheap/Free trade Young Cons: Currently injured Frequently injured Unproven (limited opportunity up forward) Scott Lycett (West Coast), 202cm, 19yo Pros: Can ruck full time Young Can't get a game behind Kennedy, Darling, Naitanui, Cox, Lynch A goal with his first kick (I love it) Cons: Unproven (still very young) Re-signed for 2 years in June (probably not realistic) Not a cheap trade Quentin Lynch (West Coast), 192cm, 29yo Pros: Consistent veteran Immediate impact Ruck rotations Free agent (I think) Cons: Probably won't want to leave WA Short term solution - too old Charlie Dixon, (Gold Coast), 200cm, 21yo Pros: Rumored to want to leave Young Aggressive Can ruck Versatile Gold Coast must cull list Cons: Unproven as an AFL standard full time forward Interest from other clubs, not a cheap trade Lachie Hansen, (North Melbourne), 197cm, 23yo Pros: A good age Good in patches Versatile Has shown continued improvement Cons: Lacks aggression Not consistently an AFL standard forward Not a natural forward
  19. Please make all Drafting and Trading discussion in this board: http://demonland.com...-trading-board/ I have moved all current draft and trade talk there.
  20. What about this scenario re the Jack Viney draft scenario: We trade away our first round pick for a quality mid, our compo picks cant be used for father/son draft, we pick up Jack in the 2nd round Any thoughts ???
  21. Hi all, I'm new to Demonland, but decided to get on board to float the issue of the sometimes touted premise of a mid-season draft. Keen to know who you'd want in and out, and the how much hope you would find in having a mid-year draft?
  22. Well, it's time to predict the most important thing about draft day. What comments will the clubs, their recruiters and their recruits say? Will we get the time honoured "I couldn't believe player x was still available when it came to our turn" or perhaps "I couldn't read player x's number out fast enough"? How about "We drafted for best available" Or, (a new one, just for this year) "I really had hoped Brendan Fevola would find a new home, but he didn't fit with our plans at this time". Which top ten draft pick will say, "I wasn't sure if I was going to get picked at all...I'm just glad somebody wanted me". And then there's the simple, but effective "I'm stoked". i find this the most exciting thing about draft day. Oops, almost forgot my favourite "We expect player x to be a 200+ game player for us"
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