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  1. I disagree that Bedford and Chandler would get games with teams out of the 8, because both are unknown quantities at AFL level. Bedford has shown some X factor at AFL level, but still has many flaws to his game, in particular his kicking. I'd loved to have seen Chandler given a block of games, because his efforts at Casey has warranted selection. Whilst I agree that Laurie has been inconsistent at VFL level, I wouldn't write him off. He's racked up some good numbers when given midfield time.
  2. We already direct our kicks to the "white line". Not sure if Carey will straighten us up.
  3. Can someone provide me a link of this stat. I'm lead to believe that it's a percentage of kicks inside 50 rather than volume. Spargo is a low possession player, so if he's only delivering the ball inside 50 4 times a game, hitting 2 targets is hardly impressive or a game changer.
  4. Our gameplan is to lock the ball in our forward 50, and mitigate against opposition scoring on the rebound. So I'd put it down to our whole coaching dept. The frustrating thing about it is our 2 best forwards in Fritsch and Brown are natural lead/mark players, and not very good contested marks. And even if they were good contested marks, we'd have a resting ruckman competing against them. And the other frustrating thing is we 2 permanent forwards in ANB and Spargo who aren't a scoring threat to the opposition. I question whether their supposed strengths outweigh their weaknesses as forwards.
  5. If Trac is anything less than 90% fit, I'd play him deep forward, with an occasional run on the ball. Bring Dunstan in to play onball. Move Gus to the wing, and play Harmes in ANBs role, and also rotating in the middle. In: Dunstan Out: ANB
  6. I'd be envious if you said "with nothing but my Melbourne sock on".
  7. Last night's game once again illustrated that we don't need 2 ruckmen on big coin who can't play as forwards. Neither Max nor Grundy are forwards. Getting Grundy won't extend Max's career, it will dilute Max's value to the team.
  8. Many. Richmond did it one year.
  9. The better "TEAM" won. Having more superstars doesn't make a team.
  10. I wonder when the match committee will realise how badly out of form ANB has been? I have a gut feeling they'll make no changes unless there's a forced one.
  11. You clearly missed the point of the loading debate. Nobody denies that loading takes place. It was the nonsense that we were losing games due to it, and we would peak come finals time.
  12. But what about the loading? Aren't we supposed to be at our optimal by now. Hopefully this result shuts up the loading sycophants. We're 6-7 since round 11. This result mirrored our performances against better teams.
  13. Bris v Richmond was another game where ruck domination was meaningless. 55-16 and Tiges lose. Tiges without their best mid Prestia was more impactful than Lions losing Oscar McInerney.
  14. Herald Sun reporting that Geelong have pulled out of the race for Grundy. I can't read the full article. It says that it's us unless he can stay at Collingwood. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/subscribe/news/1/?sourceCode=HSWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.heraldsun.com.au%2Fsport%2Fafl%2Fafl-trade-news-2022-all-the-whispers-ahead-of-a-bumper-period-of-player-movement%2Fnews-story%2F39b0c254b2b672543f8226208b92dfb1&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium&v21=dynamic-groupa-control-noscore&V21spcbehaviour=append
  15. I said under the Roos tenure. If you hadn't noticed, he's been gone for 5 years.
  16. Every year GNF promised us that we'd land a "Big Fish" under the Roos tenure. All we got was White Bait.
  17. You haven't addressed either point. If Jackson nominates Freo, whatever WC have to offer becomes irrelevant, and is not a problem for Freo at all. And of course you are belittling Jackson. You are saying that he's too immature to call his own shots. Like most big decisions in life that people make, Jackson is factoring in his family. That's not the same as your assertion that his mum wants him at Freo.
  18. Ok. So you borrow $10k from the bank and give it away to charity. You didn't give the money to charity, the bank did.
  19. That's a horrible deal for us and the Pies make out like bandits. People need to wake up to the fact that the Pies need Grundy off their books if they want to keep DeGoey and get their trade targets. His contract at the Pies is a noose around their neck. Why are we not only assisting them in acquiring players, we're giving them a 1st round pick as well? t
  20. You lost me when you said that Young and a high pick is equitable to Jackson. If Young was out of contract, Vic clubs would be offering a salary package marginally less than what Freo are supposedly offering Jackson. The fact that Young currently has a long term deal with Freo on less than extravagant money, it actually means that his trade value is equitable to Jackson, if not higher.
  21. From the little I've seen of Sam Hayes at AFL level, he's purely a tap ruckman rather than a follower. Has no impact around the ground and takes very few contested marks. He's not the type I'd want as a no.2 ruckman.
  22. I see more upside in Turner than Tomlinson post his knee reco.
  23. Because that wasn't the question. I was responding to the assertion that if all the draftees from the past 3 years were available, Jackson would be the no.1 pick. Daicos is already a proven commodity, whereas Jackson is still a work in progress. So who would you take?
  24. How can they be incorrect when neither of us know what the final trade for Jackson will look like? I'm betting that I'm closer to the mark than those suggesting that we should get a top 5 pick.
  25. I'm not allowed to comment on a player we're allegedly chasing? You better let the Mods know, so that they can delete the other 1000 posts about Grundy.
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