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My 3 word player analysis V Carlton


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Gawn - last quarter influence 

May - back to best

Lever - steady all game

Langdon - running game returned

Petracca - only elite player

Brayshaw - horrible until last

van Rooyen - cause for excitement 

Chandler - had minimal impact

Spargo - some minor involvement 

Pickett - continued poor season

McVee - classy and cool

Rivers - brave and aggressive 

Salem - great first half

Tomlinson - hiding to nothing 

Grundy - had little influence 

Smith - quiet but encouraging 

Viney - better second half

Sparrow - some tough plays

Bowey - great until concussed

Neal-Bullen - little involvement again

Harmes - fumbled too often

Fritsch - important in bursts 

Hunter - had important touches

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3 words 

poor goalkicking again 

hit a target 

inefficient with footy

finally won clearances 

umps are shizzzzzzn

harmesy 1 week 

why slow wide 

May is back 

Kozzzy must lift 

Trac you star 

Gawn 1st ruck

JVR developing nicely 

Clarry hopefully back

Fritta so important 

Just a win 

Very mediocre game 

bank 4 points 





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joeboy, if Mark Twain could be invoked given ‘there are lies, damm lies and statistics’. We have taken the liberty of getting the Hoover out of the Demonland broom closet and run a fact check over some of your 3 word summations.

 Brayshaw - horrible until last

Chandler - had minimal impact

Neal Bullen - little involvement again

Pickett - continued poor season 

Spargo - some minor involvement


Total tackles by team 54

Contribution by the ‘quintet’ 20


Statistically the contribution by the quintet would be significant. On %’s alone.

% of  team tackles 37%

i50 18%

Round off contested possessions 15%
Not claiming a sophisticated analysis but remove the quintets’ contributions we struggle to win. Of course plenty of room for improvement as with most of the team’s performance.

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On 6/3/2023 at 11:47 AM, Deebauched said:

Has there ever been a Melbourne game win or lose where we werent mediocre ? FMD  Amazed no-one mentioned on this thread that all pies players rate 6/6.

I was at a Dee's game against the Swans...Bails vs Roos where everyone in red and Blue were better than excellent 

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