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  1. Fair go - back in those days, snowflakes meant snowflakes. We were 50 years away from political correctness, the cancel culture, Donald Trump and medical substitutes.
  2. I noticed that Freo had gold stars on their jumpers last night. It didn’t help them.
  3. Currently, Geelong’s first pick is 27,
  4. The Sun has just risen in Ballarat, we’re shrouded in fog and it’s bloody 🥶 cold. I’m trying to figure out exactly what genius decided to play a game of AFL at Mars Stadium between two of our northern teams. Nobody here is interested and the reception for the Giants and the Suns will be no less frosty than if they played it in Antarctica. I’m tipping the Suns to win and it’s not just a hunch. I remember how the Giants packed it in one night when they played the Hawks and it was snowing in Canberra.
  5. North leading GWS by a goal at halftime. Another upset brewing?
  6. Crocker, Buzza, Lang: Stacks of former players in Mid-Season Draft mix
  7. They’re in for a world of pain unless Bucks starts getting some W’s. Lucky for them, they play North this week.
  8. Sorry to hear about her family issues but I hope she considers staying there.
  9. Gold Coast leads 63 to 41 as Dwayno says that the Pies are going to double their score to win.
  10. Commentators raving about Izak Rankin but I reckon that he lacks discipline. Needs to go back to the twos for some re-education.
  11. No problems viewing next week’s Casey Demons game if you have Foxtel - it’s on live Thursday night.
  12. He was given as an apology at the sponsor’s function on Thursday night (without explanation). Other apologies were Majak who has been selected and Bayley Fritsch who was having am operation on his fractured hand. Hope it’s not ominous.
  13. I don’t want to be a spoiler for the Lions In tonight’s game against the Pies but ...
  14. Sadly, Dom Tyson dropped at North.
  15. If you want a real left field solution then why not go and offer Alex Rance a one year deal. This would allow us to release a May or a Petty up forward if required.
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