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  1. I don’t want to be a spoiler for the Lions In tonight’s game against the Pies but ...
  2. Sadly, Dom Tyson dropped at North.
  3. If you want a real left field solution then why not go and offer Alex Rance a one year deal. This would allow us to release a May or a Petty up forward if required.
  4. Ugle Hagan Riley Thilthorpe Elijah Hollands
  5. Looks a bit taller than 183cm now.
  6. North have indicated they’re not interested in Tom.
  7. Love your work but you left out the fact that several clubs are enquiring about AVB.
  8. Glenferrie Oval. I played a schoolboy game there and sometimes drive past the ground. I can’t believe they played senior level footy at the ground. At least they’ve improved the drainage.
  9. Did you pass any houses with PICKETT fences?
  10. We had to make a change to the make up with our strong bodied mids who aren’t blessed with level top pace. The pressure’s now on Angus Brayshaw to perform.
  11. Reckon we’d be on top of the ladder based on our big win over the Blues last week.
  12. Maybe they can get Wale-Buxton back. He was a pretty decent back up ruck when he was at the club.
  13. The fact that our injury list seems to be shrinking probably means that it’s less likely that we will find it necessary to fill the vacancy caused by Nietzche’s long term injury.
  14. Stay tuned for the announcement of the squad?
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