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  1. 6. Jack Viney 5. Christian Petracca 4. Bayley Fritsch 3. Angus Brayshaw 2. Kysaiah Pickett 1. Michael Hibberd
  2. Now look. I don’t usually complain about the umpires and I’m fully aware that it’s a hard task recruiting umpires but fair go. There has to be a royal commission into what took place at Adelaide Oval today. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. What in blazes is this all about?
  3. One would hope so. I took a look at the stats for Van Rooyen compared with Mac Andrew and JVR scored 68 Dream Team Points for - Jacob Van Rooyen 3 goals 7 kicks 5 handballs 12 disposals 3 marks 1 tackle 4 hit outs Andrew scored 65 Dream Team Points for - Mac Andrew 9 kicks 3 handballs 12 disposals 8 marks 2 tackles It doesn’t sound right to me because JVR’s contribution looked far superior on the screen and statistically. Andrew spent a fair amount of time on Mitch Brown who beat him convincingly.
  4. The all-conquering Melbourne Storm were stomped on by the Penrith Panthers last night after some monster wins. Beware Melbourne!
  5. Jake Bowey’s second game of AFL footy. Lots of water under the bridge since then.
  6. It’s looming as a situation whereby we should be glad that AMW slipped under the radar last year while Mac Andrew was getting all of the attention from the recruiters.
  7. MFCSS says it’s predictable that the Giants won’t miss their shots in the last.
  8. There are always stories at football clubs. Recounting them plays a big part in the popularity and success of the Herald Sun. Robbo speculates and wants to know if there’s something else. He thinks there’s an air of mystery behind Mick Warner’s convoluted piece of scuttlebutt. I think he’s right - to find the answer to the story behind this story you need to uncover who fed it all to Warner because this is really the story of the fall from grace of the club chairman who did so much for the club in his first seven years. I don’t think it’s Bartlett - perhaps someone close enough to want to stand up for him but like Robbo’s article, it’s speculation and guessing which is what makes stories at football clubs so interesting.
  9. Cirque du Soleil, San Francisco Giants and Stanford University? Why on earth would an AFL club agree to have such sinister destinations on the agenda for a footy trip? And note that there were staff in attendance from Robbo’s beloved Essendon Football Club which was involved in a drugs scandal some years ago? There has to be something more behind that which Robbo will be investigating now that he’s back to writing well researched news items?
  10. The premise behind Robbo’s article is based entirely on speculation and innuendo. This is an article for a newspaper? I remember when Robbo disappeared from AFL360 and his newspaper last year, people were asking what happened to him. Had the man himself been reporting, the opening paragraph would have read like this - Mark Robinson on his sudden disappearance and alleged health issues There’s more to the Mark Robinson puzzle than heart surgery, writes Mark Robinson. But how deep does the story go? He looks at the why, who and what now
  11. Let’s not get carried away just yet with our young blokes - it’s only pre-season training time and the practice matches are still a good few weeks away.
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