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  1. Def. not a wind up but rather, a real life situation. My son’s been given that role in his game this weekend and I’ve passed on your thoughts which agree with mine. Thanks.
  2. Coach tells a mid sized player that his role this week is predominantly a between the arc high half forward. What does that involve and which player(s)’s game does that role resemble? Asking for a friend.
  3. This is a somewhat scandalous thing to bring up on Demonland but there’s a thing called The Tom $cully Medal which is the Brownlow for runners. Our own Ed Langdon is comfortably leading the pack with 15 votes which bears witness to the fact that he’s back in town this year after a couple of seasons below his Olympian standards of our 2021 premiership year. Votes are awarded to the players with the most kilometres during each game on a 3-2-1 votes basis. I hope he wins so that we can start a campaign to rename it after Ed himself.
  4. I know that we should take things one week at a time but I looked at the future and noticed that we have a nice run of games at the MCG coming up. Between now and Round 16 (28 June) when we play the Lions at the Gabba, all of our games take place at the MCG with the exception of the Eagles at Optus Stadium which is our second home ground and the Dockers at TIO Traeger Park, Alice Springs which is nominally our home ground. All games except one against the bottom side at home or at least neutral territory. Only concern is the game coming off another five day break against Carlton. It’s time to claim the G as our own again, starting with tomorrow night against the feuding Lions from Brizvegas.
  5. What is the significance of Kynan Brown being categorized as a Category B rookie? Also, we already have 2 Cat B rookies - is there a limit on their number?
  6. Does anyone know the significance of Kynan being categorized as a Category B rookie? Also, we already have 2 Cat B rookies - is there a limit on their number?
  7. 6. Hore 5. Purcell 4. Paxman 3. West 2. Gillard 1. Hanks
  8. Agreed - we shouldn’t be getting too far ahead of ourselves. As we’ve learned over the past two years, it’s not right to go the early crow.
  9. How can you trade picks that are subject to future review?
  10. So we can take it that Picks 5 and 24 are locked In because Freo are out of business for the rest of the year while Picks 15, 34 and 89 can fluctuate depending on what we do during the finals series.
  11. Major advantage to the Bulldogs who had a rest at the weekend playing against a team coming off a six-day break. Typical VFL - no consideration for a fair competition.
  12. Need to straighten up in front of goal. Last three matches, we’ve scored 26.43 to 27.23.
  13. If you promise to keep this as quiet as possible, I would compare him to an early Zac Butters … but hush.
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