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  1. Quite right - I saw the update when we put it on the market. Apologies - sold to established local property developer, Metro, for $23.7 million.
  2. Not quite but there will be an expressions of interest campaign with a view to a sale. Member Update | The Bentleigh Club [see correction below]
  3. You should buy a defibrillator and put it in a handy place at home.
  4. West Perth in red & blue but the Falcons won their final today by 4 points with a goal at the 32. minute mark.
  5. Appreciate that it was early in his career but I believe the incident with Dangerfield that led to his 3 match suspension left it’s mark on Jack. He was a fair player and he never really lived up to the potential he showed in his early days at the club. Not long after being appointed co-captain with Jack Grimes, the injuries came and he was never the same. Hopefully, in addition to his success at home, he got a measure of satisfaction from Dangerfield’s plight as Melbourne dismantled his team on Friday night.
  6. If this is true, then it’s good thinking on the part of the Suns - AFL trade news: Suns’ top pick reportedly on trading block For our part, we should be targeting one of those picks or possibly their pick 19 with a trade of an early pick in return for players.
  7. Norwood provided their banners and floggers on Saturday night and there was a definite presence of Redlegs fans at the ground. Thanks Norwood and good luck in the finals!!!
  8. WA’s Jacob Van Rooyen was very impressive in the Under 19 championships game on Saturday. Known more as a KFP in the WAFL Colts competition, he played at CHB against SA and starred. He would be on most team’s’ wishlists in the first round after the first four or five picks are sorted out.
  9. It’s starting to feel a little bit like 2020 all over again. We have a lockdown that’s strangling Victoria and local community sport but in other states except NSW things are open. The players who are getting their opportunities in this game and others in their local competitions are getting far more opportunities to develop their games. I can’t see any of the games take place involving Victorian teams until the end of September at best.
  10. Surprised it wasn’t brought up previously but there was a definite Demons quality added to the Front Bar this week with Max & Chris Connolly both on the show:- https://www.facebook.com/1238398882837019/posts/6423718187638370/?vh=e&extid=0&d=n
  11. The problem for the Dogs as I see it is that they haven’t been able to buy a free kick since half time. And they can’t kick straight today as well. A direct comparison to our game a few weeks ago.
  12. Fair go - back in those days, snowflakes meant snowflakes. We were 50 years away from political correctness, the cancel culture, Donald Trump and medical substitutes.
  13. I noticed that Freo had gold stars on their jumpers last night. It didn’t help them.
  14. Currently, Geelong’s first pick is 27,
  15. The Sun has just risen in Ballarat, we’re shrouded in fog and it’s bloody ? cold. I’m trying to figure out exactly what genius decided to play a game of AFL at Mars Stadium between two of our northern teams. Nobody here is interested and the reception for the Giants and the Suns will be no less frosty than if they played it in Antarctica. I’m tipping the Suns to win and it’s not just a hunch. I remember how the Giants packed it in one night when they played the Hawks and it was snowing in Canberra.
  16. North leading GWS by a goal at halftime. Another upset brewing?
  17. Crocker, Buzza, Lang: Stacks of former players in Mid-Season Draft mix
  18. They’re in for a world of pain unless Bucks starts getting some W’s. Lucky for them, they play North this week.
  19. Sorry to hear about her family issues but I hope she considers staying there.
  20. Gold Coast leads 63 to 41 as Dwayno says that the Pies are going to double their score to win.
  21. Commentators raving about Izak Rankin but I reckon that he lacks discipline. Needs to go back to the twos for some re-education.
  22. No problems viewing next week’s Casey Demons game if you have Foxtel - it’s on live Thursday night.
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