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  1. This is a positive, it was the spirit of Norm Smith letting us know he's fired up for Saturday.
  2. This. This 'hard done by' narrative is always given to them. That's why I can't stand the club or their supporters. You won a premiership in 2016, you ain't hard done by.
  3. I'm over non-supporters trying tell me stuff about MFC. "1954 was the last time you won a premiership". Wrong. It was 1964. "You got smashed the last time you played in a grand final" Yes. I'm aware, I was there. Was there for 1988 too. And I'm not embarrassed to say I have zero sense of humour about Saturday. Once it's all done and over that'll be different but right now - it's deadly serious.
  4. Jones walked so the rest of them could run.
  5. I live in the western suburbs and hate Footscray by virtue of having them rammed down my throat. Never enjoyed the whole 'we're so hard-done-by' vibe of their supporters...but I am bitter & twisted 😁
  6. Surely can’t be real. He’s used the correct ‘you’re’. Mitch feels like a ‘your’ bloke to me 😄
  7. Can you not with the ‘rape them’
  8. If I were a Brisbane supporter I would be spewing about that blocking free paid against McInerney at the centre bounce. He was basically penalised for using his ruck craft against a part time ruckman. It was an awful call.
  9. Cannot believe I forgot the jerk-in-chief
  10. My great insight for the evening. there are so many dislikable players in this Geelong side 🤮 Hawkins - miraculously clumsy when it suits him (eg. highly tackles, errant elbows) Dangerfield - smug Selwood - jerk Smith - hated him at Hawthorn Cameron - looks like Smith Guthrie - white guy with locks Miers - white guy with locks & a stupid first name Rohan - I think even Geelong supporters don’t like him
  11. Notice any similarities between Watts and Hogan? Both golden prospects who don't really want to do everything it takes to be the best. Jesse has time to turn it around, and here's hoping he does.
  12. I thought the same. I didn't notice the umpires, which is always a positive sign.
  13. 100% - he seems to be one of the personalities of the group (and not in an Ackermanis way). Teams need those people.
  14. We're tempting fate (and Norm Smith) just talking about it 😀
  15. Nothing to say other than I’M EXTREMELY NERVOUS
  16. That Jones and Viney both have a tendency to get caught HTB is a reflection of where they've come from as players. For a long time Jones was the lone 'star' in our midfield and he developed the tendency to try and do too much. While it comes from a good place it's ultimately selfish football. Notice as we got better as a side, Jones worked that habit out of his game. Viney is the same, and when is he in average form it creeps back into his game.
  17. I'm 100% petty enough to hope this happens to HFC. Never forgiven them (or Simon Eishold) for 1987.
  18. Don’t question my understanding of the game. Try reading my comment. When Viney tries to do too much it can hurt us. When he’s in good form, he doesn’t do that.
  19. Random comment There’s a few on our list that don’t know their limits & opt for the fancy rather than the safe ANB, Harmes and Viney are my key offenders For a bloke who has no time, ANB cruises around like he’s Scott Pendlebury. Harmes is about the dumbest footballer alive And Viney, I respect his hardness for the contest, but he’s completely one sided and often tries to do too much. ANB & Harmes are role players and need to deliver consistency rather than one flashy contribution every 6 weeks.
  20. As Fritsch is one of the um... 'less physical' players on our list, surely Dermie would be loving the idea of him throwing elbows.
  21. You can’t have three blokes getting no touches in the forward line. Spargo - smart enough to hit a target Pickett - dangerous enough to cause damage ANB - useless Based on this in-depth analysis, ANB goes
  22. Generous assessment of May, he was ordinary tonight.
  23. Not me, but at one of our games on the Gold Coast my dad ran into all the umpires in the foyer of the hotel. Dad introduced himself and the umpires ended up gave him a ride to the ground in their mini bus ?
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