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  1. I would be thinking just “let’s no risk hm given a big one next week”
  2. "....How do they possibly expect to attract and retain the best umpires if they won't support them?..." Let's think - "..oh, I know, we could make a rule that umpires' decisions must be respected ... add a 50 m penalty, even if they just wave their arms around .... that will surely be enough". How could that possibly not attract more into umpiring? As I said before, pack of overpaid amateurs running the show
  3. What an absolute joke is the AFL - complaining in the one hand that the umpires are not respected, then show them this degree is disrespect themselves by not offering appropriate training facilities. And then of course introduce the absurd disrespect rule that only serves to engender disrespect further What a lack of amateurs - highly paid of course.
  4. I guess they think that forward pressure might not be so necessary v Norf. 🤨 Orv maybe he has been served an ultimatum.
  5. When the grandstands are full, as they would have expected when WCE were a good team, there would be a lot of hot air boos to dry the ground. Now that they are 💩 there are too few booing feral Eagle fans for purpose.
  6. Well maybe these types of player, were they around now, could be a part of beating a zone defence. I have sometime wondered if a “Pagans paddock” - for the youngsters plating Carey one on one inside 50 - could also be an option pushing a zone defence deeper than they would wish.
  7. First and only club to have a player suspended for wrestling - Jakovic in a practice match ?v Colonwood.
  8. Yes Dunstan is possibly the most “like for like” option but I seem to remember reading that he was injured. Bedford is the most likely “next in line”: pity about Chandler who looked comfortable when he came on Sunday v WCE.
  9. Oh ... is that what she said .... my auditory system totally collapsed. when she started her spiel ❌ 🦻
  10. Knowing the Bummers trading history, they will try to sell Dylan Sheil as a like for like swap for OUR JV 🤯
  11. Way better than 426 Not sure - but Blake Howes is certainly looking long term Surely every player in the hurly burley of AFL will have "soreness" - well, maybe not Dylan Shiel.
  12. Great news - very much under appreciated and unrecognised in the footy world at large, and by some within this group ... but not amongst those who matter in our club. Pressure, tackler, and amazing vision and disposal. Congratulations Charlie.
  13. Sadly I am coming around to that view. Great skills, good kick, seems to lack urgency and intensity.
  14. Maybe BBB can donate his arms when he eventually retires
  15. Are we supposed to know who Chris Paul is? 🙄 Jack Viney is our Jack Viney, nobody else. And may he stay ours forever.
  16. “…The rule is stupid, plain and simple. ” which is also a great description of the MRO.
  17. very selective about who get thrown under the bus and who gets an armchair ride. Serial offenders like Lynch Ryan Hawking always find a way out. No namers always get screwed. if that ain’t corruption, what is it?
  18. I like the set shot routine even for “gimme” shots from closer in front. Casey watchers - how is his overall set shot accuracy? How are his set shots from 50 or so? On the run? Snaps? Angles? Certainly looks the goods in that limited highlight goal blitz.
  19. Hard as I have tried to erase from my memory, that is reminiscent of I think the suns game last year when young Pickett kicked one of the goals of the year, and the rasp came out with something like “Kozzie buzzing around like a mozzie” which made me 🤮
  20. One thing is clear cut: player 1 is Hawkins, player 2 is some unknown dude playing off the medisub bench (at least as far as the MRO thinks any way).
  21. Whilst not in any way excusing Majak for this indiscretion, I think we should congratulate him for at least having the mental strength in putting it aside in yesterday's VFL game and playing what sounds by all reports to be a very solid performance, against his ex teammates.
  22. Very different scenario - Frawley wanted to move from a basket case to a flag favourite: Jackson to WCE would be exact opposite.
  23. Of course it does matter, because it is wrong. As stated by others, unless your name is Hawkins, or <insert other big name player> vs <unknown novice>!
  24. Should he have said difficultgameto ratebutdida goodjobtonight.
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