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  1. One would hope after the past two train wreck seasons, the AFL would decide that the “seconds” competition would be state specific given the propensity for snap border closures. In other words the VFL would only feature stand alone clubs plus Victoria based AFL teams. NSW and ACT in particular may well [censored] about unfairness but stuff them.
  2. 😮🤦 🤗 Maybe Hibbo and Melksham and Nev would fit the Geelong demographic, and they could pass us their top 2 picks for them. 🙄
  3. Sam is about a decade too young for the Cats.😮
  4. I don’t recall the media highlighting any incidents so maybe he didn’t even realize that there were any matches on?
  5. I am sure it would be on the agenda, but easier said than done I am sure, in our current club mindset, Petty, like anyone on the list, would be putting in 100% into any roles he was asked to play. I was wondering if anyone knew if Tomlinson had ever spent any significant time forward, or in any other role? As I recall he was recruited as a wingman to complement Langdon.
  6. How does one regain confidence? One option is to move to another environment, another is to try again. An old hobby horse of mine - do we have a sports psychologist? Or is Mark Williams filling that rôle? In the inner reaches of the club, they will know (or have a good feeling for anyway) if he appears capable of redemption and I will leave it to their collective expertise. They have done well thus far. GO DEES. ❤️💙
  7. 10 months on, how prophetic. 🤗❤️💙❤️💙
  8. Behind May Lever Tomlinson Petty and maybe Turner? Tom is contributing more than his raw possessions stats show and I wouldn’t describe him as cooked - that said Weid would be worth hanging on to, if mutually agreeable terms can be reached.
  9. Sure sounds like a talent. Given the farce that the VFL season was always going to be even pre Covid, and the absolute cluster [censored] it ended up as, has he had enough exposure especially for Casey watchers to have a stab as to where he could fit in? Is he vying with JJ and Sparrow, or Kozzie and Spartacus? Nice problem to have the way our young smaller guys have been going recently.
  10. Never. It would lead to many ugly instances of players shepherding it out or not trying to get the ball. Very ugly indeed. Even worse, if possible, than the “statue on mark” rule: it is totally against every basic instinct to stand still while an opponent runs past. Sure, clamp down on running forward of the mark, but laterally?! SHocking rule.
  11. As has been mentioned, for us old farts, #5 Froggie Crompton 1964 GF could only be surpassed by something similar in 2 weeks (though my heart may not stand up to it).
  12. Yeah. Looks as if he could be OK sometime, but ruckmen aren’t really that important, are they? Only jump up in the middle and around the boundary, and offer very little other impact. 🙄🙄🤔
  13. Just went back to the first post on this thread. How things have changed over 4 years - frankly unbelievable Daniher, Kelly, Oscar and Frosty - nothing as foreseen And both BB (on far less than suggested) and Lever playing vital rôles for MFC in a GF! 🤗🤗🤗💙❤️💙❤️
  14. It seems have got onto Henderson’s hands, and others. “Gary Rohan will remain at the club in 2022, while Josh Jenkins is set to finish up.” I guess just in case they make finals again? 🙄
  15. I think Neeld is up for appointment as Scott’s replacement. After all, anything that can go wrong at KP, he has seen and felt.
  16. Possibly, probably, hopefully? But seriously Laurie and Rosman, given the absolute debacle of the VFL season, remain optimistic but unknown and unproven.
  17. Reliable windmills and Tesla batteries. 🙄🤔
  18. Did tmac actually go down back or was it more a case of drifted into defence momentarily, as does even BB? Hard to tell from TV.
  19. Classic Port flat track bullies. Very weak effort. Cats result more like expected - old, slow, one dimensional.
  20. At lest the Cats were past their bedtime.
  21. So, the old saying that PFs are the best contests of the season has gone south this weekend.
  22. I agree, we deserve the advantage. And logic would say*, given that the GF is in McGowan's Empire, getting on with the GF asap would guard against a Covid lockdown on September 24. * so Gillon has instead chosen to make a pact with the devil and risks a last minute lockout
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