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  1. Hope he can spend another few years learning from / helping Goody.
  2. Don’t know enough about GC$, but do they have a surplus of “his type”? Otherwise, if he is as good as some here seem to think, why would they let him go?
  3. Still no updates re the nature and status of his injury / injuries?
  4. Finally, does anyone know, with certainly, the nature of the injury / injuries that killed his 2022, and their current status and prognosis? Surely this is the most important issue right now?
  5. hang on ... we are NOT Essendon
  6. Surely we all know that BB is not and never will be a strong pack breaking pack marking FF: great on the lead so we need to learn to do just that, kick to a lead (Harmes to leading BB Q3 2021 GF for example). Petty couod only be a better KPF than anyone else if he is played there. Maybe not quite yet, but why not later?
  7. And your last sentence applies to both mental and physical preparedness. I believe they can find it again.
  8. Well at least I hope and expect he will at least show a bit of flexibility in the game plan, or at very least reset what didn’t (for many reasons) work in 2022. Having competitive strong men up forward makes a huge difference and gives the mids confidence that every forward thrust won’t be immediately returned. Past tense - Franklin WAS a key forward, a great athlete but well past his prime.
  9. Didn’t watch the ceremonials but did I hear correctly that Nathan Buckley was presenting the Norm Smith - the guy who regarded it with such esteem that he chucked it into the crowd? Amazing.
  10. What a terrible terrible turnover. Game over if it wasn’t before.
  11. .. as May have been our #1 last year, but it wasn’t.
  12. Frankenstein absolutely useless. I guess the new contract will satisfy him?
  13. Come in Swans. Is Heeny’s diving mark goung to inspire and start the fire as Gus’ did last year?
  14. Front in high tackle - no free. But one to Hawkins now.
  15. Sadly reminiscent of 1988 or 2000
  16. 17-8 inside 50. MFC would be 1 goal 7 behinds.
  17. Geez their arrogance will be going to astronomical levels if this goes on much longer.
  18. WTF - if you are tackled and get a kick away it used to be play on.
  19. The only positive, so far, today is that we are reigning premiers for the next 6 hours
  20. 3 years - 3 more flags. 3 Colemans. Why would he want to leave?
  21. What surgery? Nobody is suggesting that all 11 injured players be dropped together - but perhaps resting some as their inability to perform at 100% became apparent would have allowed a more even balance over the whole year eg Salem wasn't right from round 1 : had he been 'rested' for a few weeks then maybe he would have been as dominant and reliable as he had been the previous year. Who knows? Still, we won the big one in 2021 and never forget that. (Not being complacent or self-satisfied: just emphasising that almost everything needs to go right to go back to back and that AFL footy is a brutal business).
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