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  1. Yep. Viney is my tip. Shut down Libba, set the standard for his teammates. It is a shame that no Melbourne player has won the award named after our own great. Let's all hope it changes.
  2. Technically true. The rise began the day Jackson called Neeld to tell him to take a walk from AAMI Park to his office at the G...
  3. Ok, the path is set. We know we have to beat geelong and one of port/bulldogs. It suddenly feels very real.
  4. Agree 100%. Jordan has been there all year getting it done. As good as it is for culture giving jones the nod, its just as bad for culture dropping a young player who deserves his spot.
  5. Tough one. Surely the club has told him he is only an outside chance of playing? I can't see us making changes unless forced, other than letting Hunt back in.
  6. Agree. I think Gawn is a massive chance to get the AA captain as well which means starting surely.
  7. So if the team is announced on Thursday when does the squad get released?
  8. I really thought he was a chance to be sub this week. Not even being in the squad suggests it is probably 302 and out for Jones. Agree with others, a big win against the Tigers in his 300th was not a bad way to go out really. Better than a lot of others in more recent times...
  9. Our mids are set for this year, but starting next year I think Bailey Laurie is the missing ingredient. Much needed skill and pace and can take a wing allowing Brayshaw back into the guts. Like a few others I am sick of watching our mids hand the ball back to the opposition - Viney and Harmes being the worst offenders. C: Langdon, Oliver, Laurie FOLL: Gawn, Petracca, Brayshaw INT: Sparrow, Jordon
  10. That's a big yes on football and admin. The whole club will be under one roof.
  11. I think Pert has mentioned a few times that it will be the Victorian Government's announcement and they will decide the timing, not us. I was hopeful today would be the day, but obviously not. Like others have suggested, there is no point announcing the oval upgrade unless it is part of a bigger plan. My mail is AAMI park will be upgraded/extended (in an east direction, over the carpark towards Gosh's Paddock) and this upgrade will accommodate our new rooms, gym, etc. Hope we hear it from the Government soon.
  12. Marvel size unfortunately...
  13. Gonna beat the buzzer here. AAMI Park is being extended to accommodate the womens football world cup in 2023. Once that is over, a portion of the upgraded facility will be handed to us along with the bigger oval. Should result in our own gym, rooms, etc.
  14. Wrong on brayshaw. Great game.
  15. If they are planning to use him as a sub then they can't say "rested"?
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