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  1. Sure, but we could have covered a few of them. Maybe 3 to 5?
  2. Just to add to that, I am sure one of the 11 is Salem who we picked over a fit Bowey. Again, we got what we deserved.
  3. This is a slippery slope. We had fit players in the VFL and chose not to use them. Injuries can never be an excuse. We got what we deserved.
  4. Could not agree less. He turned the 2021 GF on its head in that third quarter and we will be compensated for the trade. In no way a stuff up.
  5. The AFL media have proven time and time again this year that when you lose, you are wide open to criticism, and when you win you are untouchable. We, I am afraid, are the losers and have to put up with this [censored].
  6. One of a few players to maintain their 2021 standards.
  7. I would love simon to explain how "we tried to address it on the run". It wasn't by changing personnel or changing our plan. Did we just talk about it a lot in meetings? We are vunreable because we don't score enough. Even when we dominate we remain gettable and once momentum swings we are done.
  8. ANB is the one that bugs me. Momentum killer and only 7 goals this year...
  9. If we want to stir the pot we should put in a proposal to redevelop victoria park...
  10. I think the feedback is we won't be granted public parkland that is not already zoned for sport...
  11. Good to know there is money in the coffers. Surely the AFL will put some aside for the Dees given we must have asked for the least funding for facilities of the whole league, given our lack of a viable option.
  12. I am convinced defending this premiership has left us very fatigued. We start well and fade. This has been the case for both the season itself and within most games. Rather than reaching our peak, i think we are just hanging on. A prelim appearance will be a good result from here. Question for the pod - do we die wondering with the same 22, or do we do we roll the dice on some fresher names who are perhaps not as weighed down by a long season?
  13. 100% agree. They are not expected to win, just like we will have a free hit at geelong if we make the prelim.
  14. Any update on tmac post training on Saturday? Probably covered in another thread but I am not sure where...
  15. I think they expected aami park to be extended with new change rooms, meeting rooms, gym, indoor practice area etc. to allow certain world cup teams to be based there during the tournament. I think the hope was after the cup those would be handed over to the dees. We would continue to train at gosch's. Was meant to be a big state government annoucement.
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