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  1. If the announcement was imminent, surely he would have said so? And Olympic Park has already been developed by Collingwood so where are we training exactly? Did you mean redevelopment of Goschs Paddock?
  2. I am sorry, but GB is a hopeless speaker for a President.
  3. Love it. Good to see Neita there too. Perhaps Neale's choice of favourite football person to share the honour with?
  4. But where does it show up in the financials which are required to be transparent? If there is a benefit it shouldn't be a secret.
  5. I have looked through the report and could not find a reference to the MCC? In last year's report the club thanked the MCC for its support, but nothing this year. Does anyone know what being an official MCC sporting section means? It doesn't seem to mean anything from a financial perspective. Our MCG tenancy deal doesn't seem to be more favourable than Collingwood, etc. If being a 'sporting section' is just ceremonial than what is the point?
  6. I agree he is a good influence. Could even be a part time development coach like Lewis, but unless we think a 30 year old is going to play there really is no need for him to occupy a rookie spot which could go to an 18 year old with no ceiling (surely there is some else out there taylor likes).
  7. I think the club said a back up ruckman is not a priority with tmac staying on? I think the oddest decision of the off-season so far is retaining mitch brown. I like the bloke and would have kept him if tmac left, but he is very unlikely to play with ben brown arriving and hopefully petty back to full fitness.
  8. Anyone know if the AGM will be a similar zoom set up?
  9. Maybe a rush of hayfever or something? Seemed fine later on.
  10. He lost it. I hope we haven't cooked him mentally.
  11. If Jones plays 300 games, its because he has been gifted games not because he earned it.
  12. Which clubs? Bartlett didn't name any.
  13. This is sure to be the number one issue at the member forum on Thursday.
  14. Even if we got it we'd still be sharing with VIS and training on Gosch's like Collingwood did in 2010. Remember it took some shady [censored] from eddie to get VIS relocated to south melbourne and replace olympic park with an oval.
  15. Collingwood don't own Olympic Park Oval. The oval is managed by the MOPT. Their deal just gives them access. I note the MFC players are were informally training on it today. Why can't we have offices, gym, etc. at the 'G with shared access to Olympic Park Oval / Goshs' Paddock Oval with Collingwood. Maybe Gosh's could be upgraded to Marvel size as part of this. My understanding is space in the G freed up with Cricket Victoria relocating to Junction Oval. Eddie won't like it, but Eddie can [censored] off. Upgraded facilities at the G could then be incorporated into the Southern Stand upgr
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