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  1. The Dees’ performance, and attitude, seem to rise and fall with the reputation and ability of its opponents. Despite all the best intentions and words of affirmation, the players can’t seem to rise to the occasion unless there’s a worthy opponent facing them . For this reason I expect our team to play a much stronger brand against the Magpies. We may not win but I’m certain the output will be far more impressive than what was served up against a pathetic Carlton team that brought us down to their level
  2. Gawn - last quarter influence May - back to best Lever - steady all game Langdon - running game returned Petracca - only elite player Brayshaw - horrible until last van Rooyen - cause for excitement Chandler - had minimal impact Spargo - some minor involvement Pickett - continued poor season McVee - classy and cool Rivers - brave and aggressive Salem - great first half Tomlinson - hiding to nothing Grundy - had little influence Smith - quiet but encouraging Viney - better second half Sparrow - some tough plays Bowey - great until concussed Neal-Bullen - little involvement again Harmes - fumbled too often Fritsch - important in bursts Hunter - had important touches
  3. Gawn - becoming a liability Viney - season worst game Petracca - only genuine winner Brayshaw - the inferior brother Rivers - poor decision making Salem - important decision maker Spargo - little to commend Chandler - nothing to commend Pickett - continued disappointing season Fritsch - what’s gone wrong? May - played with passion Langdon - had little influence McVee - loose and lost Lever - poor ground skills Sparrow - tried all game Grundy - a nothing game vanRooyen - must be demoted McDonald - rarely a target Bowie - brave and useful Hibberd - not the worst Neal-Bullen - rarely sighted again Harmes - poor decision making
  4. Almost certain we’ll get a far more positive run from the umpires than in recent weeks because it’s in the AFL’s better interest for us to be final’s contenders than our opponent. I’m not suggesting the game will be rigged but…
  5. Gawn - surprisingly little influence Oliver - prolific but undisciplined Petracca - unsighted 3 quarters Viney - lumbering and ineffective Brayshaw - was rarely sighted Salem - needed the run McVee - couldn’t handle conditions Rivers - tried all game Fritsch - 10 minute performance Chandler - couldn’t get going Pickett - career worst performance Spargo - had little impact Grundy - slow and lumbering May - unconvincing and slow Langdon - lost his run Hunter - rarely impacted game McDonald - needed more involvement vanRooyen - undisciplined and careless Hibberd - brave but limited Bowey - quiet before injury Neai-Bullen - was rarely sighted Jordon - had no impact
  6. Gawn - nothing went right Oliver - undisciplined and wasteful Petracca - was obviously encumbered Viney - seemingly on vendetta Fritsch - o
  7. The golden retriever I have as my icon here was named after our late coach Bailey. I also used to have Barassi the cat
  8. Gawn - imposing all game Petracca - best afield again Oliver - dynamic but wasteful May - impassable all game Rivers - mopped up impressively Bowey - calm when challenged McVee - temperament belied experience Lever - excellent first half Hibberd - dynamic first half Chandler - was rarely sighted Pickett - exciting in bursts Fritsch - rarely got involved Neil-Bullen -just a game Sparrow-some important touches Viney - 4 consistent quarters Grundy - rarely imposed himselF Hunter - take first options Brayshaw - strong and reliable Petty - excellent until injured Spargo - typical Spargo game Jordon - had some involvement van Rooyen - couldn’t get involved Langdon - better second half
  9. Btw, further to the suggestion that a few of our players were unwell leading up to the game, Trac looked eerily pale when interviewed after the game🤮
  10. Gawn - probably broke even Petracca - was rarely clean Oliver - disposals were iffy Rivers - good and evil Petty - not a forward! van Rooyen - tried but failed Fritsch - career worst game Bowie - loose but improved Turner - was rarely convincing McVee - needs a break May - was generally effective Lever - often found out Grundy - had little influence Langdon - couldn’t get involved Pickett - some occasional cameos Sparrow - some important touches Viney - four quarter endeavour Chandler - was well held Harmes - had some impact Brayshaw - spirit and conviction Jordon - another bland game Hunter - some costly options Neil-Bullen - couldn’t get involved
  11. Sensational affirmation of the great camaraderie and spirit at the club, however there was an ominous sight of Kozy rubbing his arms extravagantly to stay warm during Saturday’s game, perhaps eliciting a desire in him for the warmer climes of WA, at least in MY mind. Thank goodness my theory was misdiagnosed
  12. Gawn - dominated the centre Petracca - gradually outperformed Clarrie Oliver - wonderful first half Chandler - continued to excel May - seemed more invested Lever - was rarely required Bowey - mopped up well Rivers - versatile and steady McVee - safe but quiet Pickett - consistently sublime possessions Hibberd - passionate and reliable Grundy - a vital role Brayshaw - almost perfect game Langdon - amazing last quarter Viney - perseverance and commitment Sparrow - tagged Cunnington successfully Neal-Bullen - some important connections Hunter - great first half vanRooyen - had little involvement Fritsch - always looked dangerous Harmes - had limited opportunities Jordon - played role well Schache - an average debut
  13. Gawn - an amazing return Viney - 4 solid quarters Grundy - was almost important May - better second half Lever - not always convincing Bowey - has been better Rivers - a solid game McVee - was seemingly overawed Hibberd- some vital tackles Langdon - better second half Brayshaw - often careless disposals Hunter - some important touches Oliver - eventually got going Petracca - not as explosive van Rooyen - incredible last quarter Sparrow - impressive tagging game Neal-Bullen - played his role Pickett - another disappointing game Chandler - took his chances Jordon - a workmanlike performance Petty - needed in defense Fritsch - had little involvement
  14. Viney - led from front Petracca - tried all game Oliver - great after first Grundy - overwhelmed by duds Rivers - new contract distraction Bowey - poor under pressure May - slow and awkward Langdon - ran without conviction Hunter - didn’t seem invested Petty - horrible first half Fritsch - ten minute performance Chandler - was virtually unnoticed Spargo - irrelevant before injury Neal-Bullen - little impact again van Rooyen - looked miles off Pickett - disappointingly did little McVee - continued to impress Jordon - needed full game Sparrow - little involvement again McDonald - barely made indent Melksham - slow and unreliable Brayshaw - continued disappointing season Tomlinson - didn’t enhance reputation
  15. Viney - wonderful second half Grundy - dominated when required May - steady and safe Langdon - surprisingly wasteful early Fritsch - classy when involved Brayshaw - struggled getting involved Lever - lacked spatial awareness Rivers - continued impressive season Chandler - an important contributor Spargo - disposal elite again Neal-Bullen - was rarely sighted van Rooyen- tried but quiet Bowey - continued valuable involvement Hibberd - quiet before substitution McVee - confident and reliable Petty - unconvincing up forward Oliver - prolific as expected Hunter - consistent and reliable Pickett - better second half Petracca - surprisingly didn’t dominate Jordon - limited but contributed McDonald - an impressive return Sparrow - a standard game
  16. Why isn’t Jake Lever in red?
  17. Viney - better second half May - welcome back General Petracca - prolific and consistent Oliver - wonderful second half Langdon - reliable and untiring Rivers - fitness paying dividends Bowey -disposal was elite Petty - not convincing forward Hibberd - strong and reliable McVee - efficient and clever Grundy - great second half Chandler - took his chances JVR - a memorable debut Jordon - showed his worth Fritsch - quietish but important Melksham - goal to remember Sparrow - tagged with emphasis Brayshaw - better second half Neil-Bullen - great connector again Spargo - had some moments Brown - quiet before injury Hunter - elite kicking skills Lever - important when required
  18. Realistically once Gawn went down the entire preseason structures and game plans went out the window. The psychological impact on ALL players was understandable and realistically a major impact that NO team could overcome.
  19. Tomlinson - was pleasingly solid
  20. Gawn - a huge loss Viney - obviously played underdone Brayshaw - disposals were amateurish Petty - tried but failed Oliver - many irrelevant possessions Petracca - involved too late Rivers - loose but tried Bowey - not the worst Lever - played with passion Harmes - not to standard Langdon - had little input Neal-Bullen - was rarely noticed McDonald - had no influence Fritsch - was obviously underdone Spargo - was easily outpointed Grundy - tried but ineffective Hunter - had little influence Sparrow - a nothing game Chandler - took his chances McVee - regularly looked lost Melksham - probably on field Brown - our only forward
  21. Gawn - the perfect game Petracca - prolific and unstoppable Oliver - a selfless game Pickett - offer him anything McDonald - was often bypassed Brown - finest Demon performance Grundy - will be awesome Langdon - was not dominant Hunter - will be vital Spargo - ten important minutes Brayshaw - great second half Neal-Bullen - better second half Rivers - impressive fitness level Lever - defensive general again Chandler - some important possessions Harmes - impressive tagging game Sparrow - impressive tagging game McVee - some important touches Melksham - took his chances Bowey - constantly instilled confidence Laurie - had little involvement Tomlinson - 4 consistent quarters Petty - looked nervous early
  22. My first preseason venture out to training today, and I believe there’s going to be major headaches about filling the 2 key forward positions Brown is moving very freely and looks strong TMac is probably the pick of the bunch looking leaner and moving unencumbered JVR is everything you want from a KPP with skills, agility, and ‘attitude’ aplenty Fritsch of course picks himself KEV MARTIN'S TRAINING REPORT
  23. Foxtel have a ‘best matches ever’ series of replays through the off season, and it seems like we have NEVER actually played a close final let alone home and away match. I MAY be exaggerating but unless you’re a Geelong , Essendon or Collingwood supporter there’s little point in looking for your team to be to be screened 😱 Watching the 2021 Grand Final for the 87th time is never uninspiring but surely there’s some other games where we’ve excelled since replays came into vogue
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