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  1. It would be easy to feel disrespected/ insulted by not getting a game when the forward line seemed to need a new look
  2. Should have played him rather than insulting and frustrating him then
  3. Having carefully checked that somehow his name has not resurfaced in these latest developments Mr Kennett has set in motion the " fix" from the top. It now seems he whole thing is their fault no matter what mistakes may or may not have been made. Nothing to see here
  4. I don't dispute his " weapons";Spargo has a high footy IQ as well,that's why I have them waxing up forward. The Diesel I recall weighed 88 kgs,had a low centre of gravity so you couldn't ragdoll him and his handball is more like and actual accurate Trac kick into the forward line than Clarrie's extraordinary extractions from under a pack. I just reckon Bowey needs 10 kg's and that's a lot
  5. IRW

    2023 Team

    Bowey weighs in at about 70kgs It doesn't matter what skills he's got,that's small forward territory not long term down back fantasy. Maybe he can wax with Spargo
  6. "Dogga "Jackson ( don't recall his first name) magnificent half a game in the Perth Grand Final then went missing thereafter. Possibly got lost looking for love in the "cat" houses of the Nullarbor. Never heard of again.
  7. While that's probably correct the fact remains Bowie needs 10 kgs and an extra 10 % of pace if he's going to be a long term player.
  8. Yeah clearly ,but it still makes an interesting reflection on the list "carnage " if they were trying to fit Jackson in. I guess we don't know what Hunt considers too low or whether he was also "encouraged " verbally to explore his options.
  9. 4 other Clubs appear to have a different and presumably offered more. There is nothing in what I posted that suggest he's an A grader. But he did play more games than Weideman got in a dysfunctional forward line so I can only assume it's budget vs current contract. Did you not understand my post?
  10. If they "lowballed" Jadyn surely it means they can't balance their books . Paying $600,000 for Grundy? Imagine the list carnage if they'd had to pay to keep Jackson. They were already stuck with Weideman for another year and no one else wanted him( unlike Hunt) Geez Loiuse..
  11. True that. However it doesn't mean ANB is not also in the" bottom 6" and is not as good as role players in the Premiers " bottom 6"
  12. I concede a little on Kossie but do you think the others had good seasons...cobber Were you the one that said early days in the finals that Geelong and Collingwood were crepe and the Dee's would walk right through them? Or are you just one of the duffers who can't see the difference between supporting and ignoring the obvious? ....cobber ...
  13. He still didn't take mark of the year,try as he may. A lot of room for improved and effected consistency . I concede I marked him hard...
  14. I hope Kozzie Spargo Sparrow and Rivers are a long long way from their peaks because they weren't much help this season
  15. Weideman had a good game in the 2018 finals BBB kicked 3 in last year's final so he's got about another 4 years to equal the time they have given Weideman to repeat the dose
  16. It's not post season it's post game and nothing changes. Listen to Scott,Flea or Horse,even Hardwick and Fagan..they actually engage with the question
  17. Nothing wrong with the defence if the forwards hs it in AND kick goals. Thete is only so much the defence can do before they are overruns should have won the Brownlow except in a fsir world Petty would have taken votes of him. Salem and Rivers below potential, add Bowie and there is a clear need for a bigger body. Otherwise it's ok
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