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  1. Timing is everything.. After the season was over?
  2. I thought Kiss was the best thing the AFL has done on years. High camp and just good fun. Hilarious actually I laughed from beginning to end. Unfortunately it was clearly a set piece so they can say " Imagine how that would have looked at night?" when the night G/F question comes up again AND they could have it facing the Shane Warne Stand if there was an issue with the sun and the cameras
  3. Did they count the bat people on top of the scoreboard?
  4. Yeah fair call. I thought I had actually deleted it. Cheers
  5. The posters arnt relevant to the Clubs decision. Is that " nuanced " enough for you?
  6. Maybe look at the coach because if you think it's a contest between fans then you're reasonably pathetic It's between teams and their coaching staff. Collingwood actually has a coach with a personality ,that surely helps
  7. Sidebottom said it straight up last week. We try to keep the ball in to the pack / contest until we see an exit that we can use to go forward . Rather than a wild handball to a nearby Demon so he can hack it further on I wonder which is a calculation and which is hopeful?
  8. Or find a way to draft The Munster and Johnathon Cleary. Getting Bobby Hill to work with Kozzis on marking might help as well
  9. You have the tapes from the pre match I assume,because that's libel
  10. " hate " used thus rather contributes to hating becoming acceptable. Try to find more mature denigrating terminology. Just as we are made dumber for buying into to press and AFL banality and divisive marketing of sport we are all a little happier if we remember that it's just sporting entertainment and not the meaning of things. Probability pity is a better word for what passes for the emotions that linger after a game is completed. The sun comes up tomorrow and we don't have hangovers . "I'm so happy I spent the night vomiting in the dunny, the old lady made me sleep in the spare room and refused to make me my breakfast"
  11. You don't think fantasy innacurate and pointless criticism is belligerent? I suppose not ;stupid and juvenile seems appropriate to me. I was pleased sections of the crowd voiced displeasure at Maynard myself
  12. It's the standard trope on here. You did say " maybe lucky" You haven't noticed? I apologise for assuming you were as a stupid as the people who sprout it
  13. That's really embarrassing nonsense You've done a survey? People " say " they hate the Pies because it's a meaningless cheap cliche. What they actually hate is the manufactured noise the AFL and press generate. And fair enough too..we are all dumber for buying in
  14. It's amazing how the close ones they won are always luck. Try and think that stupidity through why don't you. The G had nothing at all to do with the Lions losing. It might have been an undisciplined 60 metre penalty.
  15. It's not positivity it's more like being objective
  16. I was at the game pal and you're wrong. Of course Pies cheered their own buywhat was striking was the boos
  17. The room is full of juveniles why not point it out. Great game of AFL
  18. Maynard was booed most of the time Do you just make stuff up Try growing up instead
  19. You'll take 2021 over Geelongs last 10 years as well I guess? That's as implausible as the Collingwood nonsense. A flag in 1964 then 2021, then a "dynasty "..... 2 seasons of straight sets fails, I mean seriously?
  20. Collingwood do often win by small margins, so often one might say it's a strength. They certainly dont throw away games and have supporters trying to turn that into how unlucky they were. On top of that ,thuggery and all,they play like they are enjoying it. Maybe Goodwins boys could take a leaf out that book and see if it helps their big game lack of composure. Fmd! MFC arnt in the G/F because of a dysfunctional forward line ,injuries and lack of poise when the pressure is on. They certainly try hard though
  21. "Kane being Kane" best commentator in AFL You have to have a schtik to kerp the job and he's found one that sucks everyone in. He throws it out ,along with genuine insights and opinions, and people roll up to criticise him. He doesn't care..its just theatre; while many he upsets are irrelevant wanna be's without any real association with the sport. On the other hand you have dead set idiots like BT or truly insightful special comments people like Daisy Pearce. No one really talks about what they say.
  22. Cheerful senility ,It always amuses my children as well. Carry on by all means
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