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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Looks in top form now. If he has a big season so will MFC. Key player to set up the play especially to Langdon.
  2. Just endless talkfests. If not a gov hurdle then a local environmental pressure group or resident action group will block any MFC proposal. Essendon has a nice setup at Tulla. Lets share it . LOL Not a bad idea considering we spend more time than any other Vic club travelling interstate.
  3. First game on March 7. Strewth. Too early .Can dees go B2B at the SCG. Would surely be a first. Grundys comments were fair and totally justified. Not a thing. The fun has gone out of it for me. Cant stand the media and AFL corporate.
  4. I would love to audit the AFL. Millions will have vanished into the ether. Tricky Gil learned everything from his dodgy predecessor. The media have constantly watched his back and celebrated him as a great administrator. F...off. Still not sure i will be tuning in next year. The disgusting behaviour of the media and AFL towards Brayshaw/MFC after the Maynard incident will linger for many years.
  5. Its going to be fascinating to see how he turns out after being idle for 12 months.
  6. Well now he's out of business. With us anyway.
  7. Do clubs have to pay the players entire season match payments even though he never plays a game. Must be a huge downer for any club to flush 60 -70 K down the lav every month for 12 months. It happened to us with Lever on about 850K. Cornes must be having a fit with all these players getting massive long term contracts now Darcy got a whopper at Freo and Rozee. Youre one twist of the knee away from a disaster.
  8. Are you sure about that? I havent lived in OZ for a while but isnt Caulfield on the fringe of the inner suburbs? There are loads of Thai students in Melbourne. Many will be at Chisholm campus. Its not in the middle of nowhere.
  9. I recall Harmes being MIA on a few occassions and the club said it was for personal reasons. Thats an annoying limp excuse. What was he doing?
  10. Melbourne players are basically the same age as the Cats? Did Hawkins and a few others retire?
  11. True, but theyre simply not good enough to get a regular game. Weideman Pruess. Hannan Hunt JJ Harmes Omac Dyson even Bedford. With the possible exception of Bedford and Hunt at a bottom slops team they'll mostly struggle at their new clubs.
  12. Do they really need to go on a camp? The male bonding espirit de corps stuff is a worn out cliche in the 21st century. They already have to constantly travel between two training venues. The Crows and Tigerland song say HI.
  13. I will go back to THAT kick by Lever to Max infront of Geelongs wall of defenders in the last round at the cattery. The ball had to go exactly where it ended up or likely no mark no goal no win. The oldest players in the Geelong side knew we were going to win the flag. You could tell by their body language when they mingled with the dees players. Winners respect winners. Geelong knew.
  14. Id rather go 4w driving in Afghanistan for a week than go to Adelaide for two B2B games against the crows and port. Not kidding. Gather Round is a joke, It should be played in Sydney or Brisbane- if anywhere.
  15. I dont think rigorous AFL training has been on their agenda for some years now. All sun, surf and KFC buffets over there.
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