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  1. I honestly thought I would break down if we won but to be honest it felt like the biggest weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was a huge relief. I am so happy but mostly just relieved now. It gives the club and its supporters authority. The question is: now what? Only one flag from this group would be an underachievement. I want to see one on the MCG.
  2. The Melbourne of 2021 turns it around and regains control this quarter. But Grand Finals are different. It is definitely the Dogs' game to lose at this point.
  3. Just can't see us winning. Never could. This Dogs team at their absolute best was always better than our best. We were just better for longer throughout the season. They are a super, super team.
  4. I'm an emotional wreck. I've been so positive all week but I'm on edge atm. I am so bitter and angry. Lockdown never, ever again. I am over it officially now. Done. This isn't living. Sitting at home on a couch, no celebration. No "being". I'm trying to make it a day of celebration but it's tough.
  5. "Hello, yes? Professor Sutton? This group over here, sir..." Nah well done lads and ladies!
  6. He said 60k-65k without COVID lockdowns this year and then if we win the flag he expects 70k-75k next year. Definitely possible.
  7. A Port supporter mate of mine has been saying all year that they are garbage. Even when they were on top. He hates Hinkley and that seems to be a common sentiment over there. I knew they weren't that good but a number of times they have looked very good. Other times they look tactically lacking. This might be controversial but they are a lot like what Melbourne was under Daniher. Good, never great. And always crumble whenever the pressure is on.
  8. Was hoping for a Port win because we would absolutely pansy them. Dees vs Dogs GF a better spectacle but a genuine 50/50 contest. Very worried about the Dogs. They are a good unit when on.
  9. Decent percentage booster, this.
  10. Never, ever trust a white man with dreadlocks.
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