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  1. I wonder how GWS would have gone against Port.. I think I'd rather be playing them, now.
  2. I noticed even the US Open tennis ladies champion wore Demon gear. It's catching on!
  3. Hey Jack....can we watch the first Semi on some sort of streaming?
  4. We finished above the Dogs, so we should get choice of umps!
  5. It hasn't!!! But I hope we get the same umps in the GF that we had last Friday! They were hardly noticeable... but I always feel embarrassed on the rare occasions we get more frees than the opposition!
  6. Isn't it in Simpson St, near Albert St? I haven't noticed it in Lansdowne St.
  7. Does anyone know how you can tell what priority one, two, three ...etc means? Does it depend on how long you've been a member? I'm a platinum member(41 years). Am I in tier 1, or is that the same as priority 1? Does ticketmaster have access to the MFC's list of members and their eligibility for GF tickets? (I'm hoping to get a ticket for my nephew in Perth) (Freo supporter but will be flat out for the Dees)
  8. This thread will really fire up if it's a Dees/Dogs Grand Final!!!
  9. Hey, Titan ,I don't know how you can be so absolutely definite the Duryea soccer kick wasn't deliberate. I reckon the TV footage shows it was undeniably "deliberate" , under the current interpretation of the law. Did he make an attempt to keep the ball in play? No....his soccer kick had the best possible result ...out of bounds. Did he intend to kick it out?(knowing that would be a great result) It wouldn't matter, if a Dee had done it....deliberate!!! Somehow the "Scraggers" have the umps in their pocket. Their ability to be on the right side of 50:50s has won them another Final.( as in the 2016GF).
  10. I think it wasn't paid because the ump was behind Cameron and Duryea, and couldn't see which boot hit the ball. I can't help but think , if the Dees were in that situation, the Ump would have run in triumphantly signalling deliberate. But I'm hopelessly one-eyed. ( and will remain so).
  11. I think the most significant decision in the game was the decision NOT to penalise Duyrea(spelling?) for deliberate when he and Cameron chased the ball in the last few seconds. Would have been a shot for goal from about 45m out.....probably a crucial point. So the pure free kick count doesn't reflect completely the good fortune a club receives from the umpires. Also, another point of inconsistency of the umps is when they call play-on after a free or mark. Sometimes they call "play on" when the player takes half a step off the line, then decides not to play on. Other times they don't call it. Other possible benefits of umpiring decisions not reflected in the free count are.... how long they give a player before yelling play on, 10metre kicks marked and paid, throws not called, etc. The Dogs do well in all these adjudications, and have done so for decades.
  12. I think Stevic's testimony was reprehensible. As I suspected, he tried to ingratiate himself with the players by not incriminating a star. In doing this , he's let down his fellow AFL umpires, and all umpires at all levels of Australian football. It's noticeable that ex-player media( like Jonathon Brown), and players like Treloar and Petracca , are also reluctant to be too critical of Greene. A bit more understandable from them, since they're in the "Boys' Club". But Stevic's performance was unforgivable.
  13. i just watched the replay of our loss to GWS earlier this year. They worry me, even without about 4 of their best players. I think they'll kill the poor , old, slow, Cats. Most Demonlanders obviously think differently..
  14. I actually feel guilty on the rare occasions (like Saturday night), when we get more frees than the opposition!!
  15. But the total number of possessions was equal for each side. So the Dogs weren't first to the ball any more than Essendon. So then the argument changes.........the Dogs must tackle better. But they seem to get away with high tackles, throws,front-on frees etc more than any other side. They even overcame a hostile crowd in Launceston. I don't know how Tasmanians could have a soft spot for such an unlikeable team as Essendon. The question remains....."How do the Bulldogs do it?"
  16. They’ve done it again! 4 mysterious frees to Weightman for 4 goals in the wet. Last time I looked it was 20 frees to 12, despite equal possessions I know they won by 49 points , but they were given a leg up. Bomber fans will be furious!
  17. II'm pretty impressed by GWS, and expect them to beat Geelong.
  18. It's very relevant to the Demons. GWS will be playing us in a fortnight, and he's vital in their chances against us. He does well against us. He should get at LEAST 2 weeks. What Stevic says is irrelevant. He might try to ingratiate himself with a star player by saying there was nothing in it. As posters have pointed out, the crucial point is the possible influence on young players if this isn't taken seriously. One factor is, however, that the AFL pretty well runs GWS, and wants it to thrive.
  19. We need him out for 2 weeks. They'll kill Geelong. I'd rather face an in-form GWS without TG.
  20. Oh no ! Thats’s the end of our double chance!
  21. That’s right…… I got him mixed up with Meese, who I think we got from Norwood
  22. We got Austin Wonneamarri and James Sellar from Norwood, too, I think. Remember Ozzie in that great comeback from 55 points down at the MCG v Freo!
  23. It’s be better for us if Geelong come back and win this. Very unlikely!
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