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  1. I think that Tomlinson was best in the AFL stat for "one on ones" when he did his ACL in 2021.
  2. Am I paranoid, or were Sydney deadly accurate against us, but missing the important set shots( not pressure misses ) today?
  3. Sydney should be 8 goals up. Collingwood kicking with remarkable accuracy , keeping them in the game.They did miss one, though. Gulden kicked with incredible skill against us. Missed a sitter v the Mudpies.
  4. Kozzie got far less warning than Ginnivan. The ump didn’t show where the mark was to Kozzie, but he did to Neckavin.
  5. My case that no-one watches the replay. Do you?
  6. After disappointing losses, most of my friends say they don't watch the replay. I think that must be true of most Demonlanders, or there'd be more comments on the rotten treatment we got from the maggots in Q4. The McStay free against Petty that put them in front for the first time at the 90 min mark.....yes, he grabbed the jumper momentarily, but it was nothing compared to the treatment Brown suffers every forward entry. The Bailey mark for the goal to put them 14 up. A definite push in the back to Hunt. The Bailey goal which may have hit the post. The goal umpire was looking at the line to see if the ball had crossed it before it was kicked. He didn't look up at all. How could it be "umpire's call" when he wasn't even looking at it??? ok, ARC didn't reveal a post touch, but it was given a goal for incorrect reason. The non-free for HTB against Berry at our 45m mark when we 7 points down with 2 min to go. The 50m against Kozzie in the forward pocket, when the ump said he had to give him 9metres. He should have told him exactly where the mark was, and said "stand" then. That didn't directly result in a goal, but it got Bris. out of trouble when it was desperately close to our goal. Overall in the match, 6 frees inside 50 to them, and 1 to us. Have I missed other posters' comments on this, or has everyone just forgotten and not watched the replay.? It's frustrating to watch, but should give us hope for 2023 , since we could easily have won, despite how brilliant the media say the Lions were, and how "banged up" we're alleged to be. Also, Kozzie missed 2 sitters by trying 2 check-side kicks to an open goal in Q4, when a normal kick would have been a routine goal.
  7. I didn’t like the way the commentators waxed lyrical about the head high bump that put Fraser Rosman out of the GF. A good GF showing would have been a boost to his career.
  8. The goal and 50 m against Lever didn’t matter, since it was too late for us to get 2 more goals at that point. BUT…… I don’t think it was a correct decision, because…….. when Lever put the ball on the ground he was being tackled, but where? Below the knees.. i.e. a trip. I think that’s why he did his block. If Pickett hadn’t missed that gimme a few minutes earlier, I reckon we’d have won. We were coming back strongly, despite all the posts about our lack of fitness at the end.
  9. Don’t boo Zorko! It’ll just fire him up, and he’s a dangerous player. Spread the word…..DON’T boo Zorko.
  10. Lobb is 1 or2 cm. shorter than Gawny, but lacks the heart…..badly. Too timid to play ruck.A bit slow up forward. Can mark, but doesn’t often . Good set shot for goal though. If we lose Jackson to Freo, get Meek back to Melbourne ( Lobb should be called “Meek”!) as the proverbial “steak knives” in a trade deal.
  11. Oh no! Let’s not help Collingwood with their sal. cap problems. Grundy is a star….. but 29 ,and under an injury cloud.
  12. I don’t want that gutless 209 cm weakling at Melbourne( Lobb)
  13. Luke Dunstan is a good class AFL standard player. How long can he tolerate playing at the lower standard? I can’t see him breaking into the firsts, unless we have several injuries.I GWS or Suns should try to attract him and swap us one of their high draft picks.
  14. Great work with the Podcasts, gents. 2 points.... 1. You said about 70 people listen live. Do you know how many listen later, to the podcasts? I would think many more. Apart from the pre-GF show last season, I never listen live, but never miss the podcast. I admire your insight into tactics etc very much, but , like Andy, I suffer severely from chronic,metastatic, MFCSS. 2. I can hear Andy clearly, but the other two are much quieter, and when listening to the podcast while out running, I have trouble hearing them, even at full volume. I can hear callers who ring in easily,but "Binman" in particular, is very quiet.
  15. I’ll never forget Sean Wight and Rob Flower’s efforts that day! I think Sydney had kicked 30 goals in a match 2 or 3 times that year. We were massive underdogs and absolutely killed ‘em!
  16. " Dead Kennedys" was a slightly irreverent name, I always thought!
  17. He evoked memories of Rob Flower for me. His build, and his ball handling.
  18. I hope Dees supporters don't boo Cripps(though the system does deserve booing). Booing just encourages players. Don't let's help fire him up.
  19. At the start of the session the players gathered in a circle in the centre , and clapped and cheered someone.They often do this when a debut is announced. Perhaps it was Laurie. It wasn't Van R.
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