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National Under 18 Championships - 2015

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Thanks to bigfooty's Chris25, the following is the rundown of the Under 18 Championship teams. He's ordered the players by height, and indicated which players are overaged (with one asterisk) and which are underaged (with two asterisks)

Division 1

Round 1

WA v SA - Saturday May 23, 11am at Lathlain Park

VM v VC - Sunday May 24, 11am at Simonds Stadium

Round 2

SA v VM - Saturday May 30, 10.45am at AAMI Stadium

WA v VC - Sunday May 31, 12pm at Medibank Stadium

Round 3

SA v WA - Saturday June 6, 12pm at AAMI Stadium

VC v VM - Sunday June 7, 12pm at Simonds Stadium

Round 4

WA v VM - Saturday June 13, 11.20am at Domain Stadium

SA v VC - Sunday June 14, 11am at AAMI Stadium

Round 5

VC v SA - Friday June 26, 12.35pm at Simonds Stadium

VM v WA - Friday June 26, 2.35pm at Simonds Stadium

Round 6

VM v SA - Wednesday July 1, 5.05pm at Etihad Stadium

VC v WA - Thursday July 2, 1.15pm at Simonds Stadium

Division 2

Round 1

NSW/ACT v TAS - Satuday June 20, 10am at Gold Coast

QLD v NT - Saturday June 20, 12.30pm at Gold Coast

Round 2

TAS v QLD - Saturday June 27, 12pm at Simonds Stadium

NSW/ACT v NT - Saturday June 27, 2.10pm at Simonds Stadium

Round 3

NT v TAS - Wednesday July 1, 3.05pm at Etihad Stadium

NSW/ACT v QLD - Thursday July 2, 11.05am at Simonds Stadium

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South Australia

Mark Quinn (176cm, 72kg from North Adelaide)

Will Snelling (177cm, 68kg from West Adelaide)

Hugh Haysman (177cm, 72kg from West Adelaide)

Christopher Lodovici (178cm, 62kg from Norwood)

Brendan Dew (178cm, 66kg from Central Districts)

Jack Agostino (178cm, 70kg from West Adelaide)

Isaya McKenzie (178cm, 72kg from Central Districts)

Steven Slimming** (179cm, 66kg from Sturt)

Kyle Presbury (180cm, 68kg from Central Districts)

Maris Olekalns (180cm, 70kg from North Adelaide)

Luke Partington (180cm, 75kg from Norwood)

Will Combe (180cm, 75kg from North Adelaide)

Matthew Nunn (180cm, 75kg from Norwood)

Jack Graham** (180cm, 77kg from North Adelaide)

Jadyn Brind (180cm, 92kg from West Adelaide)

Jonty Scharenberg** (182cm, 70kg from Glenelg)

Wayne Milera (182cm, 71kg from Central Districts)

Harry Cross (183cm, 76kg from Norwood)

Stephen Tahana (183cm, 77kg from North Adelaide)

James Hargreaves* (183cm, 78kg from Sturt)

Peter Bampton* (183cm, 83kg from Norwood)

Mason Redman (184cm, 77kg from Glenelg)

Harrison Jolly (185cm, 81kg from Woodville West Torrens)

Jesse Moffa (186cm, 72kg from South Adelaide)

Justin Evans (185cm, 77kg from Glenelg)

Campbell Wildman (186cm, 75kg from Sturt)

Cameron Hewett (187cm, 70kg from North Adelaide)

Riley Bonner (187cm, 75kg from West Adelaide)

Andy Georgeson (187cm, 77kg from Woodville West Torrens)

Oleg Markov* (187cm, 78kg from North Adelaide)

Keiran Agius (187cm, 84kg from North Adelaide)

Sam Walker** (188cm, 75kg from Glenelg)

Jordan Dawson (188cm, 80kg from Sturt)

Andrew Coombe** (190cm, 79kg from Sturt)

Ryan Burton (190cm, 82kg from North Adelaide)

Aaron Francis (190cm, 86kg from West Adelaide)

Matthew Allen (194cm, 90kg from Glenelg)

Luke Hoare (194cm, 90kg from Woodville West Torrens)

Harrison Westhoff* (195cm, 82kg from West Adelaide)

Luke Surman (196cm, 95kg from Norwood)

Sam Stafford (197cm, 75kg from Glenelg)

Kyle Broadwood (197cm, 85kg from Woodville West Torrens)

Harrison Gameau (197cm, 88kg from Woodville West Torrens)

Sam Gurney (198cm, 100kg from South Adelaide)

Peter Ladhams** (202cm, 87kg from Norwood)

Andre Parella (203cm, 96kg from Sturt)

The Guns

For me, the pick of the South Australians this year is Aaron Francis. The 192cm utility is a member of the AFL/AIS Academy, and has made his senior SANFL debut this year for West Adelaide. He can play up forward and in the midfield, but expect to see him line up across half back for SA. Exceptionally strong in the air, he'll make it hard for the opposition to move forward with any real confidence.

Another AFL/AIS Academy member and the star of the midfield is Luke Partington. A solid player despite only being in the low 180cm's, he has done everything you'd want in the midfield. Might not be particularly flashy and he may not break open the game with his run, but he wins the ball and uses it well. Classy is the best way to describe him.

The Ones To Watch

Being able to play senior football is one of the strengths of the South Australian underage system, and both Matthew Nunnand Will Snelling have done that this year. And both should be key parts of the SA midfield this year. Snelling wont stop running and just wins the ball no matter where he is, while Nunn is a smooth mover who gets it both inside and outside.

Down back, SA should be relying heavily on Kyle Broadwood. The 195cm key position player has stood up this year to cement himself as the most likely of all the SA talls. With a chance to play on the best talls from around the country, he has a real opportunity to shine. And, should he win the ball expect to see him look towards Riley Bonner. He's that prototype player, a 190cm utility. After showing good signs as a half forward, Bonner will likely feature across half back for SA where he can use his skills and flair in setting up the play.

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Western Australia

Oliver Parish (171cm, 61kg from East Fremantle)

Caiden Curtin** (175cm, 65kg from Claremont)

Tarir Bayok** (175cm, 71kg from East Perth)

John Shaw (177cm, 75kg from Swan Districts)

Sam Petrevski-Seton** (178cm, 70kg from Claremont)

Clint Hinchcliffe* (179cm, 81kg from West Perth)

Kade Stewart (180cm, 67kg from South Fremantle)

Callum Ah Chee (182cm, 71kg from South Fremantle)

Jake Taylor (182cm, 80kg from Swan Districts)

Chad Daniels (182cm, 83kg from Swan Districts)

Brayden Hackett (183cm, 69kg from Swan Districts)

Declan Mountford (183cm, 70kg from Claremont)

Levi Ridley (183cm, 74kg from Swan Districts)

James Harrold (183cm, 79kg from East Fremantle)

Tom Bennett (184cm, 74kg from East Fremantle)

Peter Delaney (184cm, 78kg from East Fremantle)

Jake Florenca (184cm, 78kg from South Fremantle)

Bailey Rogers (184cm, 80kg from Claremont)

Noah Hura** (186cm, 72kg from Peel Thunder)

Josh Schoenfield (186cm, 75kg from Peel Thunder)

Sam Powell-Pepper** (188cm, 83kg from East Perth)

Marshall Jones (188cm, 84kg from Perth)

Jake Waterman** (189cm, 84kg from Claremont)

Jordan Snadden (190cm, 79kg from East Fremantle)

Travis Naughton (190cm, 82kg from Peel Thunder)

Jack Watson (191cm, 81kg from Swan Districts)

Josh Rotham** (192cm, 76kg from West Perth)

Greg Clark (193cm, 82kg from Subiaco)

Ajang Ajang (194cm, 80kg from East Perth)

Dixon Wight (194cm, 87kg from Peel Thunder)

David Ehlers* (195cm, 79kg from Claremont)

Jarred Mason (197cm, 78kg from Swan Districts)

Michael Cronan (197cm, 80kg from East Fremantle)

Dylan Smith (198cm, 81kg from Swan Districts)

Jesse Glass-McCasker (198cm, 95kg from Swan Districts)

Luke Strnadica** (199cm, 88kg from East Fremantle)

Jeremy Goddard** (202cm, 97kg from Claremont)

The Guns

I still maintain 2015 is not a great draft group for Western Australia, but they could still be competitive on the back of their underaged stars. Sam Petrevski-Seton is without a doubt their best player in my mind, and arguably the favourite to be the #1 pick next year. He's got O'Meara and Martin talent, and there isn't much he can't do. Able to win his own ball through the midfield, he's also just as good as anyone else on the outside and up forward.

But for 2015, my favourite is Callum Ah Chee. He'll be the star of the combine later in the year, there are no question marks over that side of his game. But he'll need to prove he is able to play through the midfield, even if it is in purely an outside role. However, his work in the forward half is excellent and he is a legitimate game changer.

The Ones To Watch

But guns are often made at the Championships, and that's what some WA players will be hoping for. At 198cm, Dylan Smith will be the focal point of their attack. Having previously had stints in the back half, Smith has impressed over the first six weeks of the WAFL Colts season. Marking strongly and kicking goals, a decent Championships from him will go a long way to making WA competitive.

Greg Clark and Kade Stewart may be the bigger names in the midfield, but Levi Ridley is one who should catch a few eyes. He's played senior football in the WAFL, and can play multiple positions on the ground. For WA, I could see him line up on a wing. He can win his own ball and tackle strongly, but can also be creative outside and on a flank.

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Vic Metro

Jade Gresham (177cm, 74kg from Northern Knights)

Hirsham Kerbatieh (177cm, 77kg from Calder Cannons)

Jaycob Hickey (178cm, 76kg from Western Jets)

Goy Lok (179cm, 81kg from Sandringham Dragons)

Nicholas O'Kearney (180cm, 71kg from Calder Cannons)

Ryan Clarke (180cm, 77kg from Eastern Ranges)

Kade Answerth* (180cm, 79kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Alex Morgan* (180cm, 80kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Matthew Stillman (181cm, 78kg from Calder Cannons)

Blake Hardwick (181cm, 78kg from Eastern Ranges)

Jordan Gallucci** (182cm, 73kg from Eastern Ranges)

Tom Wallis (182cm, 74kg from Calder Cannons)

Jack James* (182cm, 78kg from Calder Cannons)

Tyrone Leonardis (182cm, 78kg from Northern Knights)

Daniel Foley (182cm, 79kg from Western Jets)

Jordan Matera (182cm, 82kg from Sandringham Dragons)

David Cunningham (183cm, 79kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Bryce Batty (183cm, 80kg from Eastern Ranges)

Andrew Tashevski-Beckwith (183cm, 83kg from S

Tom Phillips* (184cm, 74kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Patrick Klep (184cm, 74kg from Eastern Ranges)

Bruno Laguda (185cm, 71kg from Calder Cannons)

Theophilos Thompson (185cm, 81kg from Sandringham Dragons)

Benjamin Crocker (185cm, 81kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Fraser Pearce* (186cm, 75kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Braden Fiorini (186cm, 75kg from Northern Knights)

Harley Balic (186cm, 80kg from Sandringham Dragons)

James El Moussalli (186cm, 83kg from Northern Knights)

Thomas Cameron (187cm, 70kg from Sandringham Dragons)

Matthew Perry (187cm, 73kg from Northern Knights)

Lachlan Walker (187cm, 80kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Daniel Houston (187cm, 83kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

James Parsons (189cm, 75kg from Eastern Ranges)

Daniel Beddison (189cm, 80kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Kane Keppel (190cm, 79kg from Eastern Ranges)

Jack Silvagni (190cm, 81kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Jack Whitehead (191cm, 89kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Liam Jeffs (192cm, 78kg from Eastern Ranges)

Karl Brown (192cm, 90kg from Calder Cannons)

Jack Scrimshaw** (193cm, 77kg from Sandringham Dragons)

Callum Moore* (193cm, 85kg from Calder Cannons)

Jack Firns (194cm, 90kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Harry Thompson (194cm, 90kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Sam McLarty** (195cm, 91kg from Oakleigh Chargers)

Sam Weideman (196cm, 91kg from Eastern Ranges)

Dylan Atkins (199cm, 88kg from Sandringham Dragons)

Jayden Collins (199cm, 88kg from Eastern Ranges)

Jarrad Smith (202cm, 93kg from Eastern Ranges)

Mark Kovacevic* (204cm, 111kg from Calder Cannons)

The Guns

Across the board, it's a weaker Vic Metro side than usual. Not the same top level talent, and struggling a little for depth too. But it's not all doom and gloom. Their big three in the midfield, at least in terms of early draft stocks, are Ryan Clarke, Nicholas O'Kearney and Harley Balic.

But the safe money is on Jade Gresham as being the most productive player at the Championships. He might be the smallest player in their squad, but he's one of those players that just goes in hard and comes out with the ball. Generally the sub-180cm players are overlooked early in the season, but like others before him, a strong Championships will force people to take notice.

The Ones To Watch

For me, this is where it gets more interesting for Metro. With Weideman set to miss through injury, a forward line of Karl Brownand Callum Moore could be the best and most intriguing setup. Brown was only a late addition to the squad, after a promising start to the TAC Cup year. The strong 192cm forward has 14 goals in 4 games, and has good hands. While Moore is an athletic 19 year old, who has so far been hampered by injury. But he's a talented kid, evident by the fact the Swans considered drafting him last year on the back of just 5 TAC Cup games.

James Parsons had a relatively disappointing 2014 season, at least by what many would have been hoping for. I quite like him though, and he was a highly rated 17 year old. Tall, outside midfielder/flanker, he's had a better start to the season this year. While across half back, Bruno Lagudais one who will probably catch a few eyes. The rebounding defender has started the year well, and is one of those players who looks good when he has the ball in hand.

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Vic Country

Bailey Edwards (174cm, 71kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

William Sexton (175cm, 76kg from Geelong Falcons)

Tate Marsh (176cm, 69kg from Gippsland Power)

Ben Ainsworth** (177cm, 73kg from Gippsland Power)

Deven Costigan (179cm, 65kg from Gippsland Power)

Murray Waite (179cm, 74kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Joe Maishman* (179cm, 75kg from Geelong Falcons)

Lachlan Williams (180cm, 72kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Nash Holmes (180cm, 74kg from Gippsland Power)

Mitchell Cox (180cm, 78kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Jy Simpkin** (181cm, 71kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Darcy Parish (181cm, 73kg from Geelong Falcons)

Matthew Johnston* (181cm, 78kg from North Ballarat)

Jamieson Sheahan (181cm, 80kg from Geelong Falcons)

Lachie Tardrew (182cm, 70kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

Baden Remmos (182cm, 78kg from Geelong Falcons)

Jake Lovett (182cm, 81kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Lockey McCartney (183cm, 78kg from Geelong Falcons)

Yestin Eades (183cm, 80kg from North Ballarat)

Tom Templeton* (183cm, 88kg from North Ballarat)

Aidyn Johnson (184cm, 75kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

Alex Witherden** (184cm, 76kg from Geelong Falcons)

Darcy Tucker (184cm, 78kg from North Ballarat)

Myles Poholke** (184cm, 79kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Bailey Rice (184cm, 81kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Thomas Cole (185cm, 76kg from Bengido Pioneers)

Rhys Mathieson (185cm, 79kg from Geelong Falcons)

Joseph Atley (185cm, 80kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

Kurt Mutimer (185cm, 81kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

David Mennen* (186cm, 80kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Thomas Glen (187cm, 72kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Will Brodie** (187cm, 79kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Tom Doedee (187cm, 80kg from Geelong Falcons)

Clayton Oliver (187cm, 86kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Jayden Burke (188cm, 75kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

Brandon White (188cm, 77kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Josh Dunkley (189cm, 82kg from Gippsland Power)

Daniel Capiron* (189cm, 83kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Thomas Jok (190cm, 72kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Jarrod Berry** (190cm, 80kg from North Ballarat)

Josh Battle** (190cm, 82kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Charles Curnow (191cm, 95kg from Geelong Falcons)

Kyle Davis (192cm, 80kg from Geelong Falcons)

Christian Buykx-Smith* (193cm, 84kg from Gippsland Power)

Kieran Collins (193cm, 94kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Travis Young (194cm, 90kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Jacob Weitering (195cm, 90kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Ryan Hearn (197cm, 90kg from Gippsland Power)

Joshua Patullo (197cm, 91kg from Gippsland Power)

Sam Skinner (197cm, 96kg from Gippsland Power)

Gach Nyuon (198cm, 81kg from Dandenong Stingrays)

Joshua Schache (199cm, 96kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Harry McKay (200cm, 85kg from Gippsland Power)

The Guns

For me, the strongest sides in this years Championships are Vic Country and South Australia. With VC in particular having a lot of the big names. The early favourite to be the #1 pick is Jacob Weitering. It's not often a key defender goes at the top spot, but Weitering is a very talented player. He's got the potential to be one of the best KPDs, but can also play further up the ground and run around the midfield on the rebound.

The main competitor to Weitering for the top spot at the moment is Darcy Parish, and he's on track to be the first midfielder called out. Ideally he'd be a little taller, but he does everything you'd look for from a player and is just a natural talent. Rhys Mathieson is one midfielder who does have the desired size, and is a strong inside player despite still being on the slightly skinny side.

The Ones To Watch

Arguably the one player to improve his draft stock more than any other this year is tall forward Harry McKay. He's a little like Cameron Conlon from a couple of years ago, on the skinnier side but a good moving 200cm forward. Needs to work on his hands and improve his contested marking, but he's been kicking a lot of goals this year for Gippsland. At the other end of the ground, Christian Buykx-Smith has returned as a 19 year old and has had a solid year at full back.

A highly touted player in WA a couple of seasons ago, Yestin Eades has made his way across the country to go to boarding school and is now lining up for VC. He's a talented player, and he'll be looking to live up to being named in the AFL/AIS squad a year ago.

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Harry Brill (170cm, 59kg from Eastlake)

Lachlan Moore (170cm, 62kg from Collinguille)

Thomas Powell (170cm, 72kg from Ainslie)

Fletcher Carroll** (171cm, 67kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Brandon Clark** (172cm, 8kg from Kellyville/Rouse Hill)

Shaun Mannagh (174cm, 69kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Mitchell Maguire** (175cm, 71kg from Northern Jets)

Levi Middleton (175cm, 76kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Jackson Kelly* (178cm, 66kg from Sydney Uni)

Matthew Wilson (178cm, 66kg from North Shore)

Matthew Klemke (178cm, 75kg from Osborne)

Justin Maldigri (179cm, 74kg from St George)

Andrew Sierakowski (179cm, 75kg from Riverview)

Brayden Kilpatrick (179cm, 75kg from St George)

Connor Owen-Auburn** (179cm, 79kg from St Clair)

Samuel Fisher** (180cm, 74kg from Ainslie/Marist)

Jake Marshall (180cm, 75kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Lachlan Leeds (180cm, 77kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Nelson Foley (180cm, 80kg from Ainslie)

Harry Perryman** (182cm, 71kg from Collingullie)

Harrison Payne* (182cm, 81kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Harry Tanner (182cm, 74kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Lachlan Hayres* (182cm, 76kg from Sandringham Dragons)

Anthony Treacy (182cm, 79kg from Riverview)

Dylan McDonald (183cm, 69kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Charlie Bance (183cm, 84kg from Wagga Tigers)

Luke McKay (184cm, 71kg from Eastlake/Belconnen)

Jake Brown** (184cm, 75kg from St George)

Kobe Mutch** (184cm, 75kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

Mitchell Wright (184cm, 80kg from North Shore)

Dylan Sanderson (184cm, 82kg from St George)

Jayden Rymer (184cm, 84kg from St George)

Eli Prescott** (185cm, 74kg from St George)

Tyler Roos* (185cm, 76kg from Sandringham Dragons)

Nick Hey (185cm, 82kg from Pennant Hills)

Lachlan Flagg (186cm, 78kg from Northern Jets)

Lachlan Ryan* (186cm, 78kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

Callum Mills (186cm, 80kg from North Shore)

Callum McFadden (186cm, 81kg from UNSW)

Ryan Hebron (186cm, 81kg from North Shore)

Brydon Hodgson* (186cm, 81kg from Eastlake/Lavington)

Jacob Hopper (186cm, 82kg from North Ballarat Rebels)

Tom Faul* (186cm, 85kg from Ainslie)

Jock Cornell (187cm, 82kg from Mangoplah CUE)

Matthew Kennedy (187cm, 84kg from Collingullie)

Jack Irvine (188cm, 80kg from Temora)

Lachlan Tiziani (188cm, 80kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Alex Johnston (188cm, 82kg from East Coast Eagles)

William Setterfield** (189cm, 73kg from Sandringham Dragons)

Thomas Highmore** (189cm, 80kg from Eastlake)

Samuel Simmons (189cm, 85kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

Lyndon Hupfield** (189cm, 89kg from East Coast Eagles)

Jake Veale (190cm, 80kg from North Shore)

Josh Minogue* (189cm, 80kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Harvey Daniher (190cm, 85kg from Calder Cannons)

Timothy Coenen (190cm, 86kg from St George)

Darcy Baron-Hay (190cm, 87kg from Riverview)

Logan Gray** (191cm, 75kg from Sydney Uni)

Harrison Himmelberg* (192cm, 84kg from Eastlake)

Nathan Cooper (193cm, 81kg from Pennant Hills)

Zachary Sproule** (193cm, 81kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Joshua Ryan* (193cm, 84kg from Bendigo Pioneers)

Samuel Wilson (193cm, 86kg from UNSW)

Ned Reinhard (194cm, 84kg from St George)

Max Canfield* (195cm, 81kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Harrison Macreadie** (195cm, 82kg from Henty)

Nick Coughlan* (195cm, 83kg from Murray Bushrangers)

Lachlan Behagg (195cm, 88kg from Manly Giants)

Joe Stapleton** (196cm, 86kg from Sydney Uni)

William Muir* (197cm, 91kg from Ainslie)

Liam Maze** (199cm, 90kg from St George)

Matthew Flynn (200cm, 99kg from Narrandera)

Kyle Galloway* (206cm, 104kg from Murray Bushrangers)

The Guns

There shouldn't be a great deal of surprise at who the best players from this NSW/ACT side are, they're the often talked about Academy players. Callum Mills is the best midfielder in the draft. He's big, strong and he does it all. He'll be a Swan at the end of the year, but GWS aren't missing out either. Matthew Kennedy has had a super start to the year and is now establishing himself as an early pick too. Even bigger than Mills, Kennedy is a hard worker and quality with the ball in hand. Trade away a quality youngster if you need to, he fits the Giants' perfectly.

The Ones To Watch

The big guy at the bottom of the list, Matthew Flynn, has set himself up as one of the better ruckman of the 2015 crop and should dominate the Division 2 games - much like he has done in the TAC Cup this year. Racking up the hitouts, he is also surprisingly good around the ground and can clunk a mark.

While GWS have two of the bigger names available to them in Kennedy and Hopper, there are some others who are shaping as possible mid round draft options - along with the aforementioned Flynn. Strong bodied utility and member of the Daniher clan, Jock Cornell can play at either end of the ground. While 19 year Harrison Himmelberg has had an impressive start to the TAC Cup season, often lining up at full forward.

While another 19 year old returning this year is Tom Faul. And he is yet another tall and strongly built player, I rated him a genuine chance last year despite being so raw. Will probably be playing in the back half for NSW/ACT, the Canberra product plays with a strong attack on the ball and is excellent athletically. I expect he'll flash if given the chance, and will have teams wondering.

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Dyson Budarick (173cm, 74kg from Southport)

Ethan Reeves (177cm, 76kg from Broadbeach)

Aaron Maricic (178cm, 74kg from Western Magpies)

Oliver Ritchie (180cm, 72kg fom Morningside)

Corey Wagner (180cm, 71kg from Aspley)

Jesse Joyce (180cm, 76kg from Palm Beach Currumbin)

Glendon Woosup (180cm, 80kg from Broadbeach)

Jarrod Butler (181cm, 68kg from Townsville)

Jack Rolls** (181cm, 71kg from Morningside)

Sebastian Fahey (181cm, 76kg from Broadbeach)

Daniel Henderson* (181cm, 78kg from Aspley)

Josh Brown (182cm, 72kg from Surfers Paradise)

Reuben William (182cm, 74kg from Zillmere)

Curtis Marsden** (183cm, 73kg from Palm Beach Currumbin)

Jack Mammone** (183cm, 75kg from Morningside)

Nick Weller* (183cm, 81kg from UQ)

Cody Filewood (184cm, 76kg from Surfers Paradise)

Connor West (184cm, 77kg from Southport)

Bradley Scheer** (184cm, 82kg from Palm Beach Currumbin)

Ben Keays (185cm, 82kg from Redlands)

Robert Blood* (186cm, 78kg from Southport)

Jack Bowes** (187cm, 76kg from Surfers Paradise)

Jesse Esam** (188cm, 87kg from Broadbeach)

Max Spencer (189cm, 80kg from Palm Beach Currumbin)

Daniel Charlesworth** (189cm, 80kg from Cairns City)

Jonah Licht* (191cm, 88kg from Redlands)

Isaac Corvo (191cm, 90kg from UQ)

Declan Watson** (192cm, 75kg from Aspley)

Gareth Hunt (192cm, 86kg from Aspley)

Jacob Allison** (193cm, 73kg from Aspley)

Kurt Skuse (193cm, 86kg from Broadbeach)

Harris Newton** (197cm, 78kg from Surfers Paradise)

Mabior Chol (198cm, 78kg from Yeronga)

Dylan Adkins* (198cm, 88kg from Redlands)

Wylie Buzza* (198cm, 97kg from Redlands)

Eric Hipwood (200cm, 82kg from Aspley)

Nate Dennis (201cm, 88kg from UQ)

Dominic Paino** (202cm, 88kg from Redcliffe)

The Guns

No real surprise, the big name for Queensland this year is Ben Keays. Most people would know about him, the Brisbane Academy player who has been talked up as an early pick. I have him rated at the top of the second round, but fully expect him to dominate and be named All Australian. He's a very productive player, and he'll need to be as the Queensland side isn't quite as good as it was last year.

The Ones To Watch

Another Academy player who should get a chance to shine is Eric Hipwood. He's a big guy at 200cm tall, and can play at either end of the ground. With Corey Wagner the other Academy pick, who will likely put up big numbers through the midfield. Just a good honest football he is.

Otherwise, Jacob Allison is a name for next year. Just a skinny kid at the moment, but he has flashed a bit of potential so far and works hard around the ground. Could be a good player once he grows into his frame. And Josh Brown has found the scoreboard a bit for Queensland in the TAC Cup so far. He's good above his head, even if his kicking can be a bit off at times.

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Luke Webb (171cm, 78kg from Glenorchy)

Brady Quinn (172cm, 68kg from Glenorchy)

Kieran Lovell (173cm, 79kg from Kingston Tigers)

Ben Kamaric (175cm, 76kg from Glenorchy)

Connor Pearton** (176cm, 71kg from North Launceston)

Harrison Pearce** (176cm, 74kg from Lauderdale)

Weston Tate Turvey (177cm, 70kg from Lauderdale)

Kyle Palmer-Hughes** (178cm, 70kg from Clarence)

Logan Reynolds (180cm, 67kg from North Launceston)

Manassah Dare-Bonnici (180cm, 70kg from Devonport)

Alex Blair** (180cm, 73kg from Glenorchy)

Marcus Haley** (180cm, 75kg from North Launceston)

Nicholas Dodge (181cm, 79kg from Lauderdale)

Nat Franklin** (181cm, 79kg from Lauderdale)

Tyler Gavralas (182cm, 77kg from Devonport)

Ethan Stephenson** (183cm, 72kg from Devonport)

Logan Bisset (183cm, 73kg from Devonport)

Liam Smith (183cm, 86kg from Glenorchy)

Jack Bilson (184cm, 72kg from Hobart City)

Jordan Hayden (184cm, 78kg from Glenorchy)

Jack Crossin (184cm, 86kg from Glenorchy)

Jack Donnellan** (185cm, 76kg from Launceston)

Mitchell Rainbird* (185cm, 84kg from Glenorchy)

Jake Sushames (186cm, 66kg from North Launceston)

Brandon Batchelor** (186cm, 89kg from Kingston Tigers)

Mitchell Hodgetts** (187cm, 81kg from Western Storm)

Ben McGuinness** (188cm, 74kg from Lauderdale)

Shaun Worker** (188cm, 78kg from North Launceston)

William Fisher (189cm, 76kg from North Launceston)

Colin Kilpatrick** (189cm, 77kg from Hobart City)

Jhdara Jones** (191cm, 72kg from Scotch College)

Zac Beuchner (191cm, 77kg from Clarence)

Mitchell Hibberd* (191cm, 85kg from Clarence)

Cameron Brown (191cm, 96kg from Glenorchy)

Jesse Johnson* (192cm, 76kg from Devonport)

Isaac Franks* (192cm, 84kg from Lauderdale)

Ryan Gardner (195cm, 84kg from Burnie)

Andrew Jones (197cm, 84kg from Clarence)

The Gun

The only Tasmanian member of the AFL/AIS Academy for 2015, Jake Sushames is an impressive player despite having such a light frame. As is often the case with the Tasmanians, their best players aren't midfielders. Sushames is primarily a half forward, who can push up on a wing and across half back. But he is an outside player. He's exciting though, with one person saying he could take mark of the year and kick goal of the year on the same day.

The Ones To Watch

One of the smaller players in the Tasmanian squad, Kieran Lovell is just a ball magnet. Just seems like that he's the leading possession winner in every game he plays. He can win his own ball, and he's also an exceptionally strong runner and will get a lot of handball receives throughout the game.

A player we saw last year as a 17 year old was Nick Dodge. Only 181cm, but a handy little forward he kicked multiple goals in a couple of games last year at the Championships. And he has done so again in the TAC Cup for Tasmania this year. Not the flashiest player, but always involved and competes hard.

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Northern Territory

Ralph Dhamarrandji* (168cm, 54kg from Galiwinku Bombers)

Nick Yarran (168cm, 64kg from St Marys)

Liam McDonald** (169cm, 60kg from Pioneer)

Ethan Liddle (172cm, 61kg from Pioneer)

Brandan Parfitt** (172cm, 68kg from Nightcliff)

Mackenzie Lawrence** (173cm, 80kg from Pa

Robbie Smith-Watts (173cm, 71kg from South Alice)

Mikey Coombes* (173cm, 72kg from St Marys)

Michaelis McMasters (174cm, 60kg from South Alice)

Andrew Papazoglou (175cm, 63kg from Nightcliff)

Davin Ferrira* (174cm, 68kg from Wanderers)

Rohan Armstrong** (175cm, 65kg from South Alice)

Riley Hogan (175cm, 80kg from Palmerston)

Ben Long (176cm, 60kg from St Marys)

Michael Hagan (177cm, 67kg from Darwin)

Daniel Rioli (179cm, 65kg from St Marys)

Marcus Hamilton* (179cm, 81kg from Big River Hawks)

Daniel Turner (180cm, 65kg from Big River Hawks)

Matthew Bricknell** (180cm, 75kg from Nightcliff)

Graham Hampton* (180cm, 78kg from Pioneer)

Dylan Barry (180cm, 78kg from Rovers)

Wewak Ross (180cm, 86kg from Big River Hawks)

Ryan Nyhuis* (181cm, 82kg from Nightcliff)

Gavin Greenoff** (182cm, 65kg from Nightcliff)

Jalen Clarke (183cm, 72kg from Darwin)

Waisele Thomson** (183cm, 75kg from Palmerston)

Daly Shannon (184cm, 70kg from Nightcliff)

Kevin Maroney (184cm, 72kg from Darwin)

Josh O'Brien** (184cm, 82kg from Nightcliff)

Zane Carter (184cm, 86kg from Southern Districts)

Taryll Egan* (185cm, 76kg from Rovers)

Keiden Holt-Tubbs* (185cm, 77kg from Palmerston)

Liam McGregor* (185cm, 78kg from Southern Districts)

Tim Torszok** (186cm, 75kg from Federal)

Jamie Hampton** (186cm, 76kg from Pioneer)

Lachlan McKenzie (187cm, 86kg from Nightcliff)

Patrick Taban (187cm, 92kg from Nightcliff)

Jake Jackson-Cole** (188cm, 84kg from Nightcliff)

Jack Musgrove* (189cm, 85kg from St Marys)

Kalium Donation (190cm, 80kg from Darwin)

Jasper Hutt** (191cm, 72kg from St Marys)

Michael Tilmouth-Turner* (191cm, 91kg from Pioneer)

Ezekiel Frank** (192cm, 79kg from Palmerston)

Jordan Jeffrey** (192cm, 79kg from Wanderers)

Devin Lines (195cm, 90kg from Big River Hawks)

Tony Olango** (201cm, 80kg from St Marys)

The Guns

Just the one from the Northern Territory this year, and don't expect any first round picks like last year with Nakia Cockatoo. Michael Hagan was a member of the AFL/AIS last year as an underaged player, and had a productive U18 Championships in 2014 too. He's 177cm, so not as short as some of the players from up north. Tends to play across the back half and through the midfield, he has excellent speed and good hands.

The Ones To Watch

A couple of players with a bit more size to them, Lachlan McKenzie is potentially one who could have an impact this year. He's a strong player, sort of a hit up forward with a very strong boot. Averaged a goal a game last year, so he could be a focal point up forward. While Jack Musgrove is another strong bodied utility who had some wraps on him coming into 2014, but didn't quite have the impact he'd have wanted. It'll be interesting to see where those two play, often the guys around their height get asked to play taller than they should and suffer as a result.

Otherwise, the NT has finally done it. They have a genuine ruckman. Underaged Tony Olango is easily the tallest player they've had for a while, even if they had to convert him from soccer to do so. He'll be a good one to keep tracks on him over the next 18 months, from all reports he's a pretty athletic 201cm kid.

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U18s: Vic Country stuns with after-the-siren win over Vic Metro

VIC METRO 3.3 5.5 8.6 10.8 (68)

VIC COUNTRY 2.2 6.5 9.7 11.7 (73)


Vic Metro: Gresham 2, Hardwick 2, Kerbatieh, Balic, Houston, Crocker, Parsons, Silvagni

Vic Country: Ainsworth 2, Schache 2, Berry 2, Maishman, Cole, Holmes, Simpkin, Skinner


Vic Metro: Balic, Crocker, Collins, O'Kearney, Parsons, Gresham

Vic Country: Ainsworth, Weitering, Mennen, Mathieson, Rice, Schache

Vic Country v Vic Metro Report

Vic Country steal victory with goal after the siren

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SA's Luke Partington stars in close loss to WA in U18 Champs

WESTERN AUSTRALIA 3.2 6.3 9.7 11.7 (73)

SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1.2 5.6 7.13 9.18 (72)


Western Australia: Jones 4, Ridley 2, Waterman 2, Bennett, Powell-Pepper, Smith

South Australia: Haysman 2, Milera 2, Dew, Hewett, Francis, Partington, Quinn


Western Australia: Hackett, Bennett, Watson, Jones, Waterman, Florenca, Petrevski-Seton

South Australia: Partington, Francis, Haysman, Markov, Milera

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For sure.

I have slight reservations on Parish’s size (182cm), but his midfield game (from an offensive point of view) is pretty complete, so shouldn’t be a big issue.

Harley Balic is one who will move up the rankings and may come into the frame for us. Generally thought of as a mid first rounder, he’s starting to show off his midfield ability and I expect him to end up top 10, if not higher.

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I was at the game on Saturday WA vs SA and whilst Partington was good and took all the headlines William Snelling for me was the most impressive on the ground, keeps himself nice and busy and uses the ball really well. A lot of Keiran Jack/Hannebery about him but he is not the biggest mid going around so I think he may go second round.

I first saw Sam Pepper-Powell come through the Mount Hawthorn JFC in 2012 and he has been a stand out form a very early age. Can't get drafted till 2016 but was WA'S best on Saturday. Unfortunatley for him he is in the East Perth zone so due to alignment with the druggies he hasn't got a game in the seniors yet but is definitley good enough. Greg Clark was his usual smooth self and now has the ability to also play through the middle and Jake Waterman could be an interesting one. Alec Waterman is a nice player but very vanilla, Jake is similar but has the extra size so whether or not Meth Coast commit to him will be of interest. Levi Ridley is another who will rise up the rankings on what I have seen very impressive in WAFL senior games I have seen him play but I am aware there are some attitude issues, nothing major that can't be ironed out.

Heading to the game this week and hoping to see how much Parish has come on he caught my eye last season as an underage player and I agree with Chaser with regard to Balic, very much a type in the Roos mould with the bigger body to play HF and rotate through the middle. May be the 2015 Petracca

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Last year the junior footy team one of my grandsons played with trained on an oval next to the Sandringham Dragons so when I was down there, I would occasionally take the opportunity to watch Angus Brayshaw at training along with Tyler Roos and a couple of others.

One of the "others" turned out to be Harley Balic (187cm/80kg) who happened to be a bottom ager by only a handful of days. Later on, he was one of two players who did work experience training with Melbourne so he's definitely already been under the watchful eyes of Paul Roos and our recruiting staff. He's also in a similar mould to Brayshaw in size and is an all round sportsman (he was a star junior at basketball). He has some special, almost freakish, talents which will make him very highly sought after at draft time.

He's more of a half forward at the moment but can also go into the midfield and if he develops properly, he could become a Nat Fyfe type in the AFL. I know that's a big statement but, already in this year's national champs, he's been named as Vic Metro's best (27 disposals) in their opening game last weekend.

I think he's relishing being in a quality team at this level because the Dragons have been a bit ordinary this year.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on this bloke and I hope he follows in Gus' footsteps and finds his way to Melbourne.

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I was at the game on Saturday WA vs SA and whilst Partington was good and took all the headlines William Snelling for me was the most impressive on the ground, keeps himself nice and busy and uses the ball really well. A lot of Keiran Jack/Hannebery about him but he is not the biggest mid going around so I think he may go second round.

I first saw Sam Pepper-Powell come through the Mount Hawthorn JFC in 2012 and he has been a stand out form a very early age. Can't get drafted till 2016 but was WA'S best on Saturday. Unfortunatley for him he is in the East Perth zone so due to alignment with the druggies he hasn't got a game in the seniors yet but is definitley good enough. Greg Clark was his usual smooth self and now has the ability to also play through the middle and Jake Waterman could be an interesting one. Alec Waterman is a nice player but very vanilla, Jake is similar but has the extra size so whether or not Meth Coast commit to him will be of interest. Levi Ridley is another who will rise up the rankings on what I have seen very impressive in WAFL senior games I have seen him play but I am aware there are some attitude issues, nothing major that can't be ironed out.

Heading to the game this week and hoping to see how much Parish has come on he caught my eye last season as an underage player and I agree with Chaser with regard to Balic, very much a type in the Roos mould with the bigger body to play HF and rotate through the middle. May be the 2015 Petracca

Look forward to seeing your thoughts on the game. Unfortunately I think Parish may still be out of commission through injury.

Pepper-Powell and Petrevski-Seton look like very good bets for the top of the draft next year, look forward to seeing them when WA come over to play the games in Victoria.

Enjoy the game PSD, hope it's as good as the first two.

Edited by ChaserJ
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Look forward to seeing your thoughts on the game. Unfortunately I think Parish may still be out of commission through injury.

Pepper-Powell and Petrevski-Seton look like very good bets for the top of the draft next year, look forward to seeing them when WA come over to play the games in Victoria.

Enjoy the game PSD, hope it's as good as the first two.

Petrevski-Seton has come on even better than Claremont thought came down from up north after showing a lot in the Clontarf Academy. Killed it preseason and early in colts and has held his own once given a taste at senior level. If he keeps on the upward trend he will go very early next season.

I have junior footy committments when Vic Metro are here so not going to see Balic first hand

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Teams for this weekend's games:-

South Australia v Vic Metro

AAMI Stadium

Saturday 30th May


South Australia

B: Agostino, Surman, Tahana

HB: Bonner, Westhoff, Francis

C: Dew, Snelling, Olekains

HF: Milera, Allen, Markov

F: Agius, Ladhams, Redman

FOLL: Parealla, Scharenberg, Hewett

I/C: Bampton, Haysman, Combe, Partington, Nunn

Vic Metro

B: Collins, Firns, Leonard

HB: Crocker, Whitehead, Morgan

C: Moore, Batty, Parsons

HF: Balic, H.Thompson, Cameron

F: Houston, Silvagni, Hardwick

FOLL: Smith, T.Thompson, O'Kearney

I/C: Clarke, Gresham, Lok, Matera, Answerth, Pearce

Western Australia v Vic Country

Medibank stadium

Sunday 31 May

12 noon

Western Australia

B: Shaw, Micro, Harrold

HB: Taylor, Rotham, Watson

C: Clark, Rogers, Bennett

HF: Ridley, Smith, Ah Chee

F: Powell-Pepper, Ehlers, Waterman

FOLL: Goddard, Petrevski-Seton, Hackett

I/C: Mountford, Florenca, Daniels, Snadden, Mason, Hinchliffe, Jones

Vic Country

B: Rice, Collins, Skinner

HB: Tucker, Weitering, Berry

C: Glen, Holmes, Mennen

HF: Simpkin, Schache, Broadie

F: Ainsworth, McKay, Eades

FOLL: Nyuon, Mathieson, Cole

I/C: Johnston, Mutimer, Doedee, Poholke, Costigan, Hearn, Sexton

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Petrevski-Seton has come on even better than Claremont thought came down from up north after showing a lot in the Clontarf Academy. Killed it preseason and early in colts and has held his own once given a taste at senior level. If he keeps on the upward trend he will go very early next season.

I have junior footy committments when Vic Metro are here so not going to see Balic first hand

Have Claremont changed their policy on playing juniors in the senior team?

Thought they were fairly rigid on not playing under 18's in the seniors.

What are your thoughts on todays game?

Sound like Schache had a massive game:


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Also, SA had a pretty good win against Metro yesterday.

Francis was best on down back, dominating the aerial contests. Partington sounds like he had another solid game in midfield for SA, and over-ager Oleg Markov kicked five. Thought Markov was worth a rookie flyer last year, he could end up costing a fair bit more this year if he keeps this up. Brilliant athletic traits.

Balic was good again for Metro.

I believe Darcy Parish made his comeback from injury via the Falcons this weekend, could be back for Country next week.

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WA vs Vic Country

Well sorry for the delay in getting this out but have between busy afternoon and computer problems only getting onto it now. Schache was outstanding from the very outset, loved his strength in contested marking situations and his awareness to lead hard when the opportunity arose, delivery to space from Matheson, Sympkin, Ainsworth, Holmes, Tucker left the defender with no chance. Schache showed some arrogance at times which I think is a good quality in a young forward. Ah Chee up forward for WA had limited opportunity but he is a gun and will be sought after due to his ability to turn a game from limited opportunities. Really liked teh defensive work of Collins who is a big boy and was surprisingly very clean below his knees and made good decisions by foot. WA had solid contributions from Jimmy Harrold and Hinchcliffe all day long but the WA boys lacked depth through the middle and it is no surprise their best period in the game came in the third when Pepper-Powell, Clark and Hinchcliffe were all winning the clearances with Goddard being the better ruckman on the ground as he was for the day. Some notes of interest

First Quarter:

  • Schache shows strength holding front position with a high floating ball delivered in quickly but not effectively, Schache positioned his body well enough to hold off defender and take a strong mark above his head. Unfortunately put the ball to the wrong side, although I do like his smooth kicking action
  • 2 very solid pressure efforts inside forward 50m from Eades resulted in turnover and goal
  • WA turnover ball forward of centre wing and ball ends up in hands of Sympkin who after short run sees strong lead from Schache who starts lead as soon as he sees turnover. Sympkins perfect pass lands on chest of Schache with defender trailing behind him
  • Another WA turnover ends up in hands of Darcy Tucker who after quick 1-2 gathers with great run and delivers a long pass over defenders to top of square where Schache who is moving backwards and has presence of mind to use body to hold off full back and bring ball to ground for crumbing forward to goal. Not certain but think the goal was by Number 28
  • very brave effort by Harrold takes strong contested mark backing in at half back and takes off to deliver a quality 35/40m pass to chest of leading HF
  • strong effort inside forward 50 by Sympkin, gathers loose ball with pace and makes early decision to kick a goal from 40m out on the boundary. Great skill, confidence and poise shown with this effort and approx 10 secs before it was Sympkins hard effort at half forward which caused the spillage when WA were breaking away from defence
  • really strong tackle and turnover by Costigan was a great effort which was not backed up by a poor turnover when going into corridor with other available options on win
  • Good mark by Vic forward Skinner with strong hands and body strength getting front position although IMO WA defender Mirco should have done better, tried to contest the mark from behind when the obvious option was to punch
  • Hinchliffe shows coolness under pressure in heavy traffic inside defensive 50 before delivering a quality 35m pass to teammate to relieve pressure
  • Tucker again runs off half back to wing and at pace delivers perfectly weighted and depth pass to leading Schache
  • Hinchliffe again good in traffic with poise and hard run in own defensive 50 before clearing down the boundary to advantage of leading HF

Best 1st quarter

Vic Country - Schache, Sympkin, Tucker, Holmes

WA - Hinchcliffe, Harrold, Goddard

2nd Quarter

  • Goddard continues to get better of ruck and is also backing up with some good second efforts around the clearances
  • Matheson and Holmes dominating from centre despite Goddard winning hitouts
  • Harrold backs into contest and takes a quality mark in front of Schache in defensive 50m before giving off pass and continuing with run and providing outlet option
  • Ah Chee takes a good mark at full forward uses smarts to leap early and get advantage over much taller opponent
  • Watson shows a lot with several second efforts, backing into packs without questions
  • Collins big half back who shows good clean hands below knees, on one occasion with WA breaking and wide open forward 50 behind him, Collins is decisive in trapping low delivery to leading forward forward before gathering and disposing with neat kick into corridor, Collins continues with momentum receives handball which he handballs to HFF resulting in inside 50 to contest at top of square.
  • Schache again takes mark with strong lead early to lose defender into forward pocket, realises quickly better option and delivers pinpoint pass to team mate who goals
  • Ridley and Clark getting involved and starting to deliver some good isnide 50's for WA but Vic defenders Collins and Wietering either marking or knocking to advantage Tucker and Matheison exceptional at ground level to clear and set up attacks
  • Watson great second efforts after strong defensive spoil falls to Vic advantage, 2nd effort results in turnover and WA relieving pressure
  • Hinchcliffe again brave floating across bigpack at halfback to take relieving mark
  • Ainsworth outmarks taller opponent with good judgement and positioning sense
  • Ainsworth busy and applying forward pressure gathers lose ball and delivers perfect pass to Schache who snaps goal
  • Schache relieving on ball and maintaining role floating kick behind play, gathering possessions as link option in corridor, also delivers quality inside 50 to leading Ainsworth
  • WA under pressure in defensive 50m Hinchcliffe runs hard to get to contest gathers ball before delivering inch perfect 50m pass to leading HF


Vic - Schache, Ainsworth, Collins, Matheson

WA - Hinchliffe, Harrold, Watson, Clark

3rd quarter

  • WA gain some advantage through Goddards taps, Clark strong body and Shaw getting busy forward 50 entries cut off by Collins
  • Harrold showing defnsive poise and dash, decision making is top level
  • Ainsworth strong lead gathers before turning quality pass to leading Eades
  • Schache leads well to Holmes who has run off HB and delivers pass which is a bit high, Aisnworth comes up as 3rd man and brings ball to ground, very good effort by small/mid size forward
  • WA now having best period of game, Clark, Hinchcliffe strong through the middle with assistance from Pepper-Powell and Ridley who is getting involved again. Rotham standing up in defensive 50 and when pushing up ground to spoil at every opportunity
  • Pepper-Powell very impressive decision making is sound, delivery by foot is good and he has a physical presence for a midfielder
  • Petrovksi-Seton been quite most of the day but running hard trying to get himself into the game, impressive second and third efforts after shocking turnover by him inside defensive 50 turns the ball over, puts body on line to spoil forward pass follows up with bone jarring tackle and WA move ball to forward 50 at pace
  • Sympkin goes hard in 3 on 1 to beat all opponents in forward pocket kicks % option to top of square Rotham spoils
  • Petrovski-Seton shows one for the highlight reel, runs of back of square at centre bounce meets ball at speed which he gathers and delivers inside 50 from centre square at speed, after after some solid work by Jones WA lock ball in and Clark using big body at clearance goals


Vic - Sympkin, Holmes, Schache, Ainsworth, Collins

WA- Rotham, Pepper-Powell, Clark, Harrold

4th Quarter

  • Ah Chee holds up well in strong tackle to get his kick off to goal
  • Clark continues off from 3rd quarter with some good strong clearance work
  • Collins continues to impress by beating direct opponent and also rolling off to spoil, however he chooses this option well also has a knack of backing team mate and rolling off to provide outlet option or gather loose ball, lot to like about this kid
  • Pepper-Powell shows extra tools by resting across HFF and bringing ball to ground in a couple of contest
  • Schache moves to behind ball and starts to show quality delivery and poise for such a big man, duel option down the track as forward or defender going to push him right to top of draft. Once sting is out of the game he goes back to forward 50 where he continues to dominate. His set shot is fluid and looks effortless
  • Ah Chee ignores Pepper-Powell who is free in space around 40 m out and blazes away from 45m out close to boundary

So basically a dominant display by Vic Country who just had far more contributors across the ground and overall had the much bigger bodies at the contest, better structures setting up from HB and through the corridor and with the smart powerful leading Schache they are a good strong side. For drafting

Schache - Top 5 easily and on this effort Carlton/Suns/Saints will take him with Pick 1. not just a forward, but why wouldn't you play him there. Shows a lot of Hogan's hard working attitude and some swagger. Direct opponent was undersized but could not have asked for a better display from your key forward who imposed himslef on the game

Collins - not as highly touted as Weitering but the best defender on the ground, showed great anticipation and decision making matched with good ball use and also provided options going forward.

Tucker - not overly busy but everything he did he did well. His disposal was excellent as was his decision making. Good runner and will also be able to run on ball

Ainsworth - size will go against him but very good by foot and a busy forward who shows enough to suggest he could rotate through the middle. A lot of Jack Lonie about this kid

Holmes - rated him above Matheson over the 4 quarters because he was harder at it throughout and was busy when Vic Country got on top early. Not a big mid but has some good aggression and did not shirk any contests


Clark - not exceptional but just makes the right decisions, I think he will go second round because he wont have one of those impressive highlight reels but may surprise recruiters, especially if he gets into a strong midfield

Hinchliffe - not a big mid but brave and a very good user of the footy by hand and foot. Will go late or rookie but I like kids who stand up in a team under the pump and that is what he did

Harrold - as above stood up for the entire game in a defence that was getting no let up. Showed plenty of poise in traffic and used the footy well

Ah Chee - showed enough with his limited opportunities to why he is highly rated, like all quality small forwards makes the most of limited opportunities

Edited by Pennant St Dee
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fantastic report.

as a matter of interest, did tucker get any runs through the midfield - i worry that despite my perception that he'd move into the mids this year, he's going to continue to play the runner role off half-back. this might indicate he doesn't have the awareness to play through the middle, or that his clean kicking is preferred purely outside. it would see him slide significantly in my view; i had him pegged as a top 10, but he might be more like a strauss (should've been a third rounder) or a harrison wigg et al.

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fantastic report.

as a matter of interest, did tucker get any runs through the midfield - i worry that despite my perception that he'd move into the mids this year, he's going to continue to play the runner role off half-back. this might indicate he doesn't have the awareness to play through the middle, or that his clean kicking is preferred purely outside. it would see him slide significantly in my view; i had him pegged as a top 10, but he might be more like a strauss (should've been a third rounder) or a harrison wigg et al.

Tucker had a few runs through the middle but not many. Although the role tucker played he was pushing forward coming off the back of the square as an outside option, Strauss comparison - possible but showed more physicality and the danger is always judging him against a side whom they were far better than. I didn't see anything today to suggest he has a good inside game but that can be overcome because he showed good workrate to provide second options and follow up his good work.

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    METAMORPHOSIS by Whispering Jack

    I’ve always believed that when the home and away matches come to an end, the football season takes on a completely different shape and character. During the regular season, each team’s goals progress as the weeks pass and if you’re good enough to survive and make the grade, the situation changes. The comparison can be made with the life cycle of a butterfly going through stages from egg to larva to caterpillar, cocoon and in the end to a bright and colourful creature that emerges from darkness i

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    STEALING THE CATS’ CREAM by George On The Outer

    They were leading by 44 points well into the third quarter of a game to decide the minor premier, having kicked nine unanswered goals. The Cats were about to lap up their bowl of cream, dreaming of next week but the Demons led by Max Gawn had other ideas. In a stunning finish, they stole the game from under them to claim the plaudits as best team and top of ladder position. In a remarkable game, it all came down to Max having to kick the winning goal after the final siren, something which s

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    Match Reports

    SKIN THE CATS by Whispering Jack

    The task ahead for the Demons as they wend their way down the Princes Freeway to Geelong on Saturday night will be to skin the Cats. For them to come away with the points from this game would mark an historic occasion for the club as it will finish on top of the ladder for the first time since its last premiership year, 1964. And it was in that year, that a trip to Corio Bay to meet the reigning premiers in Round 12, was one of the catalysts for Melbourne’s surge to the flag. It was a top o

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    REACH FOR THE STARS by George on the Outer

    It was a game of great significance for the Melbourne Football Club. A win would see them keep top spot on the ladder with one round remaining. To achieve top place in the Round for Reach when we are all inspired to “Be Like Jim” and reach for the stars was a great way of honouring one of our heroes. All the better given that it was done by way of an emphatic 41 point win against Adelaide! It is worth remembering that, but for the umpiring mistake in the previous encounter with the Crows, t

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    TICKETS PLEASE by The Oracle

    A lot of water has passed under Princes Bridge in the five years since Melbourne last met Adelaide on the MCG. The Crows were riding high at the time while the Demons were mid-table and scrambling for a win to stay in the race for the finals. The 30,000 fans who had tickets to the game were thoroughly entertained by a close, high scoring affair that ended in tears for fans of the home team. Not even an eight-goal second term could help them.   Times have changed.    In the fi

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    ELECTRIFYING by George On The Outer

    What more can they throw at the Demons of 2021? Covid restrictions, hubs, aircraft circling between airports before landing for games and now a match stopped for 30 minutes to give a flagging opponent its second wind? To date, none of those distractions has swayed the team from their winning objectives. The game against West Coast in Perth can be marked on their report card as another positive outcome after yet another test. There was much at stake for both sides.  Melbourne had t

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    Match Reports

    LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY by Whispering Jack

    When the combatants that are due to face off on Monday night at Optus Stadium last met, it was 11 days after the World Health Organization had declared the Covid19 outbreak a global pandemic. In Australia, the first cases had just come to light, including visiting US actors Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, the toilet paper panic was in full flight and the world was starting to reel in anticipation of impending disaster. Half an hour before this last game of the opening round was due to comme

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