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  1. As I've mentioned before, Mark Robinson has alluded to Prestia using the "unsafe workplace" argument if push comes to shove. Not sure I'm a fan, but if we're in the winning side of that argument...
  2. Off-field the culture is toxic, and as we all know the fish rots at the head. Colin Carter has well-meaning intentions and is a good person, but I'm not sure of his capability in his role as president. Cook is regularly heard commenting openly that he's sticking it out so he can hold the record as the longest serving club CEO in AFL/VFL history. Whether serious or not, I don't think it sets a great example. Players have recently been seen fingerpointing onfield during matches. The quality and experience is not there any more, and a lot of the young talent is growing into eccentric prima donnas & upstarts with no one pulling them into like for their antics. The culture is crumbling and rapidly, as far as I can see.
  3. I think they'd ask for more. Whether they'll get it is another question.
  4. Pick 5, as much as you'd like it to be a bankable star, is just as likely to produce an O'Rourke, Plowman, Morton, a Jarrad Grant, a Bennell, a Scully, a Hurley, even a Toumpas (don't get me wrong, he has time & I like the progress the kid has shown this year). A Gumbleton, Hansen or Leuenberger, even a Gibbs, who took longer than Watts to show enough. Plenty of solid players, but few of those names are stars. I think for a top 5 pick to turn out to be as good as Prestia is a very good result. Any better is pure luck and quite rare.
  5. I'm sure I recall hearing Jon Brown had been in touch with Jesse and offered his help whenever it is needed.
  6. I have no doubt Garland is a required player. I just think it demonstrates that Garland also does not have a foot out the door and an eye on his wallet either.
  7. Stevie J probably chooses to stay, in my opinion.
  8. I wonder if any noticed it shown on AFL360 (or possibly the telecast itself) after the Geelong win, when Roosy came into the rooms seconds after the win, Garland in his civvies with a big grin on his face, giving Roosy a big hug. I think they have a strong enough relationship & I don't think Garland will be going anywhere. We'll see.
  9. Regardless of who the money goes to, they still have to pay the minimum of the salary cap, and can't pay over the cap. I don't think the FA argument is relevant at all.
  10. Is it intentional that I picture Dorothy from the Golden Girls every time I read your username..?
  11. In real terms, they passed on the later pick & used the earlier pick on Clem Smith... whose longevity in the game is limited, in my opinion. Especially these days, with the tackle almost being outlawed, a poor man's Byron Pickett has no place.
  12. Fighting for Riley but not Howe? That surprises me. I'd happily see Howe go, but he has some currency. What is it that you see in Riley? I see absolutely the right attitude, but I'm not sure I see a lot more. He assists to build the culture we want, but I'm not sure that his onfield value is all that high, his tank being his greatest limitation.
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