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  1. Been a reasonably good weekend thus far. Geelong and Carlton both losing. Could have been better had the Ferals lost. All comes down to late afternoon/ early evening as to whether it ends up being good in its entirety or a mini disaster - GO DEES!🤞
  2. What I noted in his last three losing press conferences was that he never mentioned the opposition team by name, not even once! (In contrast the opposition coaches all made ‘positive’ mentions of Geelong) The only exception to this being that he named one opposition player (Horne Francis). I oh so hope that GWS get the job done next weekend. Imagine, four losses in a row. Beautiful 🤞
  3. I’m enjoying the game heaps… but I’m even looking forward to Scott’s press conference after the game even more! Wonder if he can bring himself to actually mention / acknowledge Gold Coast just even once.
  4. Max ‘Pharlap’ Gawn. He’s that good that we’ll claim him as one of our own.
  5. As poor as the technology is to assist goal adjudications, I at least had some confidence in the cameras in the goal posts to determine if the ball was touched before it crossed the line. Centimetre perfect it seemed ….. until I was watching Footscray- Richmond game. A review was called for and rightly so, it was a line ball. From one goal post camera it showed the ball had clearly crossed the line before it was touched. The other goal post camera clearly showed the ball was touched before it crossed the line. The decision was ‘umpire’s call, insufficient evidence to make a definitive call’ (or words to that effect) More accurately- The decision should have been ‘umpire’s call, conflicting evidence provided by cameras in the goal posts’! Can’t even get the goal camera technology sorted!
  6. I have an unhealthy attachment to footy so I struggle big time and for quite a while. The only thing that brings relief is when we notch up a win
  7. Only a small snippet of Scott’s presser on channel 7. . No mention of Port at all (did acknowledge Horne Francis). In other words, another true to form press conference. I love watching sore losers.
  8. I’m staying up for Scott’s presser🤣😂
  9. Looking forward to Scott’s after game press conference already!
  10. I guess it depends where you sit. Last year I was tormented as to who I would barrack for had Collingwood and Carlton played off in the GF. (I’ve despised both sides all my life). Easy decision after I attended the two final games that we played against both sides. The Feral fans were putrid (eg chanting Collingwood whilst Brayshaw was knocked out unconscious). Carlton in comparison were bearable. Back to my response to your post. Carlton fans that were in my vicinity (in last year’s final and the game the other day and even on the train ride home) seemed like reasonable people when compared to the Ferals. Maybe I was just lucky.
  11. Just watched Goody’s press conference. I think we are incredibly fortunate to have a bloke like him on board. His values permeates right through the club. You can see and feel the respect the players have for him. The Caleb Windsor interview is a good example. It appears that the inner sanctum of the club (footy department right through to the playing squad) have huge buy in to the club’s (Goody’s) value system. I understand that some people aren’t that wrapped in him. All good, people are allowed to think differently. I hope he hangs around for a very long time.
  12. I am both a dinosaur and somewhat lazy. Loved having access to a thread that collates radio commentary / interviews dealing with Melbourne. Thanks👍
  13. Don’t disagree with most things you said. Goody very much acknowledged and was grateful to the supporters that turned up. Home crowd advantage can be the difference between winning and losing. I think the point Goody (or maybe it’s just me) was trying to make was that the more fans that turn up and the noisier we are does not go unnoticed by the playing group. Although it’s a Carlton home game coming up and they will clearly outnumber us, the more passionate noisy demon supporters that rock up the better. It will be and appreciated by our players. It may just help our boys get over the line in a tight game.
  14. I hope all our supporters can survive a five day break and turn up to the Carlton game. Is it just me but I almost get the impression that Goody at his post match press conference is subtly begging for more of our fans to turn up. i have no doubt that positive (and noisy) crowd support makes a big difference.
  15. Being honest I would classify myself more as a passionate supporter than an astute football follower. Having said that, when I listened to that commentary after that game I was gobsmacked with some of the dribble that they were going on about.
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