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  1. I always liked Sydney tbh, never really hated them. I just want to see Scotts face if Geelong lose lol
  2. In Greek we call it, Big Malakias.
  3. Had you not commented, you wouldn't of been laughed at.
  4. Grundy when fit is a very good ruckman, and he's a better kick than Gawn. Going for players like this will only solidify our chances even more for premierships in years to come. Our forward line will be fine. TMAC back and Van Rooyen will get games in next season.
  5. For me, this is like when I look up a word to see the meaning but I need a meaning for that meaning.
  6. I will run naked to my neighbours who’s dog keeps [censored] on our lawn and fart in their faces.
  7. Was not having a go at you, it's just when I read some peoples posts, I die a little inside lol
  8. So you're saying this time in the most important game of our season were just going to let Brisbane walk all over us? Did you watch the last game of the season what we did to them?...We cost ourselves against Sydney. They didn't beat us convincingly. God the negative people on demonland destroy souls.
  9. Brisbane can not beat us, and they wont this week, we can't play as bad as we did and make the mistakes we did against Sydney. I'm hoping Collingwood beat Geelong so we play the filth in a prelim. Don't stress.
  10. Let's just all say it was Zorko.
  11. Surely you have to have some sort of positivity? Were sitting 3rd by the end of round 22. We win this week we are guaranteed top 4, we then go into finals and give it a good go again. What more do you want as defending champs?
  12. Mate are you a fortune teller? Fair call on that.
  13. They're on a miracle run atm, we clearly gave them this game with our missed opportunities and some woeful inside 50 decisions, you'll see how they go against Sydney in a couple days. You can't just keep winning like this in footy. It'll catch up to them. Come finals time I only still think 3 teams can actually win it. Geelong, us and Sydney. Our best still tops Geelongs best imo. Will we find our best? I hope so.
  14. He has the best goal sense in the league, his finishing is beyond elite. His left foot is also the best in the league imo.
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