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  1. No sinking feelings are for those who still go on about 186, the PF loss in Perth and anything else that has gone wrong in the last 50 + years
  2. I did the same with us taking them 2 First Round prediction based on club needs and available players 1. Essendon trade 6 & 7 to Crows take Logan McDonald 2. Dogs match bid take Ugle Hagan 3. Roos - Elijah Hollands 4. Swans - Grainger Barrass 5. Hawks -Will Phillips 6. Suns - Archie Perkins 7. Crows - Riley Tilthorpe 8. Power match Crows bid for Lachie Jones 9. Crows - Tanner Bruhn 10. Essendon- Zac Reid 11. Crows - Braden Cook 12. Sydney match GWS bid for Braden Campbell 13. GWS - Oliver Henry 14 North - Nick Cox 15. Freo - Heath Chapman 16. Pies mat
  3. No Pace is gone Never had freat endurance Desire is gone The Eagles don't get many calls wrong on when it's time
  4. Agreed people would have watched anything during that time. Bad move IMO
  5. With LJ resigning, Oliver not having moved to Carlton, Goodwin reaching the magical 9 wins to save himself and Matty Egan staying within the coaching structure we are due another rumour
  6. Saad is worth what Carlton were willing to pay, that's not Essendon's fault. Let's not forget we managed to get pick 3 for Chip
  7. Never doubted your intel ET. Shark Park is in dire meed of an upgrade
  8. He's a smart kid McQueen reads the tea leaves and backs himself. I'm confident based on what I hear if we do the right thing he"ll extend again
  9. Doesn't help when like so many on here who suffer MFCSS and the sky is always falling listen to BS rumors put on here by posters who claim to have sources telling them stuff. Yet when you actually check the timing of their posts with BF posts and media stories, that is obviously their source
  10. Thanks for your service Omac in the red and blue, had a patch in 2017 where you really showed confidence and inroads but alas it wasn't to be. 80 odd games more than I ever played, good luck to you in your future endeavors. Some of you posters really need to have a look at yourself. Total lack of class by some and please don't use "this is a fan forum" as a pathetic excuse
  11. I don't care who we dislodge once it's somebody and we finish strong not just making up numbers
  12. Yep made comment on another thread (can't recall which one it was) but saw a very special IMO future talent in the Subiaco 14s Malachy Champion, who I think is one to look out for in 2023 draft
  13. WA had close to a full junior season. 11 game season as opposed to the usual 15 + finals. 10 games H & A with top 2 playing the GF. There was 8 game WAFL Colts + finals. WAFL Development Squads had their trials for u/14 & 15s squads across the 9 WAFL clubs with final squads selected. Each WAFL development squad played 2 matches against other WAFL development squads in their relevant year group
  14. Yes absolutely but can't see it materialising that way. Be a hard call at 18 and 19 pucking 2 because I think taking both Carroll and Macrae leaves you without real burst speed. They both look like good ball users can win their own footy and make good decisions. To me Perkins wouldn't be one I'd pass up as he has that x factor and I think can be a game changer, so if he's there at 18 and 19 you are taking him along with Macrae IMO, hoping Carroll somehow slips to 28 Wood could be one you consider as a developing wing option or you consider Laurie at 28 If we get 2 of the 3 at pick
  15. The ones I think could slide out. Pies I think need a reset with their list Lions - great run for a couple of years but think they may fall back with regular travel back next year West Coast - they will either go close to making a prelim or fall away completely. The cliff is close for Hurn, Kennedy and Shuey. Yeo has some groin issues and Nic Nat won't have the luxury of the shortened quarters. Saints - still not sold on them see them as a team floating from 5th to 12th depending on injury and form I think ourselves, Blues and Dockers will be the sides pushing to jump
  16. Roos need bookends to build around will IMO take McDonald if Crowd don't. If Crows take him they will take Holland and Grainger-Barras or another KPD at 11 if DGB doesn't last that late Bombers I think will take best available inside big sized mid, best available key tall and Will Phillips if they hold those picks
  17. Medium size players needed who can have a combination of at least 2/3 of use the ball well have pace run and carry win their own ball intercept win groundballs/apply pressure hit the scoreboard 1 or 2 players always slide, I think 1 from Mcrae, Perkins, Chapman will slide. Wouldn't mind taking one of them with one of Carroll, Powell or Henry with picks 18 and 19. Pick 28 best available for our needs if Downie is available then bid for him here
  18. Eddie's ego is about wrestling back support not immediate recovery. Nothing like a big signing to build hope and garner favour with the masses
  19. Beware the Pies and Eddie's ego. They may look to trade in someone big coming out of contract next season to win back disgruntled supporters
  20. So did you come on to offer something or just be negative. You can actually answer your own questions by reviewing other threads or going to the AFL site. Let's be truthful you rarely post when we win have contributed little during trade period won't acknowledge the excellent deal for Brown would be the first to complain if we tied up $1.1million of our cap in Phillips and Treloar which meant we could not give Clarrie and Jackson what they wanted to extend. Let's not even contemplate the Dogs gave up a first rounder for Treloar. But hey any chance to hav
  21. I'm not, yes he'd have been a good acquisition but we don't want to fall into the same trap as the Pies with contracts. Tmac will be a year down on his contract next season and we'll need money in the cap for Clarrie and LJ
  22. I'm hearing he's keen to stay. Settled in really well with the group. Both WA clubs have sounded him out, but it's believed he will stay. Smart move to not extend at this stage
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