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  1. Rueban won’t go Top 10 IMO, Busslinger will be the first WA boy picked
  2. We are interested in him, Tim Lamb watched him live and he has been spoken to by us. He has been on our radar since last season
  3. Natanui gets first hands on the footy and gets totally stretched costing his team with opposition continuously transitioning through his opponent in general play Witts, good ruckman AA 40 man squad, didn’t play finals TDK had a really good development year as a ruckman, didn’t play finals Ports run of wins came off the back of changing things around at CBDs and around the ground Rowan Marshall very hand ruckman, didn’t play finals Todd Goldstein in the top half dozen rucks in the comp, didn’t play finals There’s more to being a ruckman than just winning the tap, fair to say the Cats reinvented their ruck roles this season and took the flag
  4. Whitfield, would be a great get and improve our transition with quick and penetrating ball movement. Buyer just need to be aware on the contract size
  5. Jeremy Finlayson seemed to develop his understanding of the craft and impacting around the ground in 2022
  6. That’s how it works they come in ridiculous so we respond with something equally viewed by them as not acceptable and walk away to talk with others around potential scenarios
  7. Clearly they don’t have the picks or desire to obtain the picks to get it done. Counter offer asking for Young and this years First round for Jackson
  8. What will that prove, that SIM cards were changed. I think you will find SIM cards were given to many players from a variety of backgrounds. The reasons the players in these circumstances were given new SIM cards will be the major point of conjecture
  9. Yeah some of it you could and at a minimum twist your version to shift blame. Not just directed towards you but there are a lot of either naive or sheltered people on Demonland
  10. Essendons midfield lacks a hard at it big bodied player and has for a while. There defence lacks talls. That’s why I have the opinion I do
  11. I don’t see the Bombers taking him considering they have Perkins, Stringer on their list and likely to get Davey FS
  12. He”ll be after July, I would my oldest is Yr 11 born April 2006 and my youngest is Yr 9 born 2007. Their age groups are 24 & 25 drafts, not that I’ll have to worry about either of them getting drafted
  13. He could fall, I think if picks in the top 3 to 6 don’t change and with West Coast the main ones looking for a taller forward he may just be a surprise who falls 1 Father son Ashcroft 2. North - I think they’ll go the big mid in Tsatas 3. GWS - mids needed for those leaving so I expect Wardlaw (who’s uncle is a Dees fanatic) to go 4. West Coast - IMO they will take Cardman based on what I’m hearing 5. Essendon- tall defender or mid IMO- Clark I don’t expect Sheezel to fall any further than this, Crows will give up their first for Rankin so if we want him pick 6 or 7 at worst is needed
  14. Kossie’s match winner against Carlton is another indicator
  15. Probably why he didn’t get a game, although Gaff does the same I actually believe he will play Hunt on a wing
  16. Adam Simpson is big on having people with good disposal, they have some work to do
  17. Have a look over trade rumours from 2018 onwards same people complaining of no information and we”ll always get held over a barrel and pay overs. We haven’t leaked under this footy department in years. Fast forward trade time 23, same people will again be whinging we are doing nothing
  18. Exactly and often when he kicks it, it’s a defenders dream on top of the forwards head
  19. It’s no good when you make poor decisions and kick it to contests the majority of the time. The ball will move quicker than any player ever will, so give me a good decision maker with good disposal over Hunt off half back any day. Pendles and Daicos set up so much transition from the back half for Collingwood this season with their disposal and ability to consistently hit targets changing up the angles and opening up the ground. Bailey Williams and Daniel also do it for the Dogs. A fit Salem and Bowey will be better IMO for our transition and improved ball movement from our back half
  20. It’s his last big contract and despite being quick there’s little else and his poor decision making really gets amplified in big games. The FD will be well aware of his limitations and only offer him what they consider he’s worth
  21. Give it a rest every one knows we were banged up Gunston was either a Hawk or moving to Brisbane, you don’t chase players hard who don’t want to play for you If Daniher stays in their forward line, with his lack of desire and hunger at aerial contests they are still no good Their defence is their weakness and I don’t see where that improves They will be entertaining and score freely but won’t win it
  22. Great to see these two former Dees inducted into the WA Footy Hall of Fame today https://www.wafootball.com.au/news/22920/wafc-congratulates-four-new-wa-football-hall-of-fame-inductees?fbclid=IwAR2QCDLRRu5NOk6zerXQ-TS2jMH4VtPgDCRzQkpNSLiwip_cnPS4QsoPgac
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