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  1. Won’t play no matter what the conditions were today Mr. Leg. His only chance of a game for the remainder of this year is if we lose both ruckman.
  2. There is only one thing we have to do next weekend and that is win. Others will sort out themselves.
  3. Being a racist has never stopped someone being hypocritical IWS in fact they often go together.
  4. I doubt this weekend can get any better. Dees win, Casey wins, Pies get done easily and I watch with 4 pies fans.
  5. Well his strength isn't amounting to much.
  6. A little caustic there Dr.
  7. A knock down dragged out brawl with lots of injuries and reports. Swans by 1 point kicked after the bell.
  8. This article says what a lot of us have been saying for some time. Worth a read. https://www.theroar.com.au/2022/08/13/afl-saturday-study-epic-win-or-not-the-dees-have-a-serious-problem-its-bye-bye-back-to-back-unless-they-fix-it/
  9. It may be changed by how some at Casey play today. A big game from Smith, Chandler or JVR could force a change.
  10. That’s why I watch with no sound.
  11. Does anyone know the crowd size last night?
  12. A hell of a down grade from single malt to sherry. Like Champagne to river water!
  13. Dees by 7 points after almost being run over in the last quarter.
  14. So what did you do after you woke up?
  15. Probably bought memberships because the think they have a better chance of a GF ticket.
  16. On that basis you never make a change.
  17. If he goes anywhere it will be to Geelong.
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