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  1. You have my vote binman. Add nobody gets on the board without his approval.
  2. Not sure any of us have gotten over 2019 dannyz. They have been having a sale so perhaps it is all sold out before the arrival of 2021 gear.
  3. I thought your weapon of choice was a shot gun Ernest ?
  4. That 50 years ago DC. Surely there is a more recent example.
  5. There is one simple fact here. It is the wrong venue. They are tone deaf. Justice must not only be done it must be seen to be done. My view of Bartlett has been sliding for a while. We better have a good year or Goodwin will not be the only heading out the door. PS buy some bigger shirts Glen.
  6. Agree! Our season could be decided before he makes it onto the grass.
  7. Not a lot to beat there Mr. Leg. 10 decent games will see him at the top of the list.
  8. A Thursday night practise game DJ. Hardly an idea time.
  9. I wonder if Max looked at decamping to a flag favourite?
  10. Well Monday’s email turned up this afternoon setting out the procedure for getting entree to MFC home games. Seems fairly easy as long the computer system holds up. There will be no late decisions on going to a game apply early in the week or stay home.
  11. Perhaps I did not explain it well. I am saying none are certainties as they have had interrupted pre seasons and at this point none have yet played a quarter of a game. They need to be up speed or they should not be selected.
  12. Very Christian attitude this afternoon binman!
  13. I would like to as well BA but we are talking about the MFC remember with us the only certainty is uncertainty.
  14. Forward pressure is needed binman but surely a small forward has to kick goals. Now we are not talking 50 a season although that be great but he needs to trouble the back men more by hitting the scoreboard regularly. 25 in his second season would be great. I also think not being able to play at Casey hurt his development last season. Along with others it was in the seniors or nothing .
  15. If we made finals but lost to North I would think he would be fairly safe.
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