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  1. Funny IRW I was going to say but didn't because the cannot say anything funny mob would come out crying negativity.
  2. Having watched yesterdays pies game I am confident we can beat them next week. We have the personal but we have to kick better than Friday night. If our delivery and kicking for goal does not improve we lose. It is that simple IMO.
  3. Agree it must have been 90% wide last night.
  4. Against my better judgement. Feet are frozen and my brain bleeding from the vision transfered by my eyes.
  5. Oh hell I think I will go to bed and pull the doona over my head poita. Can you come get me about 11.00 pm.
  6. Agree and I think that is where he will play tonight. The bun is not a forward he is a ruckman and a good one but expecting him to regularly kick goals is pushing the envelope. That leaves us tonight with one tall forward in JVR a kid with a handful of games who has done nothing the last month mainly IMO because he has no support. I hope Smith can give him that tonight. It would appear Schache pass has already been stamped, Tmac it would appear has been playing injured and now out for surgery. Brown is in the wilderness and seems to have lost form/ support from the FD is he playing injured too? Our tall forward options it would appear are Smith and JVR. I find it difficult to believe that duo can take us to a GF this year.
  7. A large number of the Dee supporters bought tickets before the rot set in, will they all turn up if we lose the next two?
  8. Don't put yourself down QD I got it. Some others are without humour!!!!
  9. I agree bb. Just another player who cannot handle the job of AFL football at the top level. It is a tough gig.
  10. Not sure I agree with you Smith's big problem as we all know is his body. It Simply cannot withstand the pressure of AFL football.
  11. Ancient history jnr it is a 50/ 50 contest tonight. With a bit of luck no. 3 will repeat.
  12. IMO drinking decaf is like taking a shower in a rain coat. What's the point?
  13. It's been around a lot longer than the Lion king layzie to my knowledge 80+ years. My family were using it when I was a kid.
  14. At this point why would you increase the pain of the court proceedings.
  15. So at least 3 former hawk officials have had their reputations damaged forever. Not to mention the damage it has done to them physically and mentally. I so no upside to any of this.
  16. A golden opportunity was missed when they picked another "Old boy" to replace Gil.
  17. Vagg I think it is time the AFL said no more.
  18. May well be true Praha. I still think we would have 18- 20k and that looks and sounds better than 29 at the G. The problem is playing sides like Freo at the G. That game against North would add 10k to the total that would make it low 40’s and the it would sound better and nothing much would be said.
  19. Not sure why I am bothering but I suspect you are from the nothing is wrong brigade. There is an easy fix of course don’t read my comments that will make both of us happy.
  20. So why come on here complaining about me!
  21. We currently have one tall forward who is a kid with a handfull of games. IMO it is time to give him a spell at Casey. Only problem is the option box is bare.
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