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  1. I am exhausted, have a pain in the gut and there is still 8 hours to go. Cannot think straight
  2. I am actually surprised that he has not moved on. It would appear the club wanted him to stay. My guess is he decided he was better off with a little less salary and playing for a top side. In the end he is really only one injury away from a regular spot in a top team.
  3. Every dog has his day LH. His teams might not even be in the comp in 2022 if he keeps up his promises.
  4. That’s all memberships at present Jaded. This year mine was used from the lounge room and often on my laptop. I have a horrible feeling 2022 will be the same. I have for decades considered my membership a charitable donation but really has been the last two years. Not unhappy about it, win or lose on Saturday we are back as a power team and that is all I have wanted for the last 20 years.
  5. They re not alone, however it has no doubt helped May recover.
  6. This is the normal time the send out notices to the time payers. For the last 20 years our season is over by now. It just seems early.
  7. Oh god I hope we win or this thread will hit 1000 in minutes.
  8. The most amazing thing is it was obvious to everyone with half a brain that in the year of covid that this was never going to fly. One thing that amazes me is why was an east coast competition called the VFL?
  9. I have a nice lobster in the frig and French champagne on ice for after the big win tonight. I will be nervous all day today.
  10. I would to see them delayed forever DJ.
  11. Thanks mate it is why I started the thread keep up the good work.
  12. Your not suggesting that they are not letting the truth get in the way of a story are you dc?
  13. You are assuming he wants to stay and I doubt he would accept a one year deal. Goes elsewhere and can get a two year deal on probably better money.
  14. You have forgotten the money element CB. Would he rather stay at Melbourne for 50% less than a down the list side.
  15. I have an overpowering feeling he will be a grand father before we get to that point CB. But yes agree.
  16. Funny thing this year I elected to miss out on the package of goodies that went with my membership to save the club money. As a part I went for the electronic phone enter card. Nett result my wife said that will guarantee a big 2021 season and you will have nothing to show for it. First I should have taken her advice and if I had this was what it took I would have given up those benefits years ago.
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