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  1. .What annoys me the most is the lack of comment from the club. We are all grown ups. Tell us what is happening or lack of it. Because of lack of info I get the feeling that they don't want to tell us the bad news which is that it is decade off if ever. Why the secrecy? I just don't get it.
  2. Good luck with that, the stake holders have little if any enthusiasm for taking away green space in inner Melbourne. On top of that there are no votes to be obtained.
  3. Spot on,I have been saying this for years.
  4. Port don't want to be affiliated with anyone. They want to remain a stand alone club.
  5. I find it sad that these things need to happen. Has our world gone nuts? It seems that the world has an increasing number of perverts that have to be prevented from damaging our young. As a parent and grand parent I find it very distressing. Keep up the good word ladies and gentlemen.
  6. Definitely the funniest thing I have read this week Steve. The sad part is it is probably easier than getting something near the G.
  7. There is a story in todays HUN on him if anyone is interested.
  8. I hadn't heard it RG but it was top of the news this afternoon for a few hours.
  9. Sometimes bulking up reduces speed it will be interesting to see how he goes in the coming season.
  10. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the headline George.
  11. This afternoon I saw a story headline " Melbourne footballers in mad Monday sex act. Turns out it is a story about the Glen Waverley hawks football club. A number of times during the early part of the story they keep saying " Melbourne Footballers" as usually written from Sydney but very poor wording. The MFC should sue.
  12. Spot on I knew him well. A great guy who didn't live quite long enough to see us finally win a Gf.
  13. I have no doubt we will get way more out of Hibbo and Melk that picks 73 and 78.
  14. I suggest zero RM. If that is not the case for Gods sake tell us what is happening President.
  15. 15 for a skinny kid in his first year. JVR looked way more developed in the body at this time last year.
  16. 37 probably has a chance but after that it is like picking with a pin which is probably why we wont use our last two picks.
  17. I am always amazed by these threads on player numbers. It is a subject I have little if any interest in. As long as the player plays well I don't care if the player he wears is 1 or 99. Can someone explain the interest in what number a player wears?
  18. A funny thing judging height in metric. As an old impérial person I am ok with all things metric except people's height. 195 means little to me however 6'5 gives me an exact idea of his height.
  19. I think we get to choice some players tonight who will probably spend their days at Casey.
  20. NC we have been holding onto that idea for the last 6 years and what do we have at this point? As the song goes wishing and hoping!
  21. BDA the actual position doesn't matter it is the perception, the average person see the MFC as a bunch of silver tails
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