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  1. A good game yesterday against one of the low teams in the VFL Doesn't make him yet ready for AFL. That is his first good game. All the rest have been average on his good days. 2025 unless he strings 4-5 good games together.
  2. Not worthy of game might be better he was an experiment with us. He is a number one ruckman. First last and in the middle.
  3. It astounds me how little people know about Alice Springs! Oh it's in the NT so must be humid. For god sake it is in the middle of a hugh desert. The weather will be similar to yesterday.
  4. None of them left because they could not get a game.
  5. A third Teamer. They are seldom any good.
  6. Then why is he playing. The last few weeks he has contributed very very little
  7. Petty 2 kicks 1 hand ball and 1 mark. Should be at Casey next week.
  8. Roo must hold the record for getting his hands to the ball without marking.
  9. Carlton as a mature age selection. 2018 to Crows then took till 2020 to get first AFL senior game.
  10. At his third club! They are almost always not successful, just look at the other third clubber! Still he was not the problem on Sunday.
  11. Last night I watched the Dogs game from Sydney. The picture quality was terrible it looked like they only had half the lights on. I have noticed this problem for some time. The brightness issue is there all the time when watching a night game. When both 7 and Kayo are covering the same game the difference between the game on 7 and Kayo is amazing.
  12. I am thinking of investing in a colour one for 2025 Mr. Shadow.
  13. Sad but too true. With the way our state govs finances are I cannot see any change this decade.
  14. I have heard that a few times in the last 20 years Hawk.
  15. I constantly wander onto this thread Inspite of the fact nothing has changed. My God I am incurable.
  16. Yes but not till the breaks and I can wander off to get another red/ single malt depending on the time of day.
  17. Oh I get it now. I am on 15 second delay these days. I might need to stretch that to 30.
  18. Now be nice to an old bloke LDC.
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