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  1. I am surprised there is enough oxygen up there to sustain the flight.
  2. Update: Her husband has tested positive today, so far a bad headache.
  3. There is your main mistake it’s not meant to make sense. It has a life all of its own.
  4. The current numbers are not accurate. My sister in the country came down with covid last Sunday. She was quite sick Monday and Tuesday. Her only breathing problem was a cough, it was the worst flu experience she has ever had. She had the rat test at home ( she had bought some 3 months ago) to show she was positive. Her husband so far has no problems. She did not notify the government. In her words what would be the point! She is ok today still got the cough but not as bad. They have been isolating, her husband starts work tomorrow and will test himself tomorrow morning. Both had AZ and were due for boosters this coming week. Now I know she is just one but how many others are there in a similar position? How many people have covid like my sister but cannot get get tested and are just going through the process at home. As my sister said it would have been impossible for her to go to a testing place and wait for hours. She said going to the toilet was a major experditíon.
  5. A couple of great reports thanks guys. No one mentioned the Weid was he out there?
  6. I don't blame them for trying to keep Omicron out DJ but there are penalties that you must be happy to take. I don't share your optimism that Omicron will be burnt out by March, I see 2022 being the worst year yet for sport and Sport attendance. I recently read an article saying we should be prepared for a decade of associated Covid problems. That might just about see me out. So I need to accept that the current is my new normal. If true that means we have approx. 8 years to go.
  7. We now see WA completely cut off from the rest of Australia. Will they be part of the Commonwealth in 2022? To be honest I don't care if they stay locked up in WA. As far as AFL men's competition is concerned you would think the WA teams would have to base themselves in the East or not be part of the competition especially in the first half of the season. I won't miss them but I doubt the AFL would want to lose the money associated with having them out of the competition.
  8. It doesn't pay to try and read too much into the second day back after the Christmas break LDC. Having just won a flag I find myself in the position of thinking they obviously know what the are doing, I will worry in early March.
  9. They have been ordinary since the league cracked down on paper bag payments. That made it very difficult for them to go out and buy the best players. They failed to adapted to the new system in the similar way that the MFC did in the 60'S.
  10. With the covid thread slammed shut I am left to discuss the problem on here. Will we be able to attend games again the season. With the case numbers mounting will we get some sort of normal season? 2 weeks ago I thought yes now I am far from sure.
  11. I doubt that is a symptom DC. More likely the result of the 57 years wandering in the wilderness.
  12. I remember my last mistake it was 1978. So 2 in 44 years ain't bad!!!!!!!!
  13. Arr I am actually surprised at this announcement. Not because we are not worthy but because the Jag group have lost considerable market share over the last two years. There sales have tanked substantially and I wondered if cost cuts might be the end of the MFC sponsorship. Obviously not. They are changing to all electric so perhaps they see us as a good vehicle to show off their new electric cars.
  14. What will happen George is we will be sent to Casey for the duration of the tournament. When over we will be back to our current facilities. Contrary to a lot of others on here I don't think there is anything wrong with Casey we won a flag from there in 2021.
  15. Yep we are still working out the price of a train to the airport. If we have a facility before the end of this decade I will be surprised.
  16. Other than creating the biggest and longest running thread !
  17. And he is different to other media moguls in which way?
  18. There is your big mistake deever. It is about a multitude of things.
  19. Sorry to be pessimistic radar but I have my doubts for different reasons, the only upside I can see on the first day of 2022 is another Dee's flag which is not to be sneezed at.
  20. I guess the manor has air con Bbo or you must be hot and sweaty by now. How is life in country on the last day of 2021?
  21. I think there is a thread on that subject DJ. Are you in Malaysia at present? I was looking forward to hearing your comments at Casey games in 2022.
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