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  1. Finest ??? I don't think so. He could kick a long, long way when he got onto one but could be very wayward with his accuracy.
  2. I think you're having an existential crisis so good luck sorting it out.
  3. Dieter you are all over the shop jumping from one thing to another & always avoiding any question you are asked. Please go & look up epistemology, logic and the basics of providing evidence for your arguments. I just hope you never serve on a jury.
  4. Well Pell isn't exactly on my Xmas card list. He is an appalling human being & my ex parish priest is Kevin O'Donnell who died in jail & was a convicted pedophile. The point is that we have a legal system which I think you'll agree is better than a lynch mob some seem to be advocating or a Countrytown Cameraman's Court. As I said one jury failed to reach a verdict. Justice Weinberg in the Court of Appeal and 7 High Court judges all said the verdict was wrong.
  5. The issue is the continual demise of the lower competitions. It will have a lasting negative impact on the game. There used to be 20 VFL teams with reserves & junior teams. Plus the Federal league and lots of suburban & bush leagues.
  6. Well Diet its a full time job for me trying to point out your continuous logical fallacies because you don't understand reason and logic. Your last para doesn't make any sense & is on par with some of your classic statements.
  7. Agree a disaster for those players outside the 22 trying to get match fit & impress. And there are still 3 byes a year for teams. The VFL is continually degraded & it is our loss. Maybe Gil & the executives could take a paycut & divert the $ to the VFL.
  8. Actually he got off because the High Court said the jury got it wrong based on the evidence presented. Don't forget at his first trial the jury was unable to reach a verdict. And finally lets not forget that the juries at the "Joh" trial, the David Eastman trial and the Lindy Chamberlain trial all got it dreadfully wrong.
  9. Sorry to be pedantic Dieter but you continually make assertions without evidence or based on hearsay ie "a mate told a mate told an acquaintence". Nobody likes Pell & he is clearly a grub but to say he got off simply because he could afford better lawyers is [email protected] unless u provide some evidence. The prosecutors in the case had excellent, high profile SC lawyers yet the High Court decision to allow the appeal was unanimous 7 zit. Evidence not assertions please.
  10. A shame you didn't pass your anecdote on to the High Court. They would've tossed out his appeal & he'd still be in jail.
  11. Fair enough - maybe just revert to the lynch mob. No doubt you & your pitchfork would be in the front row.
  12. Correction - In 1986 as well as the Febeys and Lovell we also acquired Earl Spalding, Warren Dean & Todd Viney - none of these were in the draft but first played in 1987 so that was a cracker year. Obst was drafted in 1987 but came to Melbourne in 1990. Tingay was drafted in the 1987 draft but first played in 1989.
  13. I reckon 1999 beats it comfortably. We recruited Brad Green, Paul Wheatley, Mathew Whelan, Cameron Bruce, Stephen Powell
  14. So you pick 2 players that were recruited by a club & "failed" . In isolation that doesn't actually prove anything unless you could demonstrate statistically that their recruiting success rate is any better or worse than other clubs. In any case Fitzpatrick virtually cost nothing & Vickery had teased at Richmond & was worth a punt.
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