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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. You're making this up. As far as I remember nobody ever called for McVee to be delisted. Where's your proof ??
  2. Verrall did well generally but woeful kicking. KFW shouldn't be playing at this level. Jefferson & Adams are extremely disappointing for reasonable draft picks with a year in the system.
  3. No no no no & no. Old, slow & not as accurate as he used to be.
  4. Actually German Lutheran missionaries not Dutch. Carl Strehlow was the first pastor.
  5. Shooting is probably over the top. In my day you would have got 6 of the best from Brother Dominic.
  6. Herman's Bay ???? WTF Maybe you mean Hermannsburg. Somewhere near Traegarar Park. Geography & spelling are not Demonlander strong suits.
  7. For what it's worth Kane Cornes today while commenting on the football said he would be surprised if Petty stayed at Melbourne.
  8. Anyone have any idea what's up with Ed Langdon. He is still playing solid footy & contributing but is way off his AA form of 2020-2022. He is a bit fumbly & disposal is a bit sloppy. Is it the haircut or are other teams targeting him ? Would love to see him back to his best.
  9. It should be all about the result. If Soligo was hurt he should get 3-4 weeks if Soligo wasn't injured he gets nothing.
  10. That's probably the silliest comment ever posted. Maybe they can use that logic for acl injuries.
  11. Agree poor list management. Overspent on Kelly, paid too much to keep Nic Nat & his last years he struggled & overspent big bucks on keeping Darling & McGovern.
  12. That's complete BS spin by the Club. Langdon "ticked all the boxes" after his rib injury yet he played with 2 sleeping bags wrapped around his chest & struggled for several games. Players like May are veterans & should be wrapped in cotton wool.
  13. Just a very stupid idea to be considering rushing back a veteran like May. Petty clearly came back a week too early but luckily it didn't affect the result. Goodwin does this regularly - in 2022 rushing players not 100% or lacking match fitness ie Langdon & Salem & last year playing Gawn in the final with a sore toe. There is no need to do it.
  14. No vaccinations, no antibiotics. People died from an infected cut, pneumonia, measles, diphtheria, tonsillitis etc.
  15. Love Judd's work but a word of advice from an old back pocket KEEP YOUR FEET , CORRAL YOUR OPPONENT & PLAY THE PERCENTAGES. He went for an extravagant spoil against Rioli on Saturday, missed & Rioli waltzed in for an easy goal. He did the same thing against Carlton in the finals last year.
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