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  1. Just trying to keep things in perspective. The Board under Bartlett including Kate R was pretty good but some of the fawning has been over the top. Maybe its understandable in a Flag year.
  2. Well that would have depended on how Goodwin went in 2021. It was the make or break year for him. He had been coach for 4 year with 1 successful year & 3 failed years. Failure in 2021 & obviously the knives would have been out.
  3. Jeez guys lets keep this in perspective. A cardboard cut out would have made a successful Prez this year. Kate is very lucky with her timing. She sounds like an intelligent, reasonable person & I hope she goes down as one of our best ever but up to now everything has been easy. Lets give it a few years before we judge.
  4. Think its more about games. Tom Hafey & Allan Jeans reckoned as a rule players had to play 85 games before they peaked.
  5. Watts was hardly a failure. Would have played 200 games if not for breaking his leg. He was a lot better than some other no 1 picks. He & Nic Nat were universally predicted to go 1 & 2 that year.
  6. Just like to point out double standards. Hilarious to make Italians the punchline but if it was Sudanese, Indigenous or maybe gay or transgender the lynch mob would have been out. Where is Flaubert and his long winded history lesson or bleeding heart Dieter when you need them ?
  7. Racist comment. Deserves to be cancelled & a 5 year ban.
  8. Pull the other one. He went to the Cats because they went within a whisker of a flag in 2020 while we struggled. He figured he would have a better chance of winning a flag with them.
  9. I'm still a annoyed we recruited him. We could have selected Dylan Grimes who Richmond grabbed with the next pick. Dean Bailey seemed frustrated that we missed out on Luke Ball so McDonald was presented as a "gun" recruit instead of the plodder that he really was.
  10. We lost a large number of decent players from 1965 to about 1980 who all went to other Clubs. Tells a story.
  11. Certainly had ability although disposal needed work. Very unlucky this year. Played in the preseason Community series against the dogs & copped a serious [censored] injury which needed surgery & missed a month or more. If he had stayed fit he would have been well placed to replace Nev Jetta early in the season.
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