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  1. Surely ANB, Spargo & Sparrow are all under a cloud as their recent form is scratchy. Our small fwds in particular are not going well ATM.
  2. Could see him replacing Spargo as a small defensive fwd.
  3. Yes its got to stop but it won't as long as people can post anonymously. Its time that people were required to put their real names on social media accounts.
  4. Lets hope Cripps gets booed every time he goes near the ball for the rest of the year.
  5. Still can't work out all the outrage. Everyone knew it was a total disaster 3-4 years ago. Only some of the details are new. Imagine if someone released unknown embarrassing details about the MFC merger & everyone got into a huff & started demanding enquiries & apologies. I'm sure Eddies book has sold well.
  6. Another game where our fwd strategy looked confused & is anyone actually working on kicking techniques?
  7. An apology for promoting violence would have been better...and Sunshine - you sound like a villain from an old episode of The Bill.
  8. Think u are the only poster that's mentioned Eddie has a book to sell & him or the publishers might be milking things. The Crows camp was a [censored] show & has already been well documented.
  9. The head of Canberra's TAFE has just been stood down for paying $millions to a training organisation for awareness & transformative cultural change. TAFE could not provide a coherent statement explaining what was actually delivered. Maybe it was the same mob that ran the Crows camp.
  10. I agree. I reckon Goodie has stamped his papers which is unfair because he has played better footie than some who have got games this year.
  11. Thats nonsense. For some reason the BT have put a line through Baker & have ignored him despite excellent form at Casey & being a player with genuine speed. He was given one game last year & despite 15 touches was then dropped. Baker, Dunstan & Chandler should have all been given more opportunities this year when Spargo, Jordon& ANB have played poorly. I predict he will go to another club & play senior football.
  12. Did you actually watch the game ? Martin dominated & kept the dogs in the game.
  13. You cannot be serious ? Ellison started really well but has struggled the last month and Bell is barely at VFL reserves standard. He can't kick, mark or handball so yes lets draft him.
  14. And lets take an opportunity to restart the culture wars. That comment makes as much sense as Trump's bleach advice.
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