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  1. Thats a cheap shot - pure speculation as you have no evidence at all. It seems a fact now that people who get caught out invariably play the mental health card so now its hard to work out who is actually telling the truth. B
  2. He joins a long line of recruits nominated to be stars by Dees supporters based on absolutely zero evidence like Warren Ayers, Daniel Breese & Jack Fitzpatrick.
  3. On your own there David. Doubt u would find anyone that agrees with your comments.
  4. Mate I loved Tassie J too but suggesting he always made the centre circle - almost to the CHF zone is laying it on a bit thick I reckon. Its 75m from the edge of the goal square to the centre of the MCG & while I'm sure he rugularly kicked out 50 to 60 m I doubt he made the centre square very often unless he had a following wind.
  5. Ah Paul Rowlands another one of a long list of players over the years who looked like they could be anything but who sadly fizzled out : David Code, Stephen Bickford, Michael Reynolds, Glen Swan, John Clennett, Darren Cuthbertson. Memories
  6. Thats not quiet right HB. Phil was 178cm & played back pocket while Tassie Bob was the full back @ around 190cm. Phil played 3 senior games & while he was a great kick he wasn't quiet up to it as a senior player rather than Tassie keeping him out of the team.
  7. It seems we both agree that Williams is good at developing young players. My point was about suggestions that he has some special skill or track record for developing indigenous players. I pointed out that there is nothing special about Williams in that and plenty of coaches (Clarkson, Mathews) also have good records of developing young Indigenous players. You could add Sheedy, Hinkley and Mark Thompson.
  8. Your making this stuff up. You may as well say Clarkson (Franklin, Williams, Rioli) or Leigh Mathews (White, Johnson, McGrath) had "special" talent for developing Indigenous players. Fact is Pearce & the Burgoynes were very talented players & would probably have succeeded anywhere. Im glad we have Mark Williams because he has a reputation of being good at developing young players regardless of their background.
  9. Are you serious "My Observation" ? You may as well say "Max Gawn is listed at 208cm but my observation when he was standing next to Steven May is that he is pushing 215cm" Some of the comments on Demonland are as kooky as the climate deniers or those claiming 5g causes covid. How about we go with the information on his Club's site which lists him at 169 cm.
  10. The only successful father/son combos since I've been watching have bee the Dullards & the Vineys. Lots of fails - Burgmanns, Johnsons, Sullivans, Bourkes. I wouldn't hold my breath on Farmer.
  11. Are you making this up as it doesn't make sense to me. I don't think any Club or coach is better than another one at developing Indigenous players. Surely the skills are in developing young players regardless of their backgrounds.
  12. Its actually a smart selection. In his last game he got 2 Brownlow votes & showed what he is capable of. He was unlucky not to get more games. He is equally at home forward or in defence & can pinch hit in the ruck. Smart investment & costs very little.
  13. In fact Dean, Spalding and Viney came to us in 1987. Stretch came from SA in 1986 and Obst came over in 1990.
  14. Wrong - Warren Dean was from Perth and came over the same year as Spalding and Todd Viney.
  15. Yes I saw him play and 87 goals is good but you need to kick 100+ regularly to be phenomenal. His record is similar to Jackos. He was terrible in the wet or if the ball hit the ground he was hopeless. And it is simplistic to say he was ruined by Jackovich's arrival as they played several games together where both of them & the team did well. When Jackovich arrived Bennett more often played in the fwd pocket than CH FWD.
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