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  1. BS - Your first post introduced Snowflake, cancel culture & freedom of speech & started the derailment. Take a bow.
  2. Say No to Racism is obviously a great idea. I think sapiens evolved to be wary of anyone who spoke, acted or looked different to our own small family group. Even in the modern era in small remote places people are wary of anyone who is different or not a "local". Eliminating racism is a long slow exercise.
  3. You made a comment about this thread going off the rails yet you were the first derailer.
  4. Macca your lecture contains a lot of platitudes and assertions but no evidence.
  5. Jeez you certainly have a thick hide to raise this considering u hijacked the thread by bringing up snow flakes and cancel culture
  6. Yes the treatment of Adam Goodes was dreadful but in my view it started when the AFL security goons dragged the young girl away. Her parents complained & the public blamed Goodes for the incident. It had little to do with racism. But of course the narrative sounds much "sexier" if you suggest racism is involved.
  7. I take it from your comments that you don't believe in freedom of speech and support cancel culture.
  8. So which players from the 2000 GF team would get into the current team. For mine Ingerson would replace Petty, Neitz for Weid & Farmer for Spargo, Green for Melksham, Yze for ANB & Stynes for Jackson. Febey, Powell, Walsh & Robbo would also be considered.
  9. Sadly the ABC has gone downhill. They are now only marginally better than the Murdoch rags.
  10. The number of plodders that Demonlanders suggest we go and recruit is quiet hilarious.
  11. Agree - a well written piece. A lot of Demonlanders are absurdly paranoid about Wilson.
  12. Actually you don't know what your talking about. Firstly he didn't play on a wing in 2018 except for brief periods he played as a permanent fwd. Secondly Goodie has stated ad nauseaum at every presser that McDonald will stay forward & not go anywhere else.
  13. So using that principle the lower the grade you play the better you are.
  14. Yes a very interesting prospect. Outstanding athlete but not a natural footballer & lacking football nous. Needs a year or so at Casey but once he understands the game he could be special.
  15. Have you & Dr D been smoking crack together? Rosman has been solid at Casey & done a couple of brilliant things but is a mile from a senior call up.
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