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  1. Geelong: $2.75 (and I believe they will be found out in finals, away from their home ground). Us: $4.00. Next team (Sydney): $7.00. Surely we are in this up to our necks!!
  2. Yes we do. JVR is showing nothing in this game. So yes, Smith. Tomlinson and Bowey are a class above this level.
  3. JJ gets the ball kicked to him alone in space and then stops and props. The oppo defence then sets up. He does it all the time. It is infuriating. Langdon in the same situation just runs hard, knowing that something will open up. With a dysfunctional forward line like ours, our best chances will always come when the ball moves in fast and open. JJ wrecks that every time.
  4. In: Bowey Out: Jordon , until someone teaches him that when he gets the ball he needs to RUN hard, not slow the play down and allow the opposition to set up their defence.
  5. Unbelievable. These umpires haven’t paid one!
  6. Langdon had the last laugh - he got up smiling. Don’t know if it was real or forced but it would have given them the s…s. BTW great to see how the team consistently got right into Cox after his dog act on Max.
  7. It’s true that we very badly need a centre half forward. I certainly didn’t recognise how important TMAC was and I don’t think many people did. And I don’t see there is any chance of getting him back this year – he would be too underdone, even when he gets fit. so although I have been against bringing JVR in, perhaps we need to try. To my mind, the other important thing to do is to get Ben Brown to stay in the goal square near it. He tries really hard and holds some good marks around the wing area, but his ground play is absolutely terrible – after all, it’s certainly not what he is expected to do – and if he stayed in the forward area, we would always have someone to kick to. No doubt the fullback would try to run off him but once the ball was kicked to BBB alone in the forward line a couple of times, the fullback would know that he has to guard him constantly. But then we would have a 1:1 in the forward line which always favours the attacking team.
  8. Good team but I would have liked Harmes back in
  9. Of all the other “contenders” for the title, Touk Miller is the one I begrudge the least. He is their Jack Viney And you can’t help but admire him.
  10. Just looking at that confirms what I said in an earlier post: he is still a boy and you can’t play him against men. There is no muscle definition in his arms and shoulders. Play him in the firsts and his development will be set back years.
  11. Obviously some people don’t remember Jack Watts’ debut. JVR needs to be treated patiently.
  12. For goodness’ sake! This is the twos! And against the bottom team! Whenever we have tried Bedford or Chandler or even Dunstan in the firsts they have struggled. I hope as much as anyone that JVR will become a good player but at the moment, he is a boy and playing him against men would be a disaster.
  13. Any discussion of trading him for just picks is mad. With a pick, what you hope to get, in your dreams, is a player like him, and there is a very good chance you won’t get it. He should only be traded for an established good player together with a high pick. He is a former pick 3, a winner of Rising Star, and a premiership player. We trade him for picks????!!!??
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