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  1. I thought we had Salem, Bowey, Rivers, Brayshaw and a couple of Casey kids…..
  2. Naturally, Collingwood’s game against Geelong – Geelong’s home game – is at the MCG.
  3. I think he’s yet another reason to get excited about 2023 and beyond. Our player development now is terrific with players being given plenty of time at Casey to fill out and strengthen and learn the game. Looking at the training pictures of JVR and you can see that he has now become an adult. I think Jefferson will be the same. I love his one grab marking, and with time, there is every reason to think he will be a great pick up.
  4. Why oh why do they have to keep messing around with things? This new rule has no point whatsoever except to stop the cheating everyone but MFC did within the totally unnecessary medi-sub rule.
  5. Fix the rules and that would fix the umpires. With the present interpretative rules, more umpires means more inconsistency.
  6. ….. And every time you have an extra possession, there is the opportunity for something to go wrong.
  7. Completely disagree. Teammates will keep kicking it to him because he is quite obviously intended to be the goalkicker. Yes, in the very famous incident where he didn’t pass to Petracca, he missed the goal. If he didn’t miss the goal, no one would’ve complained. Nine or more times out of 10, he gets that goal. The number of times we played ringaringarosie with handpasses because people would not take a shot, and ultimately the ball would be killed and cleared, was ridiculous. Fritsch is there to kick goals and should never be criticised for attempting to do so.
  8. Well, if that’s what happened to him, that is an absolute disgrace. If anyone saw him in public and didn’t do him the courtesy of leaving him alone, the only way to treat him would be to admire and praise his absolute class and elegance as a player.
  9. Thanks for the endorsement, WCW – I read your posts, and your opinion is one that I highly value. However, when I read my original post, I’m not sure I was being completely clear and I hope you agree with my intention - I was trying to say that after the murmur of criticism, in my view he gave away opportunities, trying to show unselfishness, when he should have been more “selfish” and kicked the goal. I hope that is what you are agreeing with.
  10. I don’t like the implied criticism of Fritta. I thought it was unfair right through the season. He is there to kick goals, not to give them away. In fact, I think the murmur of criticism of him for being selfish got to him and he ended up giving away some critical opportunities to try and be unselfish which cost us a game or two. Sooner or later, someone has to take the shot – so often, with other players we would see the ball being handpassed around and around looking for the perfect opportunity; Fritta is there to take the opportunity and kick the goal.
  11. To my mind, if we are relying on BBB as a key forward in 2023, we will be in trouble. His weaknesses were really shown up this year -particularly his awkwardness as soon as the ball hits the ground. I am not blaming him; he was instrumental in 2021 and he owes us nothing. But the way forward is TMac, JVR, Schache maybe, a dynamite midfield led by Gawn and Grundy, and of course Fritta.
  12. The next question will be to look at the votes that that umpire has cast and see if there is any thing that was at all surprising.
  13. Mental gymnastics indeed. As I understood it he got off because no one had specifically called his action a “bump” until the tribunal did in its decision. Why that would make any difference to an action when Cripps hit with his body, with his arm tucked in, , in an action which was the very definition of a “bump” ……. It was a ridiculous decision. This whole scandal is huge. As has already been said, if an umpire will leak the votes which have been given, presumably for gain, what else would they do?
  14. You run out of superlatives. With his absolutely relentless determination, he completely reminds me of Ron Barassi, and that is a very big thing to say.
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