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  1. Jake Niall seems to have filled that void with this doozy: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/why-richmond-aren-t-punishing-bolton-and-rioli-20210511-p57qw1.html "The first factor was that the players, who might have had a couple of drinks, had not been intoxicated....Second, the incident was said to have taken place just after midnight, rather than in a dangerous time slot around 2am or later" 🤮
  2. One thing is for sure, there are double standards at that Club - one rule for expendables like Connors, Stack and Coleman-Jones and another for required players like Martin, Cotchin, Bolton and Rioli
  3. Sex, drugs and rock n roll apparently. I wonder what the outcome was with that hit and run charge from last year?
  4. Only one coach has come out publicly and said they don't like it and surprise, surprise, it's the "slick-back sook" Chris Scott: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=824030&t=3m17s (scroll to the bottom and press play for the audio)
  5. Yes and I will never forgive him (or the Tribunal) for that Trengove suspension: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/40813/afl-please-explain-to-demons
  6. No sh*t sherlock, I don't agree with it either! Look at the bump - it has almost disappeared overnight from the game
  7. If the AFL were fair dinkum about protecting players' heads, they would punish elbows to the head (accidental or otherwise) as they have done with the bump (e.g. Dangerfield on Kelly). And it removes the grey area of trying to determine if an elbow is careless or not (e.g. Hawkins on May, Hipwood on Ridley, Dangerfield on Vlastuin). If Fritta gets off tonight, I suspect the AFL will look at doing this.
  8. Gotta love the media when it comes to elbows: Fritta - ERRANT Hawkins - ACCIDENTAL Hipwood - ACCIDENTAL
  9. Trading out Andrew McLeod for Chris Groom was pretty good too: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/trading-trick-or-treats-20111009-1lft1.html
  10. I don't really like digging up old posts/threads (heaven knows I have posted some shockers over the years on this site!). But I really think Josh Mahoney deserves a bit more credit for the tireless work he did behind the scenes in getting guys like Lever, May, Langdon, Tomlinson, Hibberd, etc. to the Club. These guys have been huge acquisitions for us and we really need to appreciate the part Mahoney played in those trade deals. Especially when the Norm Smith medal is hanging around Lever's neck at the end of September. Go Dees!
  11. And to show how stupid the HS SuperCoach fantasy game is, he ranked second WORST of all players for the match (just ahead of medical sub Ross)!
  12. So true. And how good would it be to beat a top 5 team like Richmond and then go 10-0! Tidbit: we have only beaten five top 5 teams in the past 10 years: 2012 Round 10 Essendon 2016 Round 20 Hawthorn 2017 Round 8 Adelaide 2018 Round 22 West Coast 2018 SF1 Hawthorn
  13. As much as I have criticised Clarry on this site for various things over the years (e.g. kicking scrubbers, overhead loose handballs, grinning after missing easy goals, etc.) and posted heresay about his text message to Cripps last year, I am sincerely happy that he has signed on. Clarry is a genuine A grade inside mid and we need players like him to finally win another premiership. Well done to all involved who helped him over the line in the contract negotiations. Go Dees.
  14. And I thought the AFL regarded the head now as sacrosanct? If Dangerfield gets 3 weeks for an accidental clash of heads, Hawkins should get 3 weeks for an accidental elbow to someone's head
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