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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. That really is one that got away
  2. I’ll take that back. I was referring to an immediate need as opposed to future needs.
  3. I’m talking once Petty is playing for Adelaide not this year
  4. That’s proving the hard part atm
  5. You don’t need a stadium for VFL and AFLW
  6. I would imagine the plan is to build Caulfield with “no plans” to play games there and then in years to come when the NIMBY’s have given up we start playing VFL and WAFL there and move on from Casey.
  7. Good to hear Bowey running around again. Would love for Turner to get a run at it. Petty replacement perhaps?
  8. I really hope we can keep him fit, happy and playing for the rest of the year. With him and Pickett we look dangerous and unpredictable. Fritsch Petty Pickett McAdam Petty ANB Chandler Thats a solid front half if they can get some games in
  9. I watched him play and kept hoping it wasn’t so. I say play him in the big league and see what occurs.
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