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  1. I thought we were bringing Grundy in so we could finally beat Collingwood
  2. Darren Kowal over David Wirrapunda still sends shivers up my spine.
  3. Corporate execs don’t go to jail. They get new equally highly paid jobs at a new corporate entity. Morals and ethics are words only when it comes to chasing the dollar for people like him. The fact he belongs to a right wing church is of no surprise.
  4. Geelong also had the benefit of few injuries, a soft draw and that [censored] of a ground
  5. Good article on the whole disaster that is Essendon and Thorburn. 8DD926FC-F924-492B-BD69-AB9A21C02665.pdf
  6. The only reason I went to the footy as a kid.
  7. Why are people arguing about Jake Lever’s trade price?
  8. There no chance Jackson goes to the PSD or plays for us or sits out a year. You chest puffers need to give that rubbish a rest. He’s most likely going to Freo and an outside chance to go the WC. We’ll get fairly compensated and move on. I’d be astounded if at the end of the trade and draft period this club isn’t better off than it was before. Player movement is now part of the game and we’ve be adept at using it to our advantage.
  9. Grundy at $6-700k for pick 25 would be the bargain of the year.
  10. Personally I think Brown and TMac are largely cooked and if we're building our 2023 forward line around them we may just be as well. I'd suggest the club can't let Weideman go because we need 2 solid targets in the forward line and it's possible he'll be one of them. Maybe JVR will be the other but lets reserve judgement until we know he's actually up to being an AFL grade key forward! If the club aren't chasing a key forward such as Georgiades I'd be very surprised. Both Brown and TMac are running on borrowed time but who knows they may kick 100 goals between them in 2023
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