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  1. In the current climate of course her appointment will have an element of being “about woman”. Remember woman have been playing second fiddle to a lot of seriously incompetent men for a long long time. She sounds like a good operator and that’s what we need.
  2. Personally I think that’s the best thing about our start to the year. We clean up our skills a bit and we’ll start smashing teams
  3. And now muppets are calling him elite. 🤠 Somewhere in the upper middle range of those two things I think he lies
  4. I could table that at the next meeting
  5. If our worst problem remains whether to play Melksham or Sparrow I’m a happy man. I would of given him a week at Casey but I’m a furniture maker not a selector.
  6. Weideman played a chunk of good footy last year despite the obvious difficulties. He’s 6-8 weeks away from finding form after an injury. One bad half is hardly reason to start bagging him out. Chill folks if he and Brown can get up and about we’ll go deep
  7. I thought we had the best VFL forward line in the history of the game
  8. Would you call it a jumper or a bit of fitted plastic?
  9. I’m not playing Melksham till he’s showed something more like his best. He’s got 2 years of poor footy to pay us back for, he can start that journey at Casey
  10. As opposed to Rivers who appears to be a very solid defender for the next 12 years?
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