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  1. If not Harmes then Viney, but I'm pretty much on with this...
  2. I think this is an issue but JJ hasn't had a lot of game time but some maybe better than none.
  3. The sub rule will be exploited, if not used. With them and us going in with players under a cloud the exploitation of the sub may not even be an issue. I suspect the sub will be used legitimately. So, who is the best choice? I think Hunt would give us more coverage...but wouldn't be disappointed either way. JJ would be stiff to miss. The wildcard could be Melk... Some have called for Smith but that is too big a risk if May is in.
  4. Wow...lucky it didn't happen on Brownlow night then or we would be screwed.... Dodged a bullet there.
  5. I used to like the beer until Matilda Bay were brought out by CUB and they changed the formula to keep cost down. Pity...
  6. So, just say we picked Wines... Then a pretty fair chance we might not have been able to get Oliver down the track. Yep, things were crook at the time but they've worked themselves out pretty well in the end. If I had a choice of Wines or Oliver...I'm taking Oliver every time. Probably time to get over the past drafting and celebrate what we have now.
  7. I didn't watch it...like watching grass grow or paint dry. ...but was Bont really cut to miss out?
  8. Funny you say that. Was talking to a mate the other day and telling him Demetrio was very important to regenerating the club. Supporter/Fan power also can't be underestimated here, it was a lot of us that reached out to Demetrio to do something as most of us couldn't see a way out if it was left to the club alone. To his credit, he did. Never underestimate people power. Jackson, as has been proven was the right man for the job. I had a mate working with the AFL at the time who had been involved in some projects with him. He told me then that we had the right man. No BS, just gets it done.
  9. Well, some are talking about getting tatts...
  10. The 22 can't win a premiership without the others. As much as our football culture would have you believe it's the 22 on the day, it isn't. You don't get there without winning enough games to qualify. Take away the FD and the rest of the squad and see if you can win a flag. It's a team win, all the team should be rewarded. It's time this stupid on the day culture was relegated to the past. A premiership is won because of a good season not just a good day.
  11. '@Mach5' what's the bet that Dillon is being set up to take over from Gill when he moves on... ...another casting of the net far and wide and somehow having the right guy in house.
  12. He made the right call whatever the reason. AFL house is a jobs for the boys organisation. Casting the net far and wide for the best possible candidate is a cliche well worn.
  13. They could quite easily...May is quick and can play short or tall...he could well take Hibberds spot. Lever is a floater, leaving Tommo and Petty to take the talls.
  14. Probably not Georgiades unless there is an injury... Will be interesting to watch how they set up tonight. They play their best with a smaller forward line but I think at least 2 of their players are suspect. Grey's knee didn't look stable last game, he took bump that forced him to put lateral pressure on in the last Q and really struggled from then. He will be a watch. Fantasia is always a risk and was subbed out last game... If one of those goes out then Georgiadis will come in and that usually over balances them. The 4 get in each others way.
  15. Depends a bit on who we play...but both teams are likely to be small in the forward half. If that's the case and May doesn't come up then it might be Hunt in. Otherwise no change.
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