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  1. I think this is important. It would be great to see a GF here. I think we would draw a big crowd if we made it through to a home GF.
  2. Like BBB, we only need him to be good for a season to grab another flag..
  3. Can't say anything about Ted Richards but these 2 were never unwanted players at their original clubs.
  4. Not really...McStay was probably the only C/Wooder to miss. Brisbane were pretty complete, the other top 4 team in Port had injury problems and shared the same fate as us.
  5. They can take him with pick 5 or any of their picks as long as he's still on the table. As we could have taken Andrews if he had lasted to our pick.
  6. I would stick with Campbell at the moment. Form has been good and a big reason Pearce has been playing good footy...
  7. I haven't seen anyone talk of impenetrable game plans & I don't know who "you lot" are but apart from that thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts. I think that's correct & probably the right way to go about it. He needs to maximise what he has. I wouldn't sell the farm either... I think when we had Petty forward we did adjust the way we played & started hitting up leads...we were prepared to give up a few goals the other way. Adding some class forward of centre has got to be a priority & looks like it is with the McAdam move coming early in the trade cycle. Scott Lucas believes better forwards create better disposal from further up the ground. They read the play better & connect better. I think he is right & if we fix this we go a long way to improving a lot of our game. It doesn't mean I don't think we could do with better ball users up the ground & even use our current players in more damaging areas like you suggest with Salem. Not so sure on this point...I think this is probably more true of last season. if we look at the 2 finals, Brayshaw doesn't get taken out early in the first I reckon we win and are in a GF this weekend...but unfortunately we will never know. ...both these players might be gone by our picks but I guess we wait & see if we can trade up. Not sure how we can get both though. Sanders might be available & on highlights looks a good decision maker & ball user. I agree with most of this...but I think you've also answered some of why Goody hasn't released the shackles. He's trying to maximise what he has & for a lot of the season didn't have a fit Fritsch, Tommy & BBB were shot, the Grundy experiment had failed and the only KPF we had was a kid (in JVR's own words, he's not a lead up forward). I think we will kick more to advantage when we have the right players to take advantage... So, we're in a good & unique position to go to trade & draft. We should address some of the issues and see a bit more freedom going forward. Don't think for a minute that I'm not disappointed with where we finished. My rationalisation is just different. I think luck played a big part in the end. Even that Carlton touched goal...a wrong decision which would have seen us finish in 2nd place. Injuries to Petty & Melk, Brayshaw getting taken out, Fritsch not at 100%, Maxie and his big toe etc. Also don't think I can't see the holes in the list (I'm sure Goody & the FD can see them) but when you're in the top part of the table it can be hard to address them unless you find a gun player ready to move like Geelong have with Danger & Cameron. This trade/draft period is going to be fascinating for us but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy our AFLW team.
  8. It's pretty simple 'Jimmy' even for you. 2 posters have different views. What point are you trying to make. You have just given 2 diametrically opposed views in this post alone. You alone not 2 different posters. What is it...do we need more talent as you've been banging on about or as you've stated here should the talent we have be able to use the ball better. I would think it is a mix of a few things...one with better forward talent our connection will improve and two, it's always good to have more talented players with good kicking and decision making skills, particularly if they can get the ball to use them. A good penetrating kick on the wing would never go astray as long as they cover the ground forward and back as is our game style mens and women's...
  9. It's exactly what I'm alluding to '58'... When we had a bit more class up forward our plan changed. Injury/availability played a big part in what we could and couldn't do.
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