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  1. It's pretty easy to see why "The Eagles" asked Vince to join. Not only talented but apparently a really good person, does a lot behind the scenes to help others in trouble. Always loved this song...a tribute to the writer Mac Davis
  2. No I think that was the 3 word analysis. Perfectly summed up our performance in 3 words. I don't think anyone could argue with you this week 'joeboy'...
  3. Last time I looked we don't play bottom 4 teams in the finals... What's your problem... We're 10 & 2, must be doing something right. This is nearly as bad as the 'olisik' rubbish. You've been watching and listening to far too many reactionary so called footy experts...you/they can't see past one game. Any zone or team is broken down when they are not switched on...all the pies did was take advantage of it. Good luck to them. We put very little pressure on the ball carrier and played luxury footy all over the ground. Some times players need to see
  4. With all the controversy this year I bet they wish they had given it to him...
  5. Posted similar 'red'...I think it will be Lyon and Clarkson. Take the pick of which to which club but my thinking is Clarkson to Collingwood and Lyon to Carlton. I actually feel for Teague, he's being hung out to dry and probably won't be given the opportunity to see the job through. I wish both clubs a miserable futures full of failure. I hope that is not being too unkind.
  6. Maybe 'dazzle' but if you look at all clubs primary ruckman, how many were taken top 20? NikNat & Grundy are all I can think of... Jackson was taken on his ability to play forward & there was even talk of him being a tall mid, as we know he's a great 2nd fiddle to Max. If he was a pure ruck I doubt he would have gone top 10, maybe just in top 20 probably not...Coleman-Jones is a forward & English just scraped in as a top 20 selection. By the way, I'm not saying it's right or wrong to overlook a ruckman, you can call rubbish all you want but that's what is happening.
  7. 1999 is a fair way back there 'ManDee'... It would be unlikely to happen now...the last ruckman to go top 20 in my recollection was Grundy (not a skinny kid) with pick 18 in 2012. He was a standout junior yet slipped back the draft order and was a steal at that pick. Fraser became the argument why you don't select a skinny ruckman with early picks.
  8. I thought you might be implying something about St Kilda footballers hence the Mary...
  9. "Lazy" would be mine...nice take on a minor blues.
  10. He will coach somewhere next year...my guess is the Hawks will lose their nerve and transition Clarkson out & Mitchell in. Their hand has now also been forced. Clarkson will be at either Carlton or Collingwood. Lyon will take the other job. ...but if either of them (Carlton or Collingwood) go with Mitchell, an untried coach then interesting times. Carlton couldn't go with another untried, unproven coach could they?
  11. I love the media frenzy now, all trying to be relevant. Ryan & Niall beat them to the punch, got the scoop...well done to them. Stevo a long way back treading in quicksand...waiting for Browne and the rest to pile on.
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