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  1. The cutbacks in coaching staff mean that Goody does some more hands on coaching which might be good for him and the team...like you, I love this vision.
  2. To be fair on this one 'Lucifer' it wasn't Richmond's fault here. The AFL F...U...badly. That's why it didn't come out.
  3. A wonderful guitar player 'hardtack'... Funny story, kinda backs up what you are saying about him being very unassuming. One of the top LA session guys got called to a producers house (think it was a film producer) to lay down some country licks. As he pulled up he noticed Albert mowing the lawn next door. When he finished his work he said to the producer, "you know all this stuff I'm playing I got from your next door neighbour." A little more Albert... https://youtu.be/h1Rx-zaBjow
  4. Kirk Fletcher and Josh Smith are another couple worth a listen if you haven't already 'Earl'. Jack Pearson in almost any genre...plays great blues, did a short stint with the Allman's until Dicky Betts killed his ears...The Nashville guys revere him.
  5. Billy was a legend, no doubt about that...one of the first live show I went to was Billy at the Box Hill Town Hall. The first band I remember seeing in concert was Carson supporting John Mayall at Festival Hall...the other support was Company Caine. Broderick left a huge impression on me and to this day he's probably my favourite singer in 'Oz
  6. ...and Joe is no Richie Blackmore but he goes ok.
  7. Great athlete, average (at best) footballer. Pretty simple really...
  8. I reckon he was pretty good in his first season... He needed to steady and convert a bit better but will learn that. ...and he brought the forward pressure that we sadly needed. For a kid that doesn't have a tank he sure worked hard up and back, he wasn't afraid to work. Couldn't ask for much more.
  9. So sorry to hear this sad news 'Hell Bent'...although I didn't know him personally you could tell he was a passionate supporter. He came across as one of the good guys when posting on here. As '@Grapeviney' says it's heartbreaking...I just feel for his kids. R.I.P Mark
  10. When Jimmy was the President no-one wanted to be seen as standing against him...
  11. Looks pretty good to me... Some people might do well to look at what he brings to the team rather than focus on nit picking negatives.
  12. I'm inclined to make a change on the board. This comes from not knowing any of the current board or the new candidate. I think like he did with the team & coach last season, it's time for Bartlett to get a kick up the a... Now you will not find a more thorough case than that anywhere.
  13. Please do 'Dr', I would be interested in your player observations from the past. So long as they're not hindsight observations.
  14. Yes, it's a real pity as it's the training reports at this time of year that keep us all enthusiastic for the season ahead...
  15. You're probably reading a bit too much into it at the moment. It's more likely the club realised the lack of experience in the FD. ...and remember, we were after Yze last year when there were no recent events. So he came on board as his contract ended with the Hawks. Williams for mine replaces Macca albeit a year too late as an experienced developer and mentor of players.
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