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  1. I would play Verrall ahead of Schache. Definite option for me...
  2. Not sure he was a good list decision. Forms been ok but... did we need to go down this path.
  3. I'm not so bothered by the culture 'bin'... I always find that talk a little flimsy with all clubs. Of course if we don't perform well on field this season then the C word will be all over here and the media. It's going to be a tough year. We are 5+ down before we start the season. 2 will not be back. 2 are pretty much done for, Tommy and BBB. Melk is out for at least half the season. Who knows how things will pan out for Clarry. Petty can't get on the park. It's going to be tough, good culture or not. List management might be an interesting discussion. There have been some puzzling decisions the last couple of seasons.
  4. So was ours... No one expected us to play finals let alone win it.
  5. Agree... Many on here have fallen for this one. It's a good/very good list as you've pointed out, we were never a super/generational team. To many holes.
  6. Has he played an AFL Game yet? Notable seems a bit of a stretch.
  7. I will give him a break as he has had an interrupted preseason but will need to get a wriggle on. ...but will need to show some good signs this year.
  8. Maybe we thought other things were more important. This is a good point. He certainly struggled, be interesting to see if he gets another shot against Carlton. With Brayshaw & Salem back yesterdays performance puts him further down the order.
  9. Will be 923 years old by then... ...and they reckon Geelong have an ageing list.
  10. We do need a fit Petty, It's why we held... ...at least for the next few years.
  11. A little bit like your presumptions on Goody...
  12. That's the same for all clubs... Luck plays a bigger role than most give credit to.
  13. I get everyones frustration (it frustrates the hell out of me also) but my guess is as the AFL pushes it's season earlier and earlier there are just no grounds available for VFL & this would be the same even if it were an AFL reserves comp. It's still cricket season.
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