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  1. Surely that can't be right 'Jim'...someone was recently trumpeting that a vaccine would be available in weeks.
  2. A preseason is a long time in footy. No guarantees Hawkins, Selwood & Danger all come back as the players they've been this season. The edge is closer than you think.
  3. ...and Rory Taggert at pick 36. Yep, he really rated him 'dazz'.
  4. Kicking a bigger score than your opponent....
  5. Ummm...not sure what you are getting at here 'bing' but so far the first team into the GF is the one with maybe largest membership. Have won 2 of the 3 last flags 2017 & 2019...WC the one in the middle 2018, large membership Hawks another large club 3 2013, 2014 & 2015. The only outlier has been the Dogs in recent times 2016...
  6. I'm pretty sure 18 clubs including ours will be showing interest in him 'dazz'...
  7. We need a strong showing in 2021 and finals of itself won't be a pass mark. Top 4 is probably it, personally it's GF for me. I've read a lot of the posts and my initial thoughts were 3 years is too much. ..but my thinking has been swayed by the arguments that he doesn't cost us anything but probably a list spot in his 3rd year. I don't think that's a lot to pay for a shot at a premiership. We get 1 or 2 good years then he's a bargain...
  8. That he doesn't need...has it in spades already.
  9. If he costs us nothing then why not...but he will cost us a 2 year deal at least I would think. Otherwise he would stay with the hawks. I hope we don't offer another Lewis 3 year type deal though.
  10. Glass houses 'titan', I agree. We are in a precarious position. ...and I hate EFC as much as anyone. The one thing I think they did make a huge mistake on was not trading Joe & Fanta last year. Most people could see it, it's not hindsight but it was stubborn stupidity on their behalf. They could have grounded 2 good kids this year and be on their way. A costly mistake, particularly if they don't get the return they hope for with Joe.
  11. He looked like being the answer as KPB and future AA. ...but then he got found out/lost his confidence. He started getting a lot of goals kicked on him and as 'Dee' says above he was turning the ball over. His days as a defender were done.
  12. He had lost all form down back and was played forward as a last resort. It worked for a year or so and now he has lost all form forward. I don't think moving him back is the answer.
  13. Watching last nights game... I think we got the good one.
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