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  1. I don't know what implications you are talking of. The only implication of this thread is that Kate Roffey will be the new President. What's that got to do with political correctness??? Call me stupid.
  2. Dursma did a knee and they were going on about a head injury. Sure he hit his head but he was lying on the ground holding his knee...
  3. The commentary team keep talking up the mullet man but to me he looks like he might have a good career in the SANFL...skills on tonight's showing not to AFL level.
  4. We sure were...nothing was going to inspire that team to a win. ...but your comment inspired an ironic laugh.
  5. If he's getting that he's getting way overs...
  6. I wouldn't want any of those players if it meant losing Oliver...particularly Kelly who is grossly overrated. He should have taken the cash on offer at North as he's not going to get another like that.
  7. It must be a bit sad for you 'Dr'...all the talk of Goodwin's position being in jeopardy if we go 0 & 4, 0 & 5... It was almost like you and some of the others were hoping for us to start poorly. Getting rid of Goodwin seemed to be the narrative when we inevitably failed. Now it's the old we've had an easy draw story...preseason Freo were picked as big improvers, the Saints top 4 and GWS a solid final 8 aspirant after a disappointing 2020. It's still too early to say where any team sits this season, probably North are the only one that appear to be headed for the sp
  8. Pretty sure he's talking Heritier not Rod...still not particularly appropriate.
  9. I think one of the big differences is that St Kilda have not hesitated to own the problem and apologise. Collingwood seem to bury their heads in the sand and are if my recollection is correct yet to apologise to Heritier for example.
  10. Yep, I think they might have relaxed the tag...he seemed to be out on his own a bit after the first Q...the only time I noticed O'Connor with him then was at the stoppages.
  11. Mustn't have been a hard tag on Mitchell as often he was nowhere near him... If they put a hard tag on Oliver it just leaves Trac & Viney free and I would back them in against the Cats mids particularly with Danger still out and an ageing Selwood.
  12. Higgins is done...he's had very little influence in the first 3 games, just a couple of nice cameo's. Collecting his pension down at the Cats...at least it's not us.
  13. Does anyone else think Geelong are the most boring team in the AFL... I will go back and watch a bit more in a mo but seriously they make doing some housework interesting.
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