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  1. Mundy is a really, really good footballer. I could say underrated but no, I'm sure all those who know football know how good he is.
  2. He is a beautiful kick, just got a bit of the yips at the mo...
  3. I would definitely run Harmes on Sidebottom this game... Maynard, I would play either Jack on him or give Melk a task. He is their prime mover from defence with Howe out.
  4. It's not about better...it's how they work together. Oliver, Tac and Brayshaw work better as a grouping. This is not just an observation on one game.
  5. Spot on...he's been massive for us. Just runs his guts out. Will only improve. One of the recruits of the year.
  6. I think Reid will be lucky to make the game after a 4 day break. It may be the big American. Either way, I would like to have a better option than we have in Tomlinson or Omac.
  7. No, I did mean more team midfield. I think Jack often takes on too much to the detriment of the team. Jack always goes at the ball and there are times when he should block rather than go. Leave it to a teammate in a better position. Jack also often tries to barge through opponents when his better option is to give off to a player out and running. If he and we learn to use his strengths to our advantage we will be a lot better off.
  8. Hasn't worked for us, it's not bollocks. It's only bollocks when you have 3 good ones. We don't.
  9. You've got to play tight and physical on Stephenson. He will do you on the outside if given space but with no space he just doesn't go... I think he would be too smart for Smith. Could May go with him?
  10. Yes he will be stiff but it's the right move if Gawn is right to go.... It's simply because Weid and Jackson have passed him now.
  11. The Pies don't run tall in their forward half and rely a lot on the quicks and mids. That's not Oscars go...so a no from me.
  12. No 'big red'...no more look at. We've proven it doesn't work and I sure hope Goody doesn't try to be nice and keep Tommy in the team. Our best, most effective 22 has Weid and Jackson forward with Max in the ruck. Tommy was serviceable tonight but from here on I see him only as depth. If Max is right to go Tommy goes out. Viney comes in probably at the expense of Jones...
  13. I thought he was good tonight and I've been one of his knockers. He was a lot stronger around the ball and held his tackles which is an area where I reckon he's been exposed in the past. Good to see...
  14. I've been a big believer that our best team midfield is Gus, Trac & Oliver... I don't see why people like Lloyd and others on here seem to think we should move one of our mids on. Viney is a different player, I would play him for impact minutes as a burst player on ball and use him rotating as a defensive forward. All good teams have their rotations worked out, I think we over balanced it with Jack taking too much Gus time... We sort that out and teach Jack to play more team midfield then we're going to be hard to beat...
  15. That's an old story as well 'drdrake'...it's a Brereton story from around Neeld's time I think or maybe early Roos. You only needed to watch the preseason doco to understand how hard the boys are working. All in all, it's an early call as the season isn't over or wasted yet... I'm all for good, well researched criticism. ...but this isn't it.
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