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  1. Look 'Nev' you are probably right...and as you said before lets wait and see what happens when we get a location. ...but the delay may mean a lot of funds have dried up. We have had how long now to sort out a location? probably since we could no longer train at the 'G' and that's a long time.
  2. This one's not a conspiracy 'Nev'... ...I just fail to understand how a club that pioneered football, then pioneered women's football in the AFL is not getting anything (well a pittance) where a club who didn't want anything to do with womens football now gets funding to upgrade facilities and their pitch was based on the women's game.
  3. Box Hill just got a $6mill upgrade for a VFL ground that doesn't need an upgrade...go figure. For whatever reason we don't seem to be selling the right story.
  4. Speaking of defenders 'Pennant'...do you have a view on Jed Adams? I know it's not the right thread but seeing as you're here....
  5. Remember our 2019 year...would have been no chance of that happening to us either. We finished 2nd last... Not saying it will happen by any stretch but recent history shows it's a possibility. Imagine finishing in the bottom 5 having given away your top end picks. At least we were able to top up and go again.
  6. ...and mine. Must be close. Car park is a little bit small at the moment but could be improved on. Hawthorn used to train on the hills back in the days of Scott and Mathews.
  7. Let's hope for a top 5 pick next year (theirs) and ours the last pick in the first round. Should give us a good spread.
  8. If he finds it 6 times a game for 6 goals then I will be more than happy.
  9. His hands look pretty good overhead. Can't remember but was Fitzy a one or two grabber???
  10. I had heard the surface was soft and there was no bounce. No Bannan long runs unfortunately and an obvious effect on the quality of the game. Thank goodness we had no knee injuries, although the Brisbane skipper did. Whilst we didn't publicly complain about the choice of venue, Daisy's comment after the game and this from Roffey tells me we weren't happy about it at all. Nor should we have been.
  11. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2022/11/28/roffeys-relief-after-daisys-demons-achieve-aflw-redemption/
  12. I hope so... Certainly got a good set of hands and doesn't mind backing himself.
  13. Seems like a great kid...well deserved for the work he has put in to date.
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