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  1. B Brown for Weid. Viney if fit for Sparrow. Viney will add a bit of hardness and desperation. Team probably needs the bye time out to get a mental and physical rest.
  2. If you get picked up by the mighty Dees you know you are more than a fair chance to make it. Jason Taylor and the team have been doing a great job of late. We have seen the proof on the field and our depth. All topped off with some 1st Class development.
  3. Agree with a lot of prior comments: Lyon better suited to Carlton than Buckley Selfish Pies taking away from MND fund raising Darn Magpies swill be fired up monday for the Bucks last game. Big test for us.
  4. This is the strongest list i have seen for the Dees. Great Rucks, mids and defence moving the ball at lightening pace to the forwards. Our small forwards are pressure machines and quick. Goody is happy for our talls to compete and get the ball to ground and the smalls to keep it forward. I think we may be setting the latest trend. Get your defence and team defence water tight and move the ball quickly forward. Dermot Brereton highlighted our sprint efforts compared to the Lions. We recorded 40 kms to the Lions 35 kms. Huge difference. Forwards going high to assist defence and
  5. We need to ensure that we bring in players to give them some exposure to the big time. Don't want to get caught out close to finals with injuries and our depth players have not had any exposure. Need to sneak a game here and there into these players. We have Brown in 'reserve'. Chandler has had a run. Viney to come in at some stage. Salem probably needs another rest. Its likely Declase will get a game at some stage for some exposure. Likely Laurey and Bowey will serve an apprenticeship before getting a run unless form is unreal in the VFL when it resumes. Fingers crossed no inju
  6. Huge $$ hit. Good suggestion about moving the money games forward. On a positive note Gus and Gawny very entertaining this week. The co star was ANB . Got a few laughs out of it.
  7. Baker likely choice. If we were not playing a top side Bowey might have been given a run with an option for wing or half back.
  8. Brayshaw does a lot of heavy lifting defensively. Been good week after week.
  9. One bad decision is a ripple. Let's just hope it does not turn into a tidal wave before seasons end and do sone damage.
  10. Bummer but can't change it now though. Definetly an ump stuff up. Crows kicked a goal from a deliberate out of bounds. The crows player threw his arms out to block a Dees attempt to touch the ball before it went out. If the ball is capable of being accessed before going out should not be deliberate. If the player blocks then it indicates the ball is accessible.
  11. I have watched Gus and Gawny for the last few episodes I like it. Even looking forward to the next eppy.
  12. I think the Fitness staff would be monitoring physical stress levels.
  13. Might have to give Brayshaw a go at trying to solve our clearance issues. After all he is a born and bred inside mid.
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