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  1. I doubt Martin will be able to keep up with big Max or be able to cope when Max goes forward. I think Max will run him around early to the point of exhaustion then go forward and Jacko into the ruck. That will force them to move English into the ruck from forward, Martin to bench with Max forward. Max would be full of confidence and height of his powers. He will cause huge headaches for the Dogs when he goes forward. Apart from his incredible marking during the last couple of months we have seen a much more agile and athletic Max around the ground. I am backing our mids to play very well. No doubt you would have watched the Mike Sheahan interview on the MFC website. Ranks our list as easily the best he has seen for the MFC. Ranks our mids as the best currently and Max as the best ruckman. We just have to produce top performance on the day. Max, Trac, Oliver and Viney seem very single minded and determined to produce whatever it takes.. Do Dees!!!!!!
  2. Bowey was recruited for his clean ball use which is one of his many skills. Complements Salem well and will be a real gun with a bit more experience. Our cleaner ball use and fierce tackling has had a major impact this year. Less turnovers against and it takes longer for the ball to come back which gives time to set up down back.
  3. I thinkl May will be fine to play. Early this year Petty went off with similar Hamstring tightness. Played the following week. May has 2 weeks to get right. Probably to risky to swap Smith (recent hammy) for Hibberd. If May did not have the tightness Smith would have been seriously considered. No change for me.
  4. Great game by Jack. His Brand is made for finals footy.
  5. Easily the best since 1964. The 1964 side was just beginning the slide after 10 great years hastened of course when Barassi left and Norm Smith was sacked. We had some pretty good teams in the late 80's, 90's and our last GF when ND ran the show. Those teams always had bad luck heading towards finals and we seemed to lose a good player each game through injury as well as during finals. Way more depth and talent now. With all the young players in the team we should be up for a while. We now also have a top shelf off field leadership. Coaching/development/fitness great and recruitment/list management great.
  6. Tom is very much a developing player who coaches are exposing to AFL football. Give him time and he will be very good. Doing his role otherwise he would be overlooked
  7. Jones a chance? Maybe sub. Played well in VFL.
  8. A real positive from the games two changes are that it put the whole team on notice. No one wants to miss selection for finals. Bowey's first up was good.
  9. Good to see Bowey in. He is clean with the ball, reads the play well and may assist with forward of the ball connection. We know what we will get from the other players suggested as a replacement. Time to find out what Bowey can offer before finals.
  10. Maybe Salem rested/managed. He has had that injury niggle.
  11. There may be a plan to free up Salem or one of the other backs on the wing or some other position. Bowey reads the play and disposes at a high level. A little like a taller and younger Caleb Daniel in that respect. He may debut as sub? Maybe we will go with 2 tall forwards? Maybe an unexpected player being managed this week? We will know soon enough.
  12. Watching a lot of games on TV the interpretation varies considerably game by game. Given what appears to be subjective decision making in many instances over the long haul frees should be around 50/50, ie win some/lose some. Most of incorrect disposal frees could go either way. We just had a bad night by the law of averages and we will hopefully make it up later. Having said that goals against from 50/50 decisions on incorrect disposal etc really hurt. I can't figure out how if a players arm is held there is prior opportunity.
  13. Don't have a KAYO compatible TV - Damm so missed the game. The free footy live app on my android phone has all the stats including disposals etc. Best i could do.
  14. At 200cm plus and listed around 70 odd kg he is long term. Could be 4 years easily. Captain Gawn was 5 years or so. That is our only chance of nabbing him. Clubs not willing to wait that long. Gees, we do have crap luck compared to say bullies. To offset that though is our A1 Grade recruitment team.
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