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  1. Can't find the training schedule. Is there training tomorrow ( 21/1/21) from 9am at Casey open to supporters????
  2. I like the quick switching to outside runners. The next step.
  3. Signings for rookie spots are available until March 9th. Williams will no doubt have a close look from a potential development perspective and a decision will be made one way or the other. Young Kobe will no doubt give it his best shot. Worth a try. Its obvious that we are going all out to get a couple of gun smalls into the team.
  4. The first 2 picks have been part of our plan. Tall forwards with smalls to deliver to talls and crumb. Hopefully our missing links.
  5. We have selected 2 players who will assist correcting our forward scoring connection issues. Sensible well planned picks. Great job Taylor and team.
  6. Very highly skilled. Great pick. Provides a difference and complements our tall forward line.
  7. His games so far have shown he has a great awareness of the game as it evolves around him. Did some great team assistance things up forward. He will be a gun in if he applies himself. It is more likely a case of why waste him in the ruck apart from relief bursts. Rivers also shows a natural game awareness. Last year's recruiting could well be the catalysts that propels us up the ladder. Another gun or 2 this draft would be the cream. The teams that have had ongoing success have always had a couple of unbelievable drafts.
  8. Judd slipped to pick 3 because of his shoulders. Lever and Selwood slipped because of ACL's. Not massive slips for those 3 but 2 reco's up the uncertainty ante for Baldwin. However sometimes you just have to take a punt because the rewards of a win are just to enticing.
  9. I think it was a great move to get 18,19 28. Keeps us in the game. We can use our picks, trade up in this draft or trade back to the 2021 draft. Never know who slips. Maybe we have our eye on a couple of players. Maybe a club is desperate for a player at 18 or 19 and is willing to give up a 2021 1st rounder. I think it's great that the MFC are keeping its options open with good picks.
  10. Having 18 and 19 gives us flexibility. We can use them or trade one or both for futures. If a kid slips and a team desperate for him we may get a great deal for a 2021 pick. We may even have our eye on a couple of kids.
  11. Max list sizes for 2021 are 38 primary and 6 rookies . Lines up with our 2020 list size. Not sure about salary CAP. It will be interesting to see how we use our picks come draft night. Th i shear will see heaps of swaps. We may be hoping a couple of players we like slip.
  12. Yep. Tom will be our back up tall swingman. Every team needs one although usually they come a bit cheaper. No doubt with injuries he will play a few games in 2021.
  13. Our game plan will likely change a bit. Brown will take pressure off Weid and Jackson. He probably will not need to be a big goal kicker to be effective. He may allow Jackson to be a surprise package next year for us. Very tough to cover 3 good talls. I expect our small forwards will be busy crumbing the work of our talls .
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