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  1. Great team effort. Defensive work was unbelievable. Team assists unbelievable. Work rate unbelievable. All day relentless pressure unbelievable. 4 zip - just the start. Finally reached team maturity - worth waiting for.
  2. Great training report. Now i am thinking we should not change a winning team at this stage. We have had lick with injuries. That will not last forever. Players banging down the door will just have to keeping banging it down. Their turn will come. Wins and a winning culture has just been so hard for us to get consistency in. Reward those getting it right.
  3. The list should be just about at the maturity where a higher level of consistency week to week materialises. With Hibberd, Melksham, Brown and the Weid waiting in the wings this should keep the team incumbents on their collective toes.
  4. Every team needs a gun defensive player who competes well in one on ones. This is especially important with the pace and space the ball is being moved in. 50/50 wins are great and so are the 50/50 spoils to ground.
  5. I think Charlie played well against Freo. He provides some defensive pressure, sets up shots on goal and kicks one or two. If he can build on that he will be a regular. Not lightening quick but a clever player.
  6. Jackson is very mobile as a ruckman and key forward. His mobility gives both the big and small aspects of his game to both positions. A great advantage for the team. An equal advantage is his 'footy smarts'. Tap ons, awareness, blocks etc. He is really shaping up as a very special player. The draft of Jackson, Kossi and Rivers could set us up for some good seasons. If Bowey, and/or Laurie come up trumps their 'special' disposal could materially contribute to the team. Jordan could also be a very special player.
  7. WBs a strong line up. Johannesan in the 2s, Hope at least one of our recruits get a run. How many on the bench?
  8. The word is its an O H & S issue. Poorly designed chairs at Cafes ans Coffee shops.
  9. With Hore, Weed and Brown done a one year deal would be worth while. If one of our other talls gets injured we would be knackered. So Majak is worthwhile insurance. I think T Mc can turn his form around this year but not a sure thing. Jackson looks the goods but is still very young. How many spots do we have? Farmer to fill one.
  10. He was in the team pic, that may be a give away concerning intention. Not sure about Deakin Smith. Was he in team pic as well?
  11. Its a big call to select him round 1. He would have to go very well in the praccies. One thing i liked about him when i saw him in an intra at training was his persistent presenting. Rarely kicked to him but he did not drop his head. Just kept presenting, persevering and wanted the ball. Good sign for a 1st year player. Took a good mark.
  12. Unfortunately I could not see who was playing on BB. White jumpers had were not wearing numbers. numbers.
  13. Good summary, i was also there watching from outside leaning up against what resembled prison bars. Petracca gave his all in the intraclub and was knackered when he came off. Jordan featured a few times. Brown at FF looked good. Hibberd in rehab saw him a couple of times. Bowey came off very early before match sim with hopefully only a little niggle. Did not seem bothered by it but went into the rooms for a while. Jackson had an easy day not taking part in the match sim or drills. Had his top off on the way in and has added a good few kilos of muscle. Looks like h
  14. Can't find the training schedule. Is there training tomorrow ( 21/1/21) from 9am at Casey open to supporters????
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