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  1. If a stock, or in this case a bet, is oversold it is too cheap. Sellers have driven the price down; it is a buyer's market. When a commentator says it is overdone it means that to their eyes there has been too much selling or not enough buying. Therefore, we are "overs" - in a market that is supposedly priced for perfection - the Demons are false odds. The price is too long for the reasons stated. I am no McLachlan apologist but in this case a number of posters have disappeared down the wrong wormhole.
  2. He would have to be an upgrade on the Easter Island moai that is the current incumbent.
  3. Any idea what the Carlton reject thought about the bruise-free football?
  4. Absolute belter of a guernsey. Even my aint supporting wife had to admit it is the best of 'em.
  5. I wonder what evidence there is for the supposed good list @ the baggers. Surely footballers with brains and heart would have pride in their performance. Meh, overrated rabble. "We're coming" - we're waiting.
  6. Almost regardless of his form, almost, Sam offers the MFC team structure more than Ben Brown - hell, Mitch Brown does too. Whatever skills Ben has displayed in the past, in a frankly pretty putrid Norf outfit, they are invisible in a 2021 game structure. Even the the Norf brains trust (an oxymoron if ever there was one) recognised it. Nothing to see here from a tempo destroying selfish player. Sam is team oriented; Ben is Oscar Mac with a crap haircut.
  7. The problem for JKH, and Stretch for that matter, is that they fall somewhere between AFL and VFL standard.
  8. Is this part of an ""up you Hungry Jacks" from the Scottish restaurant?
  9. I was 10 years old. Great uncle Bill was always able to get tickets in the days when you had to buy a series ticket. The pre game at the old MCG Hotel was the first time I'd ever sat in a front bar anywhere. As for the game itself, I'd always loved John Lord. It seemed unbelievable that a bloke as bald as grandpa was actually playing footy. And the revolting Gabelich clocked him - boo. Don Williams was a favourite though with the brycreemed, slick back hair and white ankle bandages. Sadly, the game is a mist. I remember celebrating but didn't that always happen? I mean Melbourne always won. So imagine how shocked I was 12 months later and they didn't make the four!
  10. The problem for Jeffy is that the version most people want in is 2016 not 2018.
  11. Freo?? FFS. What player with any brain at all would sign with that shower and play under Lyon? No matter how much cash they shoved at you.
  12. Wow, hold the front page. Millennial does drugs - who woulda thunk it? Clear him to Port.
  13. I think Hugh has been disappointing at the Aints. Only his first game for the year on Saturday and didn't do much. Bit of size but pass.
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