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  1. Im happy with this tweet and I think it shows Max has identified what value he can bring with his leadership style. Yes, its easy in hindsight to pick on max if we dont perform and its not nice having people pick on us for beating our chest. Think about it from a player point of view. Your captain has instilled expectations and belief, willing to put it out on media to reinforce it and cop any heat. It may seem small to some but I appreciate Max's efforts here.
  2. Its a really low chance that duplicate correspondence=duplicate payments, my advice is to not worry.
  3. He's only 27, turning 28 soon. Not sure whats going on with his body/mind but there should be a few more years in him yet. There should be expectation next year for him to return to the hard running forward that helps in the ruck. However come the pointy end of his career I kind of expect him to be traded for cheap as a key position player, most likely a club needing a full back like what Collingwood did with Dunn.
  4. I look at him play and hes always rushed. Its like hes been beaten into submission from tag after tag.
  5. Messy messy messy. A few mistakes from Maxxy but my god he is leagues above the rest; most tackles and the little efforts that the captain should always display. Love him. 1.5 years of not being able to score, continues.
  6. Its a hesitant yes from me. I'm not that interested in Levi but i'm interested in scoring and it's been the crux of how we have performed throughout the year. We have moved around forward plans and even tried adapting a faster play style to get the ball in 'quick' (Some memories of this years queens birthday still make me cringe). The 'get the ball to the ground' approach hasn't provided much fruit either. Balls goes in - ball comes out. Story of our year. McDonald gets double teamed and we can't rely on Weiderman to kick a bag. Another tall forward provides McDonald flexibility to run around and cause havoc and eases impact from injury. Belief in winning the ball and being able to score seems to make or break the team. I don't care about Levi too much but If we don't add something to our forward line then I'm strapping myself in for another rocky year.
  7. I'm happy he isn't. He's been tagged a lot this year and seems to of developed some sort of PTSD where he has to get rid of the ball before he gets nailed. Sure, he gets a lot of the pill and has had some fantastic quarters throughout the year but I feel he isnt in the top tier.
  8. The last play of the game was Neville crunching Lecras into the ground during a marking contest. Lecras probably returned serve after the siren and they agreed to disagree.
  9. Finding out the MFC was born on the same date as myself, was the best birthday present of them all.
  10. Game is being streamed via channel 7 too. https://7plus.com.au/live-tv/
  11. Im quite concerned for Jetta. He's had history of concussions and has spent some good time on the sidelines recovering. With the recent media attention on Jetta, we had learnt abound his 'keeping his feet' philosophy. After the clash of heads I immediately thought the worst, so seeing him get up and try to lay a tackle (and give away a free/goal) made me feel uneasy. Wouldn't be surprised to see him rested or out with injury. Certainly hoping he plays.
  12. That was painful to watch. From 15 minutes into the first quarter until end of game. I was just constantly on edge knowing that as soon as Richmond could just flick the switch and score. Every turnover (there was many) made me just that little more instance. What happened to the switch? We used it sparingly, more so around 3tr time (with a blunder or two). However its not a feature of our game as it was last year or with Paul Roos. I want to breathe fire and point fingers... now i'm starting to think that Goodwin might not be the right man after the last two rounds.
  13. Esports, like Adelaide Crows and Essendon. Children watch these things at their own free will. Plant the idea when they are young - Go the demons.
  14. http://streaming.gohosting.com.au/bpmmediaplayer.html
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