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  1. Well that was a… thing? Not totally sure what that was that I just watched. I’ve had games where I wanted both teams to lose, but I didn’t realise it was actually possible. I’ll just quietly turn the TV off and sneak away.
  2. Sounds like a miserable ODI against New Zealand in the 90s.
  3. This will be me in three years wrestling my (currently) 13 year old son who is already my height and shooting up at a rate of knots. Get away from me you giant monster! I’m just a little old man!
  4. They’ll spend all their emotional energy on Bucks and forget to keep any for the game. They’ll be flat as tacks. We’ve been waiting all season to dish out a real belting. Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen; here it comes.
  5. From my experience with Richmond, by the third flag they’ll be well jack of us. Give it time.
  6. Easily the best team I’ve seen. My memory of 98 is sketchy but 2000 and 2018 came off the back of late season runs after wobbles during the season. 2021 team has been pro since the first bounce of round 1. Part of me is still waiting for the wheels to fall of, but I think I’m ready to believe they won’t.
  7. Median age and games is a better indication I think. Not sure how to get that until AFL Tables publishes for the round though. In round 11, Brisbane were 25 years / 93 games, and Melbourne were 25 years / 103 games. Our only change were both on the low side of the median so ours would be the same. Both teams look of comparable experience on paper to me.
  8. I think the unwritten/implied first part of the question is “once fully fit”. Whether or not he needs a run or two at Casey to rebuild match fitness is a separate question I think. And yes, definitely comes straight in once fit.
  9. Yeah, there’s wars, famine and a pandemic, so let’s not talk about anything else ever. Might as well close the site down if “there’s worse things happening” is the barrier of entry for a conversation. Pretty much everything we worry about on here is trivial compared to the world’s problems.
  10. I’m another avid match day thread avoider. I’ll post at half time if we’re winning, I’m feeling brave AND I’m bored and have no better way to fill in the long break. I just don’t like bagging Melbourne or its players, and people who do have a severe negative effect on my mood. I support the team and the players, even the s*** ones. It doesn’t mean I can’t tell when they’re playing badly or that I’m not frustrated by it, which is what you get accused of if you try and argue with the ragers who have freaked out because we’re 3 points down half way through the second quarter. There’s no poi
  11. I don’t think the jury is in yet. I can’t believe that a 23 year old forward has no prospect at rectifying the deficiencies in his game. I guess we will see at selection this week whether Goodwin shares your view that he’s unviable.
  12. I don’t see the point in trading Weid or playing him back. Go all in and back him to become the forward he should be able to become, and persist until the jury is well and truly in.
  13. You know, if you didn’t excessively bag Melbourne players so much to begin with, you wouldn’t have to eat so much humble pie later. Just a thought.
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