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  1. It’s a bit of a stretch to describe Oscar McInerney as a player we lost; he was never Melbourne listed and he spent most of his time at Casey kicking around in the twos.
  2. There’s no way any ruckman with designs on being first ruck - and has the capability - is coming to us now after how the Grundy thing has played out. If that was me I’d be saying Brodie effing Grundy couldn’t get a game, what hope have I got? We need to develop some young rucks. We can start thinking of high profile rucks again when Max is closer or at the end.
  3. Serious but with about 3 seconds of thought given to it bub. TMac is more likely, in any case I think a role shuffle is inevitable with a hybrid going out and the best remaining options being talls.
  4. I’m absolutely gutted for Melky. In career best form so late in his career and a real shot at some glory gone, for what was essentially a glorified practice match in terms of importance. I’m struggling to take away anything but that tbh.
  5. Stoppages and clearances aren’t the only time midfielders touch the ball. Just sayin…
  6. Tools at your disposal has to be part of it too. Mitchell doesn’t have the luxury of a starting midfield of Oliver, Petracca and Viney that Goody has. It would be obviously wasteful if we played a completely negative player in our midfield. Hawthorn just did what they needed to have the best shot at winning. I don’t mind it, but I’d definitely prefer to be in our position than theirs.
  7. Satisfying win. Hawthorn have improved heaps on their early season form, and that was a legitimate arm wrestle for three quarters.
  8. That goal will be burned in to my memory forever. The moment where I finally allowed myself to believe we might win the game and the emotional release of about 10 years that followed. Actually feel the tears again just thinking about it and I haven’t even watched the clip yet!
  9. I often wonder if it’s a psychological thing that some people are just unable to enjoy anything after they get put under stress. I seethed and swore my way through the first quarter and a bit, but after we regained control in the second, we never looked like losing. The play that got the van Rooyen goal on half time was pure bliss, and the third quarter was dominance. The cue went in the rack in the last. Don’t forget that the two top teams failed this week, for the second week in a row. This competition is so tight that the bottom teams CAN beat the top teams. Hawthorn proved that last night. We got the job done, comfortably in the end. I’m content.
  10. 3 weeks ago, second place seemed out of reach. Now it’s very much in play. Jeez this feels a lot like 2021 with everything starting to fall in place at the right time. Stoked to be at Blundstone tomorrow now. There’s a lot at stake!
  11. How is that different to the impact to the soft cap being "suspended"? I introduced the word in this case, but what you've just described is exactly what happens when something is suspended. They have to pay $100k in cash regardless, the "suspended" part only refers to how much gets included in the soft cap.
  12. I interpret to mean another breach will activate the $50k "suspended" soft cap, in addition to whatever the penalty is for the new breach.
  13. Shaun Burgoyne was the last player my age. At 37 I pulled my hamstring getting out of bed and it was sore for weeks. Seeing him running around at peak AFL condition at the same age and never getting injured was one of the most irreconcilable things I’ve ever seen in my life.
  14. Everyone aged between 32 and 40 just went “oof”. 39 represent ;)
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