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  1. Burgs was a print media journalist and rusted on MFC fan who had to build the club’s media presence from scratch, and stayed loyal after he was given the heave ho. I reckon you could have said Gibbo did a great job without saying anything about Burgs.
  2. Really for Casey rucks, there are two strategies that are both valid, depending on circumstance: 1- a "ready to go" senior ruck and a developing ruck. Pros: player immediately available to backfill if a senior ruck gets injured. Cons: ready to go (and probably AFL NQR) ruck hogs all the game time at Casey, seriously impedes the development of the developing ruck 2- two development rucks, with the better of the two getting the lion's share of gametime at Casey. Pros: bets are hedged if one of them turns out to be no good. Cons: both could turn out to be no good. With Gawn and Grundy both in the side, strategy 2- makes the most sense to me. It's a position of luxury, really. We don't really hurt too badly if one of the seniors gets injured; we just make do with TMac or Schache playing second ruck. If they both go down obviously we're stuffed, but I don't think having a Daw like player really mitigates that anyway. When Jackson was on the list, developing rucks weren't a priority. Jackson was the development ruck, it just so happened that he was good enough that he could do it in the senior side. Now the only rucks on our list are on the wrong side of 30 (edit: whoops, I've added years to Grundy. Oh well, point remains the same). I think finding the next one is a pretty urgent priority and it's risky business putting all our eggs in one basket.
  3. Indeed. It comes at a much greater cost too in these low scoring games. Frustrating.
  4. I’ve been considering trying out one of the park and ride services in Kingston (I live in the Huon) as Mac Point is burning a hole in my pocket. This might encourage me to finally do it, although obviously it’s a while away yet. Oh for proper public transport.
  5. Damn, where they want to build that stadium is where I park my car for work every day. What a personal inconvenience.
  6. I have to confess to not getting on board with the AFLW much. Not out of sexist belligerence that you see from the blokes on facebook, but because I just haven’t made the time. The PF was the first game I’ve watched this year and the standard of the game is through the roof compared to previous years. It’s amazing what a few years of training in a professional environment and actually having a pathway to get there makes. Saw the hallmark of a really good side in the second half. North were completely on top but the damage on the scoreboard was minimal, then we crushed them in the last. Got goosebumps with Daisy’s sealer. Looking forward to the granny.
  7. You told a cautionary tale about how your email was hacked and it caused you a great deal of damage, in the context of a thread discussing a member having access to your email address. I drew an inference that you saw this as being a risk here. I'm not misrepresenting you, I think that inference is reasonable. If it's not what you were trying to communicate, then I can't draw any other link between what you've posted and the topic at hand. You said this: "This joker has got front page publicity in national newspapers about getting all our personal data". He has not got yours or anyone's personal data. Optus and Medibank have your personal data. To be honest I think a request for documentation on how they are going to manage the list of email addresses they have been given going forward, is quite reasonable. I just don't think there's any plausible threat or danger to have come from him/them having my email address, and I think people are being a bit selective about their concerns when in reality, your email address is likely everywhere.
  8. How does having your email address equate to an increase risk of having your email hacked? Rhetorical question; it doesn't. It equates to an increased risk of receiving some emails - that's it. Your email address is everywhere. You used it to register your Demonland account. As an admin, I could click on your profile right now, see it, and email you. It's completely ridiculous to compare this to the Optus and Medibank breaches. He doesn't have all your personal data. He has your name, your address (which he already had, incidentally), and now your email address. The Optus and Medibank breaches gave enough personal data that in the wrong hands, could result in mass identity theft. That's not a plausible concern here.
  9. And then there was this: Players will always have plenty of moments to remember and those they'd rather not. I believe Hunter also had a moment to forget in the GF, taking a bounce on the wing and having the ball bounce out of bounds. I think the game was done and dusted by then - last quarter?
  10. It contained very similar content to the one from the club in regards to the court case, ie “we tried really hard to avoid this but waaaah unreasonable other party”. The only difference is one came from a @melbournefc email address and the other didn’t, and that is colouring your perception.
  11. Personally I’m glad both are still around, even if they have their reasons for not posting. I butted heads with @beelzebuba bit back in the day, but I have no hard feelings at all. We’re all Demons and my opinion, all fundamentally on the same side at heart. Moderating the forum was a hard and busy job in the early days, @Rhino Richards was one of the few that had the stomach for it. I am personally thankful he was around and I wish he’d pop his head in from time to time. I hope both those guys enjoyed the flag.
  12. I always assumed it was paying homage to Homer Simpson!
  13. Yes, I recall! Didn’t realise you were still about on here. I sat with Lukey26 at that game. I’m still (just) in touch with her. She was @WhateverItTakeson here, don’t think she’s active though.
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