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  1. Every one of the considerable number of games we lost in 2019 were because of that one game we didn’t review.
  2. Love the change of course on the talls front, and that they’re backing Toby in. The development of Bedford and Jordon has been a real highlight this year. Can’t wait for this one.
  3. I stopped participating, or will occasionally pop in during a quarter break if things are going okay. The over the top catastrophising just does my head in.
  4. Spelt van but pronounced fon. I suppose. I have a mate whose last name is van Rijswijk, which is pronounced “fon Rays-vayk”. Took a bit of wrapping my head around, but I’m pretty happy with Dutch “ij” being a hard “ay” sound now, and a w sounding like an English v is common in a lot of languages.
  5. That GWS game WAS one of the most fun games to watch though. Michael Evans kicked 3 goals in that last quarter. A star in the making! He got delisted the next year, with a year to run on his contract if I remember rightly.
  6. What do you mean? This is literally the most critical bit of info since he was drafted! The van Ruin thing has been driving me spare, even Max says it! @Roger Mellieback me up here!
  7. BUMP CONFIRMED on website interview; correct pronunciation: “van Royen”. Anyone heard calling him van Ruin from now on is going to HEAR ABOUT IT FROM ME!
  8. Yeah, Bails and Neeldy would have had him on the straight and narrow in no time.
  9. They’ve stopped tanking and have reverted to just being regulation garbage.
  10. That’s precisely my view as well. The role he’s playing is valuable and important, and there’s no better option. But the dropped marks and missed goals make me feel sad. He’s not that far off. It’s the type of form that we often see turn around in an instant.
  11. Hah, to be honest I had too. Just ended up zombie-ing in to the next game after ours finished.
  12. Watching the wrong game! Pies Suns a ripper.
  13. Doing a full match load of training on the day of the game seems like a weird thing to do. Might as well do a full match load of match.
  14. Would love to see the Suns roll the Pies.
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