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  1. Every year since about 2020 was meant to be the year Geelong finally went off the cliff. I thought we might have punted them off it in 2021 but nope. The buggers seem to just be able to get up again, over and over. From now on I’m just going to assume they’ll be a contender again until I see with my own eyes that they’re not.
  2. This mirrors every other game against poo teams like Richmond and Hawthorn. One half of both sides making our eyes bleed, before we cruise away in the second half and win by plenty. Even the West Coast game wasn’t that different except we forgot the skipping away bit. Love the Langdon to half forward move. He killed it. Huge vote of confidence in Windsor to play the opposite wing to Hunter. I will legit cry the day Max pulls the pin.
  3. Why would Dusty leave Richmond for Norf or Hawf? I think if he was going to play for a non-contender he’d just stay where he’s comfortable.
  4. Great to see Harmesy having a real dip in the last few weeks. Still got a lot of love for the lad.
  5. Do you think the second quarter (score wise basically even) was a marked improvement in “effort”? I don’t. The game looked basically the same to me, we just found ways to score.
  6. Sounds stupid given a 0.0 to 5.0 first quarter but I really didn’t feel like the score reflected the effort. It was our usual arm wrestle first quarter but the score somehow didn’t reflect. This game was a freak anomaly for mine. I write it off as a disappointing loss that we should have won and move on.
  7. Imagine if we scored literally anything in the first quarter? Oh well. Trac, you are are bloody star.
  8. My perspective after last week and this is: what we do against lowly teams don’t matter. Against Richmond, or Hawthorn, or whoever else, as long as we get the 4 points, nothing else matters. These are the games that matter. Beating the other top teams matter. We’re a contender in 2024 and we ARE good enough to win it. Love these Dees.
  9. They’re right about the Sparrow/Viney thing though.
  10. Presumably any offence that is punishable by suspension has the potential to cause injury, that’s why it warrants such a heavy penalty.
  11. Hunter is available according to the injury report. I haven’t been following his injury- is he in the frame or will he need a Casey run? He is better than both Billings and Woey 2.0 if he’s fit. If not, it’s just May for Hore for me. Woey sub.
  12. I went through the five stages of grief while waiting for the page to load.
  13. Haven’t been on for ages because I couldn’t deal with the off field drama but I came in response to this news. I’m heartbroken for Gus but absolutely love this photo and it sums up my memory of him for me. Premiership hero and all time great in my mind and my heart. Love you Gus.
  14. It’s a bit of a stretch to describe Oscar McInerney as a player we lost; he was never Melbourne listed and he spent most of his time at Casey kicking around in the twos.
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