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  1. 10 correct, two of which were rank guesses. Enjoyable quiz, well done. (SPOILER AHEAD) I was going to protest being called incorrect at the collision question when I answered Cameron and Henderson - then I remembered that was earlier in the quarter, and there was one involving Dangerfield and someone at (our) half forward. Amazing all the little details you forget.
  2. Just finished watching the speeches. I saved the Daniher hall of fame induction until last. The tribute from Nathan Jones and Neale’s speech as delivered by David Neitz hit me straight in the heart. If you don’t like people seeing you cry I recommend watching it in private.
  3. I had this idea all season that he was a hot-and-cold performer. The stats don’t support it. He had some poor games - who doesn’t? But he scored at least once in every game, and obviously set a few completely alight. I was also worried he might not perform in the highest pressure games. LOL The goal over the back in the third quarter illustrates his class. Firstly, he damn near marked it from way out of position but Gawn got in the way. Secondly, with the way he landed he could have been forgiven for falling over, but instead he hit ground at full pace and charged in to open goal. Probably the most crucial of the 6 because of the context of the game, and that it was from a contested ball. Great season, great grand final. Can’t wait to see him back it up next year.
  4. Surely we’re past being afraid of West Coast in Perth. We’ve won more flags there than they have!
  5. Yep. Shaun Burgoyne is nearly a full year older than me and I really struggle to wrap my head around how he’s done it for so long. Obviously work ethic and mental strength play a part, but there must be an element of physical pot luck in there too. Ageing is inevitable, for most of us anyway!
  6. I’m 38 and while I’ve obviously never been an athlete, it’s really stark how much more easily I get sore, and how much harder it is to maintain condition even compared to my early 30s, and that’s without decades of punishment of elite contact sport. There’s a very good reason why few players can sustain the training required for that long and it’s got little to do with skill.
  7. Lived vicariously through the snippets posted on social media and the Demonland commentary. I’m actually spewing I missed this more than not being able to get to the GF, which even in normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have been able to get to anyway. Sounds like it was a great day.
  8. Col Garland fits that bill too I reckon Crackers. Played more games at a lower winning percentage too: 141 games at 24.82.
  9. On the topic of crippling pedantry, correct pronunciation of his name please? The commentators all pronounced it “Van Ruin” - I refuse to believe the “y” in there is silent.
  10. My 9 year old son, the only of my four that has any interest in footy, starts on a much different course to what I did. I was 9 in 1993 when we suffered defeat at the hands of the hopeless Swans for their only win of the year, and the flack I copped as the only Melbourne supporter at school was merciless. Like how the current players say they’re not scarred from the past because they weren’t here for it, neither will be the generation of kids growing up in this era.
  11. I love the length they went to relate it to Jack Watts just so they could pull off a Watt pun.
  12. Without meaning to be a downer, I’ll be surprised if he makes it to 300. He’s a human battering ram whose arms already have to be taped on by his dodgy shoulders. I’ll settle for him leading the dynasty until he’s 28 before he starts to struggle with injuries though.
  13. The Suns fans on BigFooty are accusing him of “taking the money”. I spat my drink: imagine being 29 and turning your back on all that Suns success.
  14. Nah, we retained the same coaches for the entire game. (Sorry, had to!) Two that have been fairly well documented, which were even better than coaching moves - player driven tactical changes: 1) Oliver claiming direct responsibility for Bont at stoppages 2) Gawn staying out of the ruck when Jackson was on top
  15. Interesting comment given you’ve been registered for less than a month and it’s been years since RR was a moderator. He had a pretty prickly personality no doubt, but he also dealt with a LOT of shit. For every time he might have acted harshly, there were 10 funkwits who repeatedly broke the rules and then cried foul when they got given the boot; the ragequitter in question was most definitely one of these. Unless you were staff at the time, you don’t know. My skin turned to teflon years ago when it comes to criticism of our moderation. People see 1/100th of the picture and think they know. They don’t. By the way, RR is still about, he just doesn’t post. I respect his contribution to the site, and I think it’s a pity others don’t.
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