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  1. This must surely put the hired help in your joint in some danger tonight !!!!
  2. I can't have that !! Harmes was a genuine contributor and provided more to the team than Brayshaw did tonight. Of course he got found out a couple of times but in his first senior game in 7 weeks he did enough to retain his spot.
  3. Let's keep a little check on the hyperbole for the moment. Kozzie's good but he's not deliiiiiiiiiiiiicious yet !!!!
  4. The annoying thing about my wife is that she feels the need to remind me to do something she already told me about 6 months ago !!
  5. The annoying thing about my wife is that she feels the need to remind me to do something she already told me about 6 months ago !!
  6. Am I wrong in wanting Pickett to have a break and be managed in the true sense of the word. He is slight and he's coming under increasing heat each week. Might be prudent to let him have the odd week off to keep him cherry ripe !!
  7. Collingwood are bubbling along nicely. Let's not change the current formula.
  8. I'm deeply scarred and deeply scared. With good reason !!!
  9. And cannon into the back of an opponent unexpectedly and knock him flat on the ground. A cowardly act which caused our fans to boooo him every time he touched the ball that day. And deservedly so
  10. I'm suffering from post coital dysphoria and gender dysphoria for good measure !!!
  11. Our gardener was a North supporter. We had to get rid of him. He was an alcoholic.
  12. Gee what a shame to see the Cats go down in a nail biter !! I wish someone had been there to give Chris Scot a big hug. He looked sooooooooo sad 😭 Can someone just tell Selwood to stop pointing and gesticulating when things don't go his way. He is a shockingly poor sport
  13. Would I be wrong in thinking that Jones said to Goodwin, " Put me out of the side and bring in someone new" knowing that someone new was going to be Brown. Could be the case
  14. There are not enough corrupt or incompetent umpires to get the kangas over the line this week. Their best chance of a win would be a volcanic eruption of Mt Wellington or divine intervention
  15. To paraphrase Dr Evil...…….. " Howe about noooooooooooooooooooo ??? !!!!!!!!
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