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  1. Cold as a witches elbow ......... and wet.
  2. You have a way with words Jaded. Keep up the good work !!
  3. The supporters are relaxed, the faux supporters, not so much. Lose this one and I officially become an alcoholic.
  4. Well it's nice to see the club respond to a bit of feedback from the fans. I will now send them a missive touching on selection policy, player skill sets and where I think more effort is required on and off the field. Trust me I will cover all the deficiencies I have detected.
  5. Ok, let's shorten the quarters by not having the field umpire wait in the middle of the ground after each goal with the ball at their feet looking up to the stand waiting for a light to go on before he can bounce the ball. Or not wait to have a chat to the players around the place to discover which one is going to contest the ball up. Or perhaps not wasting time to review a decision that a competent goal umpire would get right 99 % of the time, or maybe just get the boundary umpire to throw the ball in as soon as he is in position with the ball in hand. How about never stopping the game to look at balls crossing the boundary line. Just adjudicate on what you see. The duration of the game would be significantly shorter with any of these changes. Whatever Chris Scott is pushing for should be opposed with every fibre of our bodies !!!! Plonker !
  6. I have met two former players, the first being Jack Mueller when I was about 12 at the Commonwealth Golf Club where I was a caddy. I got a bit of a shock when I shook his hand and discovered he only had 3 fingers. He was a lovely personable guy. The second was Robbo who came to the school where I was teaching and addressed the students. He must have sensed I was a Melbourne fan because I was sitting there in the lecture theatre with red flashing demon horns on my head. He really related well to the students who were mostly Carlton or Collingwood fans. The last one, more recent, was Clayton Oliver who was in the supermarket with his girlfriend just after he got drafted. I shook his hand and wished him all the best with his career. That's going well so far !! I
  7. Not only was I barracking for them, I continued to watch after the siren to see the Pies faithful celebrating. Something I would never do. I need two showers !!!!
  8. You went too early on that call Dee O.F !!! The mighty Pies giving Richmond a black eye surely puts a beautiful cherry on top of this outstanding weekend !! Go Pies !!
  9. I'll take 4 intercept marks from a defender every day of the week. Petty was worth his salt and more last night. Absolutely esssential to have a guy who can mark under pressure and apply a bit of heat when the ball hits the deck. Very important part of our back 6 !!!
  10. Oh Ye of little faith FND !! I picked you as a stauncher supporter than that. Give it at least until half time before you toss in the towel.
  11. I was at the game and my observation was that in several moments throughout the game the GWS players were more desperate to get in first in the 50/50 contests and consequently took possession and took control of the play far more often than we did. This is an attitudinal issue first and foremost
  12. Hold the phone Hell Bent, I would say all of the Gold Coast frees in that last quarter were legit. Furthermore,where did the field umpires suddenly get the courage to actually pay them ? i have bagged umpires but they were umpiring in the spirit of the game and to the letter of the law. Boy oh boy wow wee !!!
  13. Jackson certainly looks the goods but Jordon is primed to become a major contributor to a great demon dynasty. He's got loads of upside and is a massive asset to an already tremendous midfield. Cool head and above average skill set.
  14. God give me strength !! That was by no jaundiced interpretation of any of the AFL's rules ,a goal !!! Just watch it become goal of the year, for the sheer theatre of it !
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