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  1. Petracca's carrying a couple of extra kilos by the look of it !
  2. Do we ever remember it !! Anyone who saw Jakovich play would be salivating at the prospect of another Jako. He could probably do much of what he did then with two defenders hanging off him even in these days.
  3. Allow Tasmania to field their own AFL team or drop the name Australian Football League, simple as that. Let's simplify it even more for the dummies at league headquarters Drop the Gold Coast Suns. No future for them. New name without a tassie team ' Football league ' That is a truer representation of what we have now.
  4. The dees have got a great future behind us , no doubt !!
  5. Well deserved for Daniher. Was a titan for our club and great in his MND role. Let's leave Daniel Andrews name out of it whatever he has done to promote it
  6. Honestly we could care less about Collingwood and their draft trading, but this looks like a terrible result for them.
  7. I remember John Gallus. That is I remember the name and if I'm not wrong, he was a big guy. Much more than that, I cant recall.
  8. Alright, let's analyse this sensibly. He was quite good at St Kilda. Not so good at Geelong. He's got attitude and injury issues and he's 30 years old. In a good environment he could become a decent player. Sounds like a good fit for the deees. It's yes from me !!
  9. From what we saw last year, this is the least likely thing that could happen. If any pace were required in a wingman, the question answers itself.
  10. Ok I've lost all track of time and the date. I guess it must be November since I just saw them run the Melbourne Cup
  11. Except that Chipper has retired
  12. Well they got rid of Josh Caddy so that's another one they got rid of. Mitch Clark...….. is he still there ??
  13. The umpires weren't horrible tonight apart from missing a handful of throws. But really why do they feel they need to give some token award to an umpire or goodness sakes ??? Just hope and pray they don't ruin a game
  14. A non goer when it really counted
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