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  1. The thing I remember in particular about Richmond in 2017 was the excellent run they had with injuries, similar to us this year. What stamps us as different to the Tigers I reckon is that I believe you could comfortably name 5 leaders amongst our team this year. Players who lead by example with their form, their steely focus and their willingness to put the team first and protect and guide teammates. And I'm including Tom Sparrow and Alex Neal Bullen in that description for actions in the prelim and the granny. Maybe Richmond had a number of them as well, I don't know, but what I do know is that quality is the bedrock of this team and it could well get us two more flags with this group.
  2. Does he bring you a glass of wine 🍷 whilst you're watching it too ??? That would be the cherry 🍒 on top !! If yes, he's a keeper !
  3. Mitchell is putting more noses out of joint than Leigh Matthews or Damian Monkhorst in their heydays !! Keep up the good work Mitch !!
  4. Still it was nice that Scott was able to help Dangerfield achieve his dream.................. of being closer to his family.
  5. If the Cats start getting belted regularly at Kardinia Park, the State governments $ 120 + million investment into the ground is going to look like an ordinary idea.
  6. And loses a bit of weight !!
  7. He was sniffing around in the Bulldogs goalsquare when Johanisen took his mark. I thought " what the hell is he doing down there " ???
  8. " Mark Neeld said he wanted the Dees to be the hardest team to play against. We have finally achieved that. Get amongst it !!! "
  9. I have lived two of the most painful days of my life (. 1988 and 2000 ) This won't end like those.
  10. Is it too early to say " Sack Goodwin " or do I have to wait ' til after the game ??
  11. Richmond could offer Dusty's chopsticks as a sweetener.
  12. I think the turning point for the fortunes of the football team was the recruitment of Jake Lever. I believe Lever has not only brought fantastic defensive talents to the team but I reckon he has been one of the catalysts for the type of culture change we've been crying out for for years. We have developed a range of leaders across the team, Max being the most obvious one. You've also got May, Jones, Oliver, Petracca,Viney. The difference with Lever is that he communicates an incredibly strong desire to excel and he leads by example. He is the consummate thinking player and he demands the highest standards of his team mates whilst delivering the goods himself. There are a lot of factors in play this year, but getting this player has changed the attitude and actions of this team in a similar sort of way to Joel Selwood at the cats.
  13. Probably the wrong tack to start with. The guy has no contrition but to be fair, his expectation from most previous experience would be that his actions will be glossed over and white washed and forgiven as they often are.
  14. Okay I'm calling it now. Nathan Jones comes into the side for the preliminary at I don't know whose expense, plays a blinder and plays his last game as a premiership winner in the granny. Well that's what I want to happen anyway.
  15. Which year was I born. ? '57 Which number is 33% of my IQ ??? 57 Spooky !
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