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  1. It's the sentiment I attach to a side that has been out-performed by the bottom side in the competition for the last six weeks.
  2. How about this for an answer? We get out-selected, out-coached and out-thought virtually every single game. The comp has well and truly sorted Goodwin out.
  3. Generally I love women in the media and can't stand the blokes. But when AH gets going . . . . . . she goes off like a frog in a sock.
  4. Agree with you D17. I'm thinking Deez $1.12, Barkers $3:80. We beat them decisively five minutes ago and they completely shayt themselves when we bought the heat at the 18 minute mark of the third term. Deez easily waltzing away with it. (Plus Matthew Lloyd needs a new premiership favourite to announce every Monday.)
  5. How many finals have footscray won over the last five years?
  6. Being very hard on Weed there RDN. Schache, God bless him, can only dream of being half as good as Weed.
  7. Thank goodness Gary never coached us. Dodged a bullet there. I'm only interested in what Daisy thinks.
  8. The only surprising thing about this thread is how surprised 'Lander's are with Brereton's d&*k-headary.
  9. Although there's still 10 weeks to go, post of the season is now closed and awarded to THBT.
  10. Demonlanders: Schizophrenia, paranoia, dissociative disorder, NPD, PTSD and DPD. Dee players: Adult ADHD
  11. Imagine how good Viney would be under a decent coach?
  12. Really CB? I really can’t understand why you’d struggle to like a mob that has a profound history of cheating, chronic inter-generational ineptitude and racism, and multiple players being charged with rape. I’m truly flummoxed.
  13. Outside of Our Daisy and one or two others, the media are basically clueless.
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