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  1. Essenscum have a couple of major problems (at least). Like a few other clubs, (WCE, Norf and GWS come to mind) they are paying the wrong players big money. Absolutely no on field leadership whatsoever. Their last outstanding captain retired 17 years ago.
  2. FFS . . . can we just bring back Neil Busse and Monday nights at Harrison House. You: 4 weeks. You, you and you: 3 weeks. And as for you Mr. Rhys-Jones, 6 weeks. Bang.
  3. Was he the same consistent player at Freeo. I recon his best was played at the Deez.
  4. I agree Daisycutter. I s'pose my point is, regarding Jackson, that the examples of players 'going home' by choice to W.A. on significant coin, and delivering against expectations, are limited, if not, non-existent.
  5. I wonder, has he delivered value for money IYO so far Daisycutter? I'd respectfully suggest that the Eagles would be less that satisfied with their return to date.
  6. You are right of course OD. I seem to recall that Kennedy was reluctant to return to W.A. I'll modify my question: In the AFL era, how many West Australians have left Victoria willingly, accepting big bucks in their first contract in WA, and had good, long careers? I must admit, I can't think of one.
  7. In the AFL era, how many West Australians have left Victoria and had good, long careers in Perth?
  8. Was going to do that M, but I thought not being able to count was the lesser of two evils.
  9. Guest who . . . in an excitable voice . . . "Melbourne have won the first nine in a season for the first time since . . . [hesitation] . . . last year!" Commentary box sniggers.
  10. joeboy - difficult game to rate but did a good job tonight.
  11. Underwood's pre-game preparation . . . make sure I: mention the 2021 grand final (200 times), remember that Jackson is from WA, note that Brayshaw's brother is at Freeo, remind everyone that Jackson once played basketball, always refer to Ben Brown as Big Ben Brown, say that Jackson used to love Nic Nat, declare that May and Lever are good footballers, mention that Jackson used to support Meth Coke (10 times), observe that Kosi is a good footballer, suggest that Jackson will be keen to drive his price up today (five times).
  12. Are you laying the blame for the poor 2nd and 3rd quarters at the feet of WCW MR?
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