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  1. I thought this was a good comment at the bottom of the article. The Demons left a premiership on the table in 2023. (Not saying Collingwood didn't deserve theirs.) Goodwin's brand of footy is taxing on players. I wonder if Stephen May's comment at the Melbourne best and fairest last year has more merit than initially meets the eye. A team can be 'up' for only so long before 'system fatigue', such as Goodwin's, takes its toll.
  2. The AFL won't pay you what you're worth @WalkingCivilWar.
  3. What colour boots does he wear? Will tell us everything we need to know.
  4. Experts in at least one capability that I can think of.
  5. The smartest person in this room is @WalkingCivilWar @picket fence. She knows plain language English much better than me. Over to her.
  6. Stupid question on 'Land @picket fence. You should know better than most we are in a post-truth world. Rules are 'schemes of arrangement' and facts are the last thoughts that ran through the brain picked up from an ever increasing shrill and delusional public discourse.
  7. 'We were not beaten. We didn't win enough seats to form a government, but I do not believe what has occurred was in any sense a defeat'. Billy Sneddon, 1974.
  8. If Jobe doesn't get better at special comments, he runs the risk of being the storm in a tea cup.
  9. Did you have a win as a result though @Nasher?
  10. And how did Errol slip through to pick 32? It's not like he was a late bloomer. I understand he's AFLney academy - but [censored].
  11. So he arrives with a winning mind-set then @WalkingCivilWar.
  12. Brian Peake did it. Me mate even has a helicopter he'll lend us. All sorted I recon.
  13. He's standing on a mat with platform joggers :-)
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