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  1. Exhibit 1: Shaun Playford Burgoyne. Exhibit 2: The Band Who Kew Too Much - Hard Rubbish Night In Kew
  2. Outrageous, but somehow artsy, bordering of tolerable.
  3. I note the Pedo has somehow been omitted from all lists.
  4. We should all be proud of the Club's announcement and receive the AFL's community award in 2021. Anything that keeps him away from Lulie Street it to be highly commended. On an equally serious note . . . My mate, who is mad Norf and understands the game, was amazed that Norf delisted him, not withstanding the injuries and other challenges Majak dealt with in 2020. His view was that Majak, when fit, was easily inside the club's best 22 players. He was appalled by Shaw's handling of him when coach (and I'm Shaw there's an untold story there as well). For all the reasons many have iden
  5. With thinking like this Binman, you're in line for a seat on the Filth's board.
  6. ****mond did win a premiership with the best backman of his generation in the stands PF.
  7. Will Tripplechins be the Republican nominee in 2024? He's showing all the right attributes.
  8. No, it's not a typo LH. After scrutinising exactly what I wrote, and if one analyzes the data mathematically, it makes him a pretty good player. At a bear minimum, it puts him in the best 25 percent of players in the comp. And I suspect if one undertook further analysis of the raw data (e.g. the precise ranking of all his KPIs), he would probably be in the top 15-20 percent of players running around.
  9. I'm not a huge Viney fan . . . so last year I thought I'd go and have a look at where he ranks in the league on all the important KPIs that the league measures for its players. Here's the news: Viney is in the top 200 players in the league on 80 percent of performance indicators. He's got his deficiencies and drives many of us mad at times, but there's not a club in the comp that wouldn't have him in their best 18. And he'd be in the best six players at at least six clubs, based on his KPIs, IMHO.
  10. I wonder if the Club's sponsors will show any spine? Emirates CGU La Trobe Financial Nike PFD United Subway Heinz Carlton Draught Calabria Pure Storage Coca Cola Etc, etc, etc. . . .
  11. I come to 'Land when I want sane, accurate, thoughtful and well articulated information on the Deez.
  12. The Dorks versus Essenscum could be interesting. There's a strong chance one will loose by 10 goals. Imaging the angst.
  13. Brilliant. Beat me to it by a couple of hours. Also saved me an hours worth of work. In fact I'd go so far as to say the last thing Melb want is for BBB to kick 100 goals in 2021. Almost guarantees we won't play in a granny, let alone win a flag.
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