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  1. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult. Pretty much sums up my relationship with the Deez. (Complete with cow bell.)
  2. It's a combination of factors IMHO. We are 10 in a row and on top of the ladder because we are hard to score against. The back six, with support from the mids, Max and the forwards drifting down into the middle third of the ground, have been brilliant. This is easily the best defensive set-up I’ve seen in 45 years of watching the Deez. The forward set-up continues to be a work in progress. Picking up BBB for what was virtually a song, in today’s terms, was an act of genius. He’ll be a much better player with us than with Norf, and he was darn good with them. I’m yet to speak to a Norf pe
  3. I watched the game with a Norf mate. I laughed at Ziebel all game and he laughed at Harmes.
  4. How May continues to be underestimated by the whole footy community is amazing to me. Current form (i.e. last 18 months), at least as good as Rance in his prime.
  5. A questionnaire to be completed at every turnstyle by all Swan supporters. Fail, and there's no admittance. Q1. What numbers did Stuwie Gull wear at South and at the Deez? Q2. How many goals did you lose by in the 1987 semi final? Q3. What was the free-kick imbalance in your favour in the 1990 round six game at the SCG which you won by a goal? Q4. On a scale of 1 to 1,000,000,000,000,000, how grateful are you that Brasso saved your sweet backsides in 1993? Q5. Could you please outline in an essay of no less that 1,000 words, where the estimated $350,000,000 has gone th
  6. This is a serious question, has the filth ever been a destination club for the comp’s superstars? I can’t think of one they’ve ever landed. (And I’m talking about superstars, not just good players.).
  7. I’m not getting carried away as the Swans are up and about. We’ve got a good brand of footy, and other than Sunday, we are mostly keeping our shape. We know the Swannies are going to come out hard but if we can apply some early scoreboard pressure that should set us up for a good game. Weed, Petty and Harmsy are training the house down, so we have got a bit of coverage and they should be able to come back in and help us maintain our structures. As long as we play our way the scoreboard will take care of itself.
  8. Fully explains the rest of the comps schardenfraud for Geelong being duped by the umps. Ironic that their biggest cheat and sook was laying the tackle when the siren beat the ump to his whistle.
  9. Mate, we're all mad Deez . . . tilting at windmills is what we do.
  10. Not many players had truly great days, but quite frankly, Norff didn’t let us play well. I thought they were great for 70 percent of the game. They could well towel up the Filth next week.
  11. FWIW . . . the Norf list is in better long term shape the the Filth's, Horethorn and Calscum. And that's something to very definitely be celebrated.
  12. From another great warrior . . . I only have two words for you blokes .... believe in yourself
  13. Eastlake Football Club in Kingston for all the Canberra Deez.
  14. It would mean a fair bit to me. 45 years of systematic trauma, mounting therapy bills, PTSD and ritualistic abuse; top of the ladder certainly counts for something. I've been conditioned to take any small morsel of food that falls on the ground from the Jolimont dining room table.
  15. This . . . everything about this post . . . everything . . .
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