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  1. I suggest the club annually awards the Bradshaw Trophy in perpetuity to the individual who inflicts the most harm on the Filth in any 12-month period. In fact, let's get Stephen May to run through Maynard on KB and knock him into next week. We could then call it the Maysie-Brayshaw Trophy. Milkshake is the obvious choice as the inaugural chair of the three person panel that determines the award's recipient. Suggest Daisey and Danny Hughes (as the best player to wear the number 10 after Gus) complete the make-up of the inaugural panel. Should a panel member be indisposed for any reason, Carl Dietrich will be co-opted as a short-term replacement. When Maysie retires, the panel will be disbanded and the great man himself will be the sole determiner of the award.
  2. Make no mistake, Norf are stacked with at least six up and coming A graders of which a couple will be superstars. I watch them most weeks with my Norf mate and barrack along with him. I'd be shocked if they do not play finals consistently from 2027 onward. And the good news is this . . . They'll win a premiership before Essenscum, Pork Barrel Park, Sh&^mond and Meth Coke do.
  3. Melbourne is a shocking one hit wonder club. The premierships of 1900, 1926, 1939, 1948, and 2021 were just awful.
  4. I'm so devastated I haven't been able to post for 24 hours on this. Angus is one of my all time fave Demons (and I've seen every Demon for the last 50 years). It's been a privilege to watch him over 10 years. Always fair, committed, courageous and a club-first player. A premiership star who could play anywhere from half-back to half-forward to mid-field and influence the outcomes of games. Never shirked a tough contest nor gave the Club grief - a model citizen on and off the field. His parents would be justifiably proud of their children. It'll take me years to get over this. Signing off with a tear in my eye. QD
  5. I hope we Sue the league and ask police to charge Maynard.
  6. Lloyd is a dill. The fact he's "worried" about us has given me great confidence that we'll go through '24 undefeated and JVR will tear the Bummers apart on the way.
  7. Thanks to the few posters who provide rational analysis with minimal psychodrama. Appreciated.
  8. When 'Girga' kicked 4 from CHF one day I thought he had arrived as a 200 gamer and 400 career goals. I can certainly pick em @picket fence
  9. HTF did Mich Clarke and Chris Dawes miss this list?
  10. I frigg'in love Maysie. His leadership on Greville Street and at award nites leaves all others in his slipstream. I just wish he was occupying the same part of the ground as Brayshaw in a now infamous qualifying final. We would have seen some brilliant leadership that nite had it been so.
  11. What the &*$^ does that mean? An all time great of the club in an era when bashing blokes behind the play was de rigueur. I saw half the games Stan played and do not recall him jibbing it once. Stan was tough - don't worry about that. Single-handedly ensured Norf won the premiership in '77. And for 90 minutes, looked like becoming a premiership coach until his bestie bested him.
  12. I did the same with my hanky when reading this thread.
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