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  1. Goody has already ruled brown and weid out for next week, so I would say may out petty in
  2. Take the red and blue glasses off I have watched the Hawkins hit 10 times now, it was an accident 100% may contributed by pulling Hawkins towards him
  3. It’s funny when Adam treloar is the best performed player on the pies books
  4. I would say brown has probably done enough, now running laps as no point risking him in another quarter, every chance to play next week
  5. Gws 2 players down if we don’t run over the top of them then Darren Burgess might aswell head off to Adelaide a bit sooner
  6. I think last year suited the saints, shorter quarters for a quick side was perfect now they are longer they can’t go the distance, last week they killed us in the second for 15 minutes but that was it, too many burst players
  7. Loving it, especially the tigers players sooking to the umps
  8. This is the blue print to beat the tigers speed and skill, don’t allow them the time to set up behind the ball
  9. If you are bad enough to allow Bruce to kick 10 then it’s time for tassie
  10. Giants will cop it in the media this week so next week will be a tough game
  11. You are correct they changed the rules so if the player that’s hit gets concussed it’s automatically deemed as severe impact he cannot fight that, so minimum will be 3 weeks if the tribunal thinks it’s intentional then will add a week or 2 but he won’t get under 3 weeks IF the rules are followed
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