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  1. Geez I miss training reports, COVID can go eat a [censored]
  2. Poor danger won’t be happy, think he knows him and his older teammates can’t run out longer quarters, 16 minutes suited them perfectly
  3. Why do Collingwood need salary cap relief Ned guy said it was a media beat up
  4. Just watched Ned guys interview if he isn’t sacked tomorrow I will be very surprised, never seen someone in over there heads as much as this guy
  5. Geez the dogs midfield will be hard to beat
  6. Pick in the 60s for Phillips, rediculous
  7. I wouldn’t take much notice of Buckley’s denials, had no idea of what was happening with lumumba either
  8. I was listening to Sam today before he ran with the story and he wouldn’t come out with it until he confirmed with some people during an add break
  9. Living on the coast would be appealing but Geelong itself is a [censored] hole of a place
  10. Bit of a stigma around Dodoro being hard to deal with, yes he played hard ball on Daniher but he was contracted so fair enough, we got hibberd and melksham without any dramas
  11. If this club doesn’t at least ask Clarkson if he would be interested then they should all be sacked, the longer goody is coach the longer we are wasting the talent on our list
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