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  1. Credit to the eagles they are having a crack, almost the most we have been challenged all year
  2. West coast are having a red hot crack can’t fault them
  3. Miracle at marvel apparently
  4. Madness to bring back 5 players who have been sick and who probably won’t train much, especially Neale bullen who’s 7 days will end Friday, so he is no chance so Bedford stays in and we will need a 100% fit side against the saints so I can’t see there being many changes if any will depend how sick they got, when I got Covid I was still fatigued 2 weeks later I’m not a professional athlete however
  5. Will lose this just look off
  6. It’s only Wednesday don’t be surprised if there are more, this could hurt us for a couple of weeks with players missing training, but better it happens now and not in September
  7. Parish was no where near bog he kept going around in circles, degoey was much better
  8. 3.12 is just pathetic don’t deserve to win with that rubbish
  9. If I was harry McKay I would be giving the AFL a ring to see if I can grab that refund they owe him
  10. Let’s be honest if there wasn’t a big uproar in the media about Hawkins push in the back then that would never be paid
  11. A stacked midfield will only get you so far, dogs should be looking to trade out some mids for key position players
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