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  1. Dogs clearly want 1 on 1 in our backline to stop lever intercepting, expect shache to try and play a negating roll on lever
  2. Surely any betting on that game must be suspended and refunded
  3. Absolutely pathetic, zero leadership hopefully Covid ends the season would be less painful than watching these pretenders for another 2 months
  4. You just know we will lose this with a crap umpiring decision
  5. Won’t win this we are weak as [censored], not even close to being a premiership threat
  6. Could potentially play cats 2 weeks in a row
  7. Geez all of a sudden 3 spots in the 8 up for grabs
  8. Yep and Jackson is way better at playing that role so it’s hard seeing him get back in unless some injuries hit
  9. It will be time to panic this time next year for goody if we don’t go well with clarko available
  10. Problem we have now is the teams around us fighting for top 4 have much easier runs than us so for us to finish top 4 we will need to have at least 2 wins out of our games against port, bulldogs, Geelong and Eagles while winning the ones we should, on current form I have us finishing 5th and playing Essendon or Richmond in an elimination final
  11. Not top 4 material it’s as simple as that
  12. Agreed not even close to top 4 at the moment and with a tough run home I think we are done, no doubt we finish 5th and cop a belting from the tigers
  13. This game was lost at selection, no brown is just baffling, our win last week just papered over the cracks our forward connection has been crap for a month need a genuine full forward but we leave him at Casey it’s rediculous
  14. Not bringing brown in was a massive mistake
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