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  1. It’s a mystery why young fit athletes would need a rest.
  2. Goodwin, Williams, Kosi, Lever, Petty and Neal-Bullen all hail from South Australia. These players were going ‘home’. I expected a win. Lovely to see Kosi turn it on.
  3. The new Melbourne should look forward to the challenges on the road. We are good enough.
  4. The back page of the Age has a good photograph of Oliver embracing Fritsche. One of our sponsors Beyond Bank is getting great exposure. Sponsors will be lining up next year.
  5. Good to see that Bradtke is making steady progress.
  6. No special comments needed, though Richie is sensible. Most of the time 7 is muted.
  7. Trade at the end of the year while he has good ‘potential’.
  8. Good comments SWYL. It’s illustrative that you use the word ‘boot’. Boots, in my opinion would give more protection especially to the ankle. AFL players wear sprinting footwear. My guess is that their pace is not improved markedly.
  9. Gary O’Donnell, who went on to captain Essendon, played 50 reserve games before playing seniors in a strong side. Bedford has plenty of time to develop his game. I think he can make it at AFL level.
  10. The AFL elitists are concealed behind safety glass and well out of earshot from the annoying plebs and the noise pollution used to silence them.
  11. Years ago (2012) I went to the season opening game against Brisbane. The noise levels were unbearable and exactly as you describe Red. I never returned to the MCG. They lost me altogether. We are governed by barbarians.
  12. Preuss is coming into his prime, just turned 25. And can play. He’s an asset for us. We might see more of him:
  13. They should give Tom McDonald a run on the wing. He’d be better than both Langdon and Tomlinson. He might run into form maybe even kick a goal.
  14. Oscar is going to surprise many on this list who lost faith in him. He will be a powerful player when he fully develops. He’s not in his prime yet. I hope to hell that we can hold onto him.
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