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  1. Time for a break. This is vomit inducing.
  2. Cant stick a tackle Cant take a mark Outplayed Out run
  3. Goody better have a scud missile ready to launch at the break.
  4. 2nd time today Milkshakes cost us a goal with a handball
  5. Langdon and Tracca have single handidly kept us in it.
  6. Absolutely butchering it. Hopeless.
  7. Not sure, not like we have a spare up forward or in defense. Getting outworked.
  8. We are getting out marked so easily by the bottom side.
  9. They really, REALLY dont want Benny to score
  10. Not the only one that hasnt been sighted
  11. By far laziest effort ive seen all year.
  12. North palyers cleaning up in clearances and free for all up fwd. WAKE UP MELBOURNE
  13. Were the boys out on a Boags Brewery tour yesterday? Look way off the pace.
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