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  1. Id say its one of the most civil boards ive visited. Yeah, we all get riled up and can get carried away. But thats what OMac is there for. To vent our frustrations of decades of rebuilding! There are very few times where ive seen it get too heated, which leads me to believe the mods are cat like in their reflexes of deleting posts (likely) or we all take it for what it is. Banter about a game of footy. Just joking about Oscar. Sort of.
  2. May, Langdon and Rivers. Pay rise.
  3. Ive stayed away from the internet for most of the year when it comes to footy. For my own sanity, but mostly for the boss and my little one who does NOT like dad watching footy at all...(me screaming at the TV). Havent watched a single game in front of them all year. The combination of last year plus this bloody bastardised season has killed my interest. But that... that was just not on. Not good enough by ANY stretch. For 20 years of AFL we have **** the bed when its on the line. We are a good footy team on our day. That day is too few and far between and we are happy to h
  4. Sensational effort boys. 2nd Quarter was very impressive. Didn't stop running all day, showed some real hunger. Not gonna lie, beating the filth always feels just that little better.
  5. Another strong finish by the boys. % could be the make or break come finals time considering the snake and ladders that is 2020. I hope Weeds continues the upward curve, along with Tracca. There needs to be some sort of investigation about the umpiring though. Bloody horrible.
  6. Ive seen some shizen umpiring, but this is on a whole new level. WTF is going on at the AFL. Absolute disgrace.
  7. And he will be effectively 3 years out of the game by next season. Massive pass from me.
  8. The saddest thing is you can SEE it happening before it happens - more often than not. Its this endless cycle that we never seem to break out from for more than a game or two. Reality is I am watching less footy and caring less (and less) as they weeks go by. This team has killed my passion.
  9. Whispy Watson just acknowledged on SEN that we are now the worst performing team since our prelim bow out. Yeah, we got smashed in that game, but at least we made it.... to now the worst team of the comp in a single season plus change. Let that sink in.
  10. Lets just put that down as ring rust. Cause if thats all we have, then its a long season ahead.
  11. Im just gonna put this down to Corona. Yeah. That will do. 😐
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