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  1. Good call. I wonder how long it will take before it is hijacked. The other thing i really like are the players that Neeld has got are all training animals who are fully commited to doing the work required to play AFL. Couch, Magner, Clark, Sellar, Byrnes and Dawes are all highly respected in terms of their focus on training and are all solid citizens (Byrnes is doing the Kokoda train in his off season FFS).. To me this is so important and is a clear statement of Neelds approach and what he considers to be to key to success (as he has made super clear time and time again). I honestly believe this point can't be emphasised enough This is how you change culture. The young players (current and new guys) will be surrounded by older blokes who go for it 100% and not only will set a great example will also not hesitate i suspect to make it clear what is required to succeed. In essence its like drafting in a new leadership group. very instructive that Clark was put in the LG from the get go. It would not shock me for one or more of the new recruits going into the LG next year. This will be the culture Hogan will be joining. No short cuts and the party boy element cut out of the club I love it
  2. I wonder if Denham is amazed at the number of AFL players who are putting themselves on the market. Even more amazed by the number of them wanting to to come to the Melbourne bears. By my reckoning 2 have chosen to leave (assuming Rivers goes) but, with Pederson four have chosen to come to the club (i'm including Barry who could have knocked us back and taken his chances in the draft). Not bad for a club that is apparently on the nose - what did ADC say about the 'player fraternity'? Humbug.
  3. I just heard him say that. Also said that no deal yet done with Melbourne. But surely 20 would do it. Wellingham would be considered a better player i would have thought and they accepted 17 for him (and many people said they got a good deal). Surely then 20 would do the job for Dawes. We can give them a bunch of steak knives if they want (Cook for example).
  4. Good luck to him if it comes off. Unfortunately i doubt it will as he will be coming from a very long way back - and that's assuming he isn't incarcerated. Adelaide would be a much better town for LJ, given how much closer it is to his community, the fact that he has family there and also i guess because its much smaller. I'd rather see him play for Port (or Adelaide) then never get to see him play AFL again Footy doesn't have enough players like LJ - ie ones who can weave magic and make you gasp.
  5. I liked this quote from the article: A former coach in Central Australia, Scott Weily had texted Barry too when he heard he had joined the Demons, excited to see him get an opportunity that seemed a long way away only 12 months ago. "He's a really nice kid, [a] top kid actually, and great with his family," Weily said. "I think he is a young Michael Long, very similar playing ability. I rate him as highly as that. I think he has got the capabilities of being something very special." Shifter Sheehan made the same comparison in the clip embedded below Green machines post
  6. Not wanting to get into a to and fro but any negative comments made by Melbourne about Moloney would in no way impact on the decsion by the AFL re compo. As i said it may, in some small way impact on the length and value of a contact another club might be prepared to offer (which would impact on the compo) but even this i doubt. Clubs do their own homework and as can be seen on these boards clubs leak like sieves so all clubs would have an idea of his preparedness or other wise to to tow the line. Neeld did make some comment about him needing to adjust his style to fit with the modern game but i reckon that was spot on, was an honest response to a question and was an in the context of explaining why he had been dropped and where the club saw him as being at. Also a reflection of the frustration the club obviously felt towards Moloney as no doubt they had had many conversations with him about this issue before the end of the season and he obviously refused to take on board. Specifically there was talk he didn't like to the required training or direction to trim down. Again all other clubs would have known this before Neeld's comments.
  7. They diidn't disown him at all. Moloney made it crystal he wanted out and they said alright see ya. As for knocking his value see above post
  8. A couple of things. Dawaes is not FA or RFA so getting him does not impact on any FA related compensation. Secondly as i understand it players comp value is determined by factors such as age, contract value and to a lesser extent performance over last couple of seasons. Whilst i would concede his potential contract value may be influenced by our comments (ie by talking him down maybe his value also goes down), which may in a small way impact on the compensation we get i would argue that this would be negligible. Other clubs would have as good an idea as us where Moloney is at performance wise. Before even thinking about getting him they would have pored over tapes, done all the research etc etc. Also he was given every chance to prove himself, only getting dropped at the end of the year. I would argue that they did so to give him every chance to show why we would want to keep him and when that was off the table to ensure his trade value was as high as possible. Moloney shot himself in this regard and his stupid manager hasn't helped him either.
  9. I reckon Gysbert's had his cards marked. He's going unless he could convince Neeld he is ready to go for it 100%. Sad given he went number 11 but there is it is.
  10. Spot on Nasher. To be honest at this point i think Neeld's focus will be on players who train hard, follow his direction to their letter, play a specific role and dare i say it 'buy in'. Bail fits this criteria as does Nicholson and for that matter Macdonald, Magner and Sellar. All players with questionable skills but go 100% and for that reason í would imagine are part of Neeld's plans for the foreseeable future.
  11. Very unlikely. His only option to do this would have been to put himself in the draft and having no control over where he went. Also he had his heart set onn getting to WA, which could only realistically happen if Collingwood traded. The Maggies had the whip hand not wellingham. They did all right out of it too.
  12. As i understand it GWS could pre-list NT players and then trade those player pre-draft. I think if not traded they then had the option of picking the player up pre draft. If they choose not add the player to their list hehen could put himself in the draft.
  13. Yes, i was thinking ht same thing. Interesting i reckon and i would suggest was part of their thinking with Byrnes and Barry.
  14. Nudge, 3 and 13 for Hogan sounds overs even with pick 20 and/or Barry thrown in the mix. In your opinion is this related to the Viney deal?
  15. From the same article: "We're getting good cooperation with Greater Western Sydney so we are very positive we can do something in the near future," Harrington said. The Demons also feel Dawes is up for grabs, although appear unlikely to offer one of their early picks to make the trade happen. "We think we're a good show and we've put a good case forward so far. The player has to buy in as well," Harrington said. "We think we're a good proposition for him. He's indicated positiveness to us." Raises two interesting points: If we get Dawes won't be giving up pick 13. Second point is that the relationship with GWS sounds very professional and productive. Which makes a mockery of the silly predictions that GWS (or for that matter GC) would look to stymie the dees with Viney just out of spite or because Sheedy wants to be mischievous. As i've noted before this is big, big business - too much at stake for games to be played.
  16. I love the idea of getting Hogan. Does't worry me in the slightest that he won't be able to play until 2014. Sounds pretty advanced physically but add another year of full AFL level training and he'll be a bull come round one 2014. He'll play for Casey for the 2013 season you'd expect and train with the main squad. This is a huge advantage for us as he will not only be AFL ready fitness wise but know the game plan and his team mates. Also unlike next years draft picks will enjoy a full preseason. Bring Pederson and/or Dawes in an we have coverage for big men and he can slot in as the 3rd big (a la Darling) and then get the third defender. A forward line with Clark, Dawes? Pederson and Hogan sounds pretty bloody good to me! Also i love the idea of getting a gun centre half forward type as a youngster. The first time since Shwarta we will have this sort of player from the get go. Get it done!
  17. Bingo. I just worked out who this "new poster" is. Should have clicked with the anti Watts diatribe. Apologies if this has already been pointed out.
  18. If the Suns have not planned to have Viney in their side than they have alot to lose by picking him. A huge amont of effotrt, planning and thought goes into choosing draft picks and there is a massive risk picking a player to basically spite another club. If we don't take him they're stuck with him and we essentially get the 2nd pick in the draft. That's huge for us, particularly as many pundits suggest Viney would fo perhaps somewhere 8-10. All their plans will be around a specific player as they know Whitfield will go one. And i bet they don't rate Viney the second best player in the draft. Huge risk and they won't take it. He'll go second round. As for benefiting us they don't want to start a war with us, its bad business. Caddy will be just the first of many Victorian players coming out of contract who might want o come home. The last thing the Suns need is a Victorian club targeting those players. Its funny in a way. If they nominate him with the expectation that we will take him it is form of draft tampering, albeit one they would get away with
  19. I'm with Chook. With an injury free pre season i reckon we will see some terrific footy from Col next year. I get the feeling Neeld has found a way to get him going and this is a big call but i would not be shocked to see him in the LG, perhaps not next year but maybe in 2014
  20. Who are these people who with one of their first handful of posts write such nonsense? There seems to be quite a few popping up of late, often with a little bit of of silliness to stir the masses. Watts for Mitch Robinson? What the?
  21. How many senior players do we have? And of these how many do we want to keep? I mean seriously, assuming Rivers go our senior players (defined lets say by more than 80 odd games or 5 seasons at the club) are Davey, Bate, Dunn, Pettard, Morton, Jamar, Sylvia, Jones, Frawley, MacDonald, Bartram and Garland. Of that list for me the definite keepers would be Jamar (who signed a 3 year deal mid season, despite being a FA), Jones (who has committed to the club and seems to love it) and Clark (ditto to Jones), Sylvia (who if he wanted out we could probably get a pretty good trade going, so i suspect he is fine) and Frawley (who is contracted but perhaps has not had the same level of buy in as the others) and perhaps Garland (who i'm not so sure he is super in love withe new regime). I also like MacDonald and suspect he is happy at the club. Add to that list Dunn, who seems to be happy enough and i still think has a lot to offer the club. The others? To honest i doubt they are part of Neelds future plan and few Demon fans would worry too much about them going (assuming they could get a club to pick them up). Apologies here to Bartram, but his injury is chronic and may be close to retiring unfortunately. I also would assume almost all of the non keepers would have been discusse as potential trade bait so no wonder they might want out. So Denham suggests the industry is shocked by how many senior dees are shopping themselves and want out? Of the senior list with any currency whatsoever in the market my sense is only Frawley, Sylvia and perhaps Garland have perhaps not fully bought in and maybe have put the feelers out (but perhaps not). And my sense is if they really want out Neeld will be happy to accommodate them if they it means getting very high draft picks or players in return who will buy in from the get go. The other keepers have all bought in in my opinion and wont be looking elsewhere. That leaves the rest who might be making some noise but as i said don't have much currency. I know its all theater but Denham's shtick is very tiresome.
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