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  1. I totally agree Steve. I think there is an enormous upside to having two close mates who sound like they have been pushing the other for years. The fact they are both mids is also a plus as they will be playing side by side. Warrior types that Neeld loves and these two boys will fly the flag for each other should it become necessary. I am positive that if they can get him they will.
  2. Osilik i largely ignore your posts as i can't be bothered with the [censored] for tat stuff you seem to relish. But comments like the one above are bordering on trolling - winding people up for the sake of it. The comments in this thread about Watts in this thread were of a positive nature dealing with his current build and potential playing positions. You are the one who introduced the idea of his worth as a number 1 selection - a topic that has been done to death, has its own thread (bump it if you want to reignite it) and has nothing at all to do with what was being discussed. Again troll like behvaiour Yes i hear you - if i don't like it don't read it yada yada. But TBO it is tiresome, particularly when it occurs in one of the rare positive threads on Demonland. I mean really who need another negative out of context comment?
  3. Funny you mention him playing on the wing as i was going to say the same before settling on a run in the midfield. this might sound a bit silly but i could almost see him as hb/winger in the mold of Robbie Flower. It would be funny if whilst looking for a star KPF we ended up getting a new Robbie Flower.
  4. I think they'll keep him relatively lean as his role will, for the forseeable future, be the sweeping QB defender with perhaps even a bit of time on the ball. Makes sense i reckon as one his key strengths is his athleticism and running, might as well take full advantage of it.
  5. Abso - bloody - lutely Stuie, spot on. No way MacDonald was going to get delisted, no way. Also no way Sellar was going to go. Both players are physically strong at it types, play a role and do what they're told. Neeld soldiers and as you note exactly the sort of player Neeld loves. Its not just that though - both are super trainers and hard workers and it is all about building a culture of elite training and hard work as he has been banging on about since he joined the club. All the new recruits are cut from the same cloth. The Neeld army is being formed. Dunn? I also agree with you comment in the OP that he saved himself in the second half of the season. By all accounts he too now is working super hard and now fits the Neeld soldier mold. Like Blease he has bought in and i reckon Neeld would love players who are able to turn things around and buy in when perhaps they previously were not fully committed. I get the feeling Sylvia and even Davey are in the same boat - at least i hope.
  6. I'm loving how demonland have a new hero (with nary a word against him!). I'm also loving how all of a sudden we are taking CW's word for something, ie that we have engaged him. Who's her source i ask ya (seriously though i reckon the club has told her bossed who we have engaged) The Finkmeister - just the mention of his name puts fear in the heart of AFL administrators and news editors! I want to see the dees run through a Finkmeister banner round 1 next year.
  7. What's his playing number? Where did he go in the draft?
  8. Spot on. Is there a player in the league who has improved as much as Jones. Another year of Misson and Neeld and if history is any guide he may well keep improving. Another season like the one just gone and he will be pushing for AA.
  9. Given your professed love of Andrew Bolt that's not surprising (though i reckon Lance Armstrong would be a Republican)
  10. Exactly. Troll implies people posting derogatory posts on other peoples social media platforms or websites. This is the opposite - an internal thread on a member based forum. One assumes CW is not compelled to go to DL and read the thread. Or perhaps she is on here already under a pseudonym?
  11. Had to laugh though. Even a fake Caro twitter account who is taking the [censored] is taking umbrage at a perceived slight on DL! Perhaps the fake Caro has crossed the rubicon and now thinks s/he is actually CW. Spooky.
  12. Cheap Wines and a 3 day growth for my money
  13. I reckon there's a big chance Dawes and Byrnes might be in, though the Hun artilce said they players vote on it after the Darwin camp next week so i assume they would have to impress their new team mates over that 10 days or so. Dropping someone from the LG is fraught. Barty might be dropped only because he may not play so much? I hope Garlo doesn't get dropped, mainly because it would indicate he didn't step up last year (i have not heard he didn't but for that matter have not heard he did). I think Garlo will have a great year next season as i supect he was in a tricky space last year as he sort of bridges the younger and more senior players. With some of that resolved (ie the senior players leaving) Garlo can be a role model and not have to worry so much about the politics that were no doubt still bubbling last season. I also would love to Sylvia put into the LG and have a sneaky vibe he might be.
  14. I have said it before in relation to this phot, but i'll ask again. Is JV a vampire?
  15. Yep Wines for me. Neelds 'hardest team to play against' fits nicely with a tough, tackling machine like Wines apparently is. Also i reckon the fact that he is a long time great mate of Viney should not be underestimated and is real positive in favour of getting hiom. Adds to the chemistry and means that there would be two players in the square who are tight and will instictively look out for each other. They will also push each other intraining i'd reckon given they are both super competive. A tangent but i reckon this tanking palaver could actually be a positive in that it might help the boys gel together - the us against the world vibe.
  16. I very much doubt the AFL has leaked info about this investigation, nothing to gain in my view. I suspect CW has got all her info from people who have been interviewed and/or from people close to people who have interviewed. She than has written in a way that makes it sounds as if she knows all about the investigation. I guess the investigators would have warned those they were interviewing to keep quiet, but given the number of people interviewed (and the fact most were ex employees with axes to grind) there was a huge chance of info leaking out. Though it is strange that appear only to have leaked to CW - perhaps that indicates only a small number of people have leaked. I would love for the AFL to interview CW, demand to now the source of her info and when she refused remove her AFL press accreditation. Not going to happen but it makes me chuckle to think of it. The other interesting thing relates to proof. CW said that IT specialists had gone to MFC last month to check employee emails. Well that could have been the end of October or the beginning of October (and any where in between). Either way if there was something incriminating it would have been found by now (how long would it take to search through a few thousand emails). If incriminating evidence has been found and the AFL was leaking CW would know about it and would report it. If they found something and there was no AFL leak they would, I assume, be very keen to get on with sanctioning us so as to not unduly muck around with the draft. I reckon if we have not heard something by the end of the week from either CW or the AFL about incriminating evidence they probably don't have any. Without it they will find it very hard to sanction us if all they have is testimony from disgruntled ex employees present at the so called secret vault meeting.
  17. Great post. The best i have read thus far on this tawdry topic. I had no issue with her first couple of articles though they lacked any in depth analysis (in particular of the technicalities of the relevant AFL rules and the possible legal responses MFC might be able to pursue if sanction are applied - issues that i for one would be really interested in seeing intelligently explored by a journalist) , but the last one is a remarkably poor piece of journalism. CW's gender is completely irrelevant and without getting holier than thou the tone of some of the posts i have read over the last couple of days is quite disturbing, particularly the number of rank personal insults. For me the focus should be on the standard of journalism (not on her gender). And her last piece has broken all the basic rules of reporting - it mixes op ed with fuzzy facts, it uses word such as fixing which have quite specific meaning completely incorrectly, it is poorly structured (with some basic grammatical errors) etc etc. But most of all she allows her own emotion to completely seep through and taint any argument she is trying to make. Who is the editor? They're the one who should be held responsible because it should never have been allowed to go to print.
  18. CW mustn't have got the memo from her boss.
  19. Misson said around 10 pbs and generally players met their target times. A damn sight better than this time last year.
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