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  1. I thought he had a pretty good game but yes this was a bad turnover in terms of timing as he had multiple players free, which if hit could have taken the ball inside 50 and perhaps we might have got a goal. My mate, a demon fan, said to me - as soon as Morton hesitated - "he's gonna stuff this up" and sure enough he did. But a bit of perspective. Both Watts and Trengove each turned the ball over with a poor kick and a direct goal and on both occasions each player elected to kick left footers (when they could have used their natural foot).
  2. I reckon this is the explanation for his loss of leg speed. As i have said on other threads, i suspect they will ease the load for the second half of the year and if so it will be interesting to see if Trenners improves his run etc. In fact with the load business i reckon they will have already started easing off as they will want to be cherry for GWS and that would take 2-3 weeks of tapering i guess. I think we have seen the fruit of this already with the essendon win and matching Coll for 3 quarters. Worth noting in this context that until the essendon game we had not won a single second half quarter. Against collingwood we looked the fresher side for much of the second half
  3. Bollocks, absolute bollocks. Terrible turnover but to say he plays without pride form himself or the jumper is rubbish. I thought he played ok today and to stand up later in the game to save a certain goal shows his pride. Generally hate the phrase key board warrior but applies to the above quote.
  4. Hurley's not the brightest - he can't do more than 2 things at once so once he's crashed or bashed he can't tackle, if he starts tackling he'll lose his crash and bash
  5. This interview, supposedly about Jamr's resigning but also the dees trading and drafting strategies features some of the longest answers i've ever heard. Time stood still for me at one point. It goes for about 9 mins and Burgan only asks a few questions! Sounds like Cam has been having Whiteboard Wednesday withdrawals: http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/tabid/8667/contentid/457705/default.aspx It has to be said though he keeps ticking the boxes.
  6. This is huge IMO. A real show of faith in the club, he would have had real currency in the market. To me it really reinforces what i have been saying about the improved sense of unity seeming to be coming out of the club. Deserves three years and i hope he is on good coin. The timing also shows real leadership. Love it. Did i say this is huge? Go dees!
  7. Perhaps this has something to do with why Neeld chose Beamer to sit beside him in the presser following our first win of the year (ie recognition of his leadership).And i agree with the previous poster about the sense of unity that seems to be evident at present. Great signs i reckon
  8. Perhaps, but i heard the sen interview with AD. Those guys are so soft and sycophantic it defies belief. I was crying out for them to ask the dead obvious question, which they never did of course. If indeed it was a joke by jolly ([censored]) andy d why did he choose North as the club, why not any other club. Even in jest picking North surely indicates they were/are worried about how it is being run. And please AD don't trot out the rubbish about private conversations, only jokes, can't we say anything when out in our free time etc etc. The AFL exec on the turps at a public function? Button your lip and be a bit discreet, of course it will get out otherwise. I can just picture it, a bunch of over weight middle age blokes who think they rule the world telling everyone in ear shot how they were going to fix all the problems.They'd soon take a club CEO to task if they were say, bagging the AFL in a similar public forum Also they didn't ask the other obvious question which is was it ever raised on another occasion? Which the very next day Cook volunteers it was, in a more formal way it would seem
  9. My prediction of 5-6 wins a couple of weeks back is looking pretty good. I'll stick with that.
  10. Is the bus to go looking at property to buy?
  11. Lets trade him now while he has some currency! reason for edit: to clarify this is a joke
  12. After a bullet pass from the point guard playing the role of the sweeping quarter back court general
  13. "The thing about Jack I have learnt is he does not take a backward step, whether that is someone confronting him physically or the media commenting on him or constructive criticism from the coaches.'' - Leigh Brown from article at link below Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/birthday-boy-20120606-1zwqc.html#ixzz1x1TkdIun
  14. In Misson's injury wrap he said he is reasonably confident of Blease coming up with the 8 day break - "a solid cork to pubic bone" - "should be available to play" assuming he gets through training according to one of the more serious dudes in footy
  15. Funny you should say that the dufus commentary team on 7 called Fletcher a goal keeper on a few occasions (amongst a million variations of the terms sweeper)
  16. Good call i reckon. I was thinking something similar. It was instructive Neeld chose him to sit beside him at the presser following our first win (as opposed to Trenners who has a pretty tough time of it and could have done with a positive). Then Beamer was chosen to do a media call the following day (during which he reiterated that he played a new role and explaining what it was, which sort of discounts my theory Neeld shut him down in the presser). I may be going out on a limb here but i wonder if this was a bit of a watershed week for Beamer. I loved his presser and his interview, he was emotionally honest in a way that is incredibly rare in footy these days. He acknowledged he had found it hard to be out of the leadership group and to adapt to a new game plan. He also acknowledged his relationship with Neeld had been tough, but was improving and was now meeting with him regularly. I wonder if all this was evidence of Beamer turning things around but perhaps more importantly also evidence of Neeld adjusting his approach to managing his players, particularly his senior players. The performance of Beamer, Sylvia and Rivers might be as a result of this. I also wonder if Neeld has looked at his relationship with the entire list and recalibrated it a touch and perhaps has had a bit of heart to heart with them. There is definitely a much more united vibe coming from the club and much more "we" in Neeldy's talk. Neeld has said publicly he is open to learning and will take on constructive criticism. Perhaps this is evidence of that as is his preparedness to change tack with Watts in terms of playing him up back and even Garlo up forward and Beamer pushing up. Again it might be a long bow but this all gives me great confidence in Neeld and where we are currently at as a club. I listened to the audio of McLardy on 3AW and he was terrific, loved his passion and i got a real sense of a united club. Comments from Rivers and Watts reinforce this as does the club's open sessions with supporters. And the passion and concern for the coach from the players after the win was even more evidence. The club has had all sorts thrown at it and managed it really well i reckon. Cameron Schwab's role in this has been noted by McClardy and Craig. Perhaps there has the been the sort of healing happening that i believe is so necessary for the club to move forward. And if so there is no end of irony in the fact that it has been happening at a time when the club has been pounded by the media who, despite the 24 hour scrutiny and so called analysis may well have been completely oblivious to it - despite the club and players saying how well they have been training and that they are right behind the new direction. I hate to see what is happening to North but it just reinforces what i have said several times, what happens on field is merely a manifestation of what occurs off field. Only a truly united club (at all levels, from boot studder to CEO) can consistently "come to play" week in week out. I'd be interested in Hellsgate's perspective on this (ie the current vibe at the club)
  17. He could if he was trying to be really post modern
  18. Are you the real Ray Biffen? (that would be lovely post internet age irony). If so please post a recent photo
  19. Barry P doesn't get a lot of love but he got this one 100% right
  20. There will still be demonland posters ready to bag Watts, despite the sort of stats highlighted in the article. I can just see it: Yes but where's he ranked in tackles You can't put a measure on desire Of course you'd pick up lots of stats floating free in the back half Wait till they tag him He has funny hair and still has peach fuzz Big deal, i mean he's a number one draft pick, these sort of numbers are ware the minimum you'd expect This is so frustrating, it shows he can do it, then why hasn't he before - you can't just turn it on when you feel like it We drafted him as KPF not a floating half backer who doesn't like to get his hands dirty Demons fans get excited by a handful of kicks and a couple of easy intercepts He's just an average player, if there was a draft today he'd go low 30's
  21. Makes sense. They need him, perhaps more than us. But to be honest i know he's good but really only had the 2-3 top shelf seasons and i wouldn't want him at the dees for a five year contract on the sort of coin that's been bandied about - to big a risk. We need gun mids before another big forward (besides we've got garlo now)
  22. JM i remember a time on Demonland where quite a few people bagged Jones and rated him no more than an honest trier who would not become A grade. I'm with you on this one. If he continues his rate of improvement he could become as damaging as Swan, or at least close and certainly potential A grader. Certainly has the endurance and work ethic to be to be a top shelf mid. The thing that i like most about Jones is how he has improved on his weakness, the most obvious one being his kicking which has improved out of sight (he has added distance and accuracy and now also kicks goals). However i reckon the biggest and most importantt improvement has been with his decision making. His biggest weakness, IMO used to be that he often turned the ball over through poor choices (and sometimes poor kicking obviously). He rarely does that now and is much more creative with his ball use. One good example from Sats game was the kick to Garland in the square in the last quarter. Could have easily blazed away, didn't had to cut back in and put it perfectly to Garlo's advantage. Great stuff. Now if he could only at least try and pretend to make an attempt to get the ball out when he gets buried at the bottom of the pack, umpires wouldn't have the excuse to ping him for a free kick!
  23. From Bomber blitz: "I thought the umpires were terrific. I can't recall any really bad calls" Only joking, my words. They were good though
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