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  1. I wonder if this issue is that they may be at risk of testing positive on match day?
  2. I don't think that's entirely true actually. The AFL might impose their own sanctions but according to someone on radio this morning (ex head of ASADA?) any one proven to be involved in the supply, use etc of a performance enhancing drug can be sanctioned by ASADA. Also whilst the sanction for a first strike is 2 years the penalty under certain circumstances, can be halved (it can also be increased, if for instance it involves a player distributing)
  3. Whilst its nice to have another club in the gun other than Melbourne this is a shocker for footy and i sincerely hope they are cleared of wrongdoing. The potential ramifications are mind boggling. For starters it would appear that if it was proven a player used a banned substance the minimum they would get would be 12 months out of the game but more likely 24 (even though the base penalty under WADA is 2 years there appears to be some scope for mitigating circumstances to reduce that?). If multiple players are banned they will struggle to field a side which apart from anything else will smash revenues (no ANZAC game for starters) and you'd imagine Channel 7 and Foxtel will be wanting a refund on the billion they paid for tv rights. We can forget equalization payments if that happens and the money they are pouring into GWS might slow to a trickle. The AFL have taken a massive financial gamble with GWS and a big drop in revenue could threaten the financial viability of the league. This is just one of the many potential terrible outcomes of all of this - the fall out will not stop at Essendon's door. All clubs will suffer, the AFL brand will suffer, it would be harder to get sponsorship into the game (think back to the hit on NRL when its reputation was smashed 20 odd years ago -its only recovering now) and on and on.
  4. Remarkable then that we got beaten with a kick after the siren (after kicking 2 goals in time on in the last quarter). Who did it worse - what is worse? Blah blah blah.
  5. Yep absolutely true. This is potentially the biggest crisis the game has faced. I sincerely hope they have not taken banned substances
  6. I'm more than a little controversy shy but is the spokeswoman saying Dank had indirect contact with our players? (just a paranoid joke)
  7. Aw come on Ben i have only recently taken you off my ignore list for your repeated put downs of posters. You have much to say that is informed and informative - which can be lost in all of the 'I'm Ben Hur, i know football, you're not and you never will be nor will you ever understand football you cretin' chest beating braggadocio. You weren't a gangster rapper in the mid eighties were you? What's this need to so frequently resort to cheap insults? (Td do you have theory?)
  8. CW update. I never listen to 3AW, well rarely but i was keen to hear what they had to say about the bombers. CW back after her break. Was asked about the outcome of the dees tanking situation. In a nutshell said something along the lines of: decision will be handed down in next 2-3 weeks, certainly before the season starts the board, bailey, cc and CS would all be charged a negotiated settlement would be worked out in a similar fashion to what went down with the crows SNAP Grapeviney
  9. Who's dwelling on one game? GTG gave several other examples. We only won 4 games last year and in the first of those wins Watts was extremely influential - including beating the eventual Brownlow medalist in a key one on contest at a crucial juncture of the game. Match winning stuff. Why not compare him to Hodge? He will be asked to play a very similar role this year to the one Hodge often plays. I expect him to play the role extremely effectively. But yes well see.
  10. Mark Thompson: We will do that again this year. We'll keep pushing until we get them big and strong and fit enough to play complete games of footy against the best teams," Thompson said on Friday. "More volume, more intensity, more weights, more education, more skills, more everything."" More drugs
  11. He was right about there being a presser. It wasn't the AFL's but it was at AFL house. Perhaps he got his wires crossed or hird (sic) some whispers, put 1 and 1 together, mixed in an assumption or two and came up with the wrong call. The query above about Jobe being stripped of his brownlow is an intersting one. Not sure if it was serious but you'd have to think if he was guilty of using banned substances (even if he was confident he wasn't at the time) he would have to be stripped of it. Can't imagine TW will be so jocular tomorrow.
  12. What GTG said. As JB notes the game against Swans last year was terrific as it was in a team that was flogged and almost all of his team mates dropped their heads.. Playing well in a losing team is a trait i put a great deal of stock in. I'd also add that demon fans would agree he did not have the size to be a big influence as a KPF and Bailey played him all over the shop. Even his most vocal critics would agree that once Neeld gave him a regular position he was far more influential as stats such as leading the league in intercepts (albeit over a 6 week period) suggest. But in any case i wasn't talking about his previous form i was talking about the upcoming season. His ability to play on different sized forwards, his pace, his disposal skills, his vision and ability to read the play all add up to a dangerous - and yes potentially influential - package. He will play a similar role to Hodge, Fisher, Goddard etc and i believe be similarly effective. If he adds a bit of flair and takes the game on a bit he will also launch many an attack for us. But we will see soon enough i look forward to revisiting this conversation.
  13. What about a pint of tequila and a shot of beer
  14. They're flying - one frame at a time! Toumpas has so much time with the ball in those stills.
  15. I said most important player this year, meaning season so not quite sure what you're saying Jumbo. And i reckon he will be our most important player this season (though i agree Sylvia and Jones will also be super important). My tip is that very early on in the season opposition coaches will recognise the importance of shutting Watts down such will be his influence on games with his delivery out of the back half (yes the QB role) that they will start putting defending forwards on him to limit his influence. But now that you mention it I also believe that he will become our most important player full stop soon enough. Ridiculous comment? We'll see.
  16. You could be right. The injury he copped in the NAB cup last year was a shocker and really made it hard for him to play to his potential. In a team lacking x factor Col's natural ability is crucial.
  17. Watts will be our most important player this year.
  18. I reckon Toumpas is a shot at the Rising Star award and is great value at around $12. A lot of focus will be on Viney but i think Toupas is classier and like Viney is ready to go. I agree with the kicking. Long been an issue and will continue to be one for a while.
  19. Sounds a bit rude. I'm not sure Watts wants to that close to his opponents. Perhaps his team-mates?
  20. If they test positive to tanking they don't have to tell their club - just their bookie!
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