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  1. Sorry, but Max was not “great” He may have had 51 hit outs - but a large chunk of percentage of these were either straight to or sharked by a Lions player. There was more movement and positive signs from him in the last quarter. But the game was over at 3/4 time. And Lions has already put the cue in the rack.
  2. We had an extra day on Brisbane. An 8 day break. We weren’t shagged. We were fresh if anything at all. The pathetic excuses being rolled out by many are intolerable, insipid just like the display last night in perfect conditions.
  3. Disappointing is an understatement.
  4. Oliver: not sure which one:- • party time again • couldn’t attempt spoil • pulled up short • very average game • team carried him • hand troubling him
  5. Agree would be a significant gesture and recognition of a great team the women have who could go back-to-back. A nice little bonus. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out there are indeed culture issues off field. Which is why they are rightly or wrongly questioning it. Good list. Where is the club at with our home base? Training base at Casey. Occasionally train at Goschs. Offices in AAMI. Demon Shop at the G. How much work is being done here? And how much progress. A home base with everyone together would strengthen the club. #strongertogether
  6. And they’re the envy of every club … going into this years Draft with the envious pick of 73…
  7. No, not really. I’m trying to analyze what Lamb stated - that we could look to improve picks a little. And part of that is helping clubs what they might want. 4,5 & 6 not a lot of difference, still going to get a quality player. But these clubs have a massive drop off for their next pick. Would they consider moving up several spots for their next pick and fall back one on their first?
  8. Dogs and Hawks - Not sure where they sit on their draft choices but wondering if they’d be interested in improving their 2nd picks. we could offer 6,42 to improve to pick 4 (Hawks) or pick 5 (Dogs). Dogs might be interested - by improving their 2nd pick 6 places (pick 48). Hawks probably won’t want to budge with their 2nd (44). But they also have 47,49. They could be interested in an upgrade to 42. 4 & 11 or 5 & 11 could be seen as more attractive (with F1) to West Coast and could ensure Curtin for them in exchange for pick 1.
  9. The Dutch knocking off South Africa opens the door. New Zealand always seem to start off tournaments on a flyer. Only to wilt near the death (end). Australia meet Pakistan 🇵🇰 tomorrow night and that should be a massive match. Lose and Australia will be on the ropes. Win and they’re very much alive.
  10. Watching Tim Lamb handle a couple of pressers, his demeanor, his no nonsense attitude and air of confidence - he has left an impression on me. I think we have the perfect bloke in charge of wheeling and dealing at this point and if we are looking to move our picks up the board further to entice West Coast to do a double take (encourage interest) on splitting pick one - we have the right bloke IMO. Mr.Lamb “let’s make a splash.”
  11. Lamb stoked with the addition of Billings. McAdam and Fullarton, all in all a real focus on addressing needs forward of centre. Now the draft.
  12. I like this type of thinking. North and us I think are the main options for the Eagles. Perhaps North will take a look at this ^ with much interest. Hawks have 4, Dogs have 5. Either could easily offer their pick and a Future. Which is why I believe the above strategy with North would checkmate Nth Dogs and Hawks possible bids.
  13. Fingers crossed the Crows beat the Lions this week to give Dees some wriggle room.
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