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  1. Very very scared of Dogs. However I think we match them in most places and are ahead in the ruck.
  2. we're the top side on the ladder and we had 16k there. Made no noise for 3 quarters. Congratulations on seeing it all
  3. Mark Williams was literally asking the crowd to make noise at 3 qtr time. If you could've come and you didn't, you have no grounds to criticise. All the best.
  4. Looking forward to 5-6 years of 'will Luke Jackson go back to WA' talk.
  5. Na he's alright good on him.
  6. I tell ya what, the pressure is well and truly on Brayshaw. Needs to clean up his kicking asap.
  7. Brown and Weid makes our forward line really really slow. Eventually Coaches will have to make a call on which one they're backing i'd say.
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