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  1. When has he started to fire? VFL he has always been good. The last two years Goodwin needed him to take marks, run and convert. Couldn't come through on one of those areas. The reason we got Ben Brown and the reason Tom Mcdonald are firing is because Weideman was letting down the entire structure of the team.
  2. There's a reason we went and got Ben Brown. I'm in the let him go camp. Bring in a young forward to fill the position in the long run.
  3. worked perfectly for me this morning
  4. Did anyone else see Salem finished with this jacket on? Anyone know if he's carrying anything?
  5. Legit, the best thing Dees fans could do to help him decide is turn up for games. no more freo turnouts. Everything else is out of our control.
  6. Caro on footy classified just dropped Darren Burgess is heading to Adelaide at the end of the year. huge loss.
  7. Removing 'Hogan's Hangers' as quarter time entertainment will save countless lives.
  8. I don't understand people taking King's opinions personally. He's posing a theory. He backed Goodwin's coaching for six months and now you hate him because he noticed something bad.
  9. conclusion of this BS When we lose everyone played bad and when we win everyone was great.
  10. Sensational Tackling Pressure Unquestionable effort If we play like that all year we're gonna win a tonne
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