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  1. Nope i'm with Chook. I can't believe they convinced them to do it. Why did they convince them to do it? In fact embarrassing doesn't really cover it!
  2. I agree Franky and as i've posted elsewhere i get the impression the club do also
  3. With a decent run with injuries sneaking into the top 8 is a possibility.
  4. No Dawes is interesting. I guess they don't want to risk him for Round 1. I get the impression from comments from Neeld and from the Dee TV Misson report (always interesting actually - hate to play poker against him) that they are super keen to have Clark and Dawes playing together first round, though I suppose that's a given. But I reckon they have placed a pretty big emphasis on winning this game.
  5. Surely Watts fits the bill as a runner off half back? That's certainly the role he has been playing and he would be in the top 5 at the club in terms of pace (albeit it in a slow side)
  6. You spin me right right right right 'round, like a Wattsy spin me right right 'round
  7. If i recall correctly Egan never really recovered from his injury at all and i'm not even sure he played again after it? What i gather from Webber's posts on this matter is that once it is repaired and right to go (ie take weight, run jump etc) the chances of it happening again are no greater than for a player who hasn't had the injury. Good news for the big fella.
  8. Good question. Going 360 would imply some change in thinking only to arrive back at the same thought. But alas my analogy was only in jest and poking mild fun at a poster who said 360 when i assumed they really meant 180. To answer the question my opinion has remained the same about Jack's prospects since mid last year when he moved to the back half. An inspired move on Neelds behalf and one that has allowed him to play to his strengths (vision, great disposal skills, courage to take intercept marks, reading of the play, ability to run and carry etc) in a way playing forward wasn't. As i've said before i reckon opposing teams will soon enough be regularly playing a defensive forward on him to try and limit his influence. For what its worth i reckon he will eventually become a modern day utility. He'll largely play of the half back flank, spend some time on the wing and a bit in the midfield, push up the ground for a goal or two like he did in the first NAB game and occasionally play up forward (where by the time he completely fills out by say 25 or so he will be amazingly difficult to match up on).
  9. I've gone completely 360 on Watts in the last 10 months. Mid last year i thought to myself - he's gonna be a star, will be close to our most important player in 2013, will push for AA selection in 2013 and by 2016 will be a AA regular. I still think that.
  10. Sign him up ASAP. Give him 5 years with incentives in his contract (eg makes AA, b&f position, brownlow votes etc). One one condition - he shaves his beard off.
  11. Without becoming involved in the back and forward it has to be said our sub standard kicking skills across the entire team (with some exceptions) are a real concern for us. Footy is such a a game of momentum and our poor disposal skills kills us so often. Unfortunately there are hundreds of examples but one that comes to mind is Morton's shank against the Maggies last year. Hard issue to address too i would have thought given that players come to the AFL with 15 years of developing their particular technique. Sets shots might be easier to improve (though still very hard - look at Franklin's struggles to improve his accuracy) but field kicking under pressure must be super hard to change in terms of technique. Not impossible though. Jones has improved both his kicking (distance, accuracy) and his choices (ie where to kick it) out of sight in the last 2 years or so.
  12. The eq levels on here is seriously funny. Too much shrill treble.
  13. Good call Oucher. When he first came across he said in an interview that one of the factors in him choosing the dees was that they planned to play him deep forward. I'm hoping he'll be much more than a player who brings the ball to ground and agree with Lloyd that 40 goals is 'round about a pass mark. I'd love to see him get his groove on and bag 50 plus. He has a bit to prove and would be smarting that the maggies didn't see him as part of their plans. With him close to goals and Clark pushing up to CHF we should bag our fair share of forward marks, an area we have been woeful at for most of the time i have supported the dees.
  14. Exactly. I happened to listen to Denham on on SEN yesterday and he was scathing about how much we were paying Dawes and banged on an on about it. I know its all part of a shctick to rile people up and get them to call etc but his ignorance of the facts, how the salary caps work and the dees current position is still staggering. In response to KB saying something like they had to pay someone he had no intelligent response and just repeated several times that no matter what we should not be paying Dawes so much. I've never called in to talk back but i was sorely tempted. Few dees fan would not agree we paid overs for Dawes however: 1. We would not have got him otherwise 2. He met a specific structural need 3. There were few players in that price range out there 4. GWS or Freo would have paid way way overs to get cloke as we would have - its the nature of the free agency (and trading) beast 5. We have to pay 92% of the cap FGS. Maloney, Green and Rivers all left the club last year - probably 3 of our top 6 highest paid players last year. 6. Given that, and the fact that we have a very young list, how on earth would we have met the 92% threshold without paying a new recruit overs. Of course we could have paid all players more but that has huge risks - who wants a bunch of over paid players running around, not great for culture. Also we have already front-loaded a lot of contracts so we are limited how much extra we can pay Again i know he is there to deliberately wind people up but Denham's lack of knowledge about footy given he is a footy writer is staggering.
  15. Proof that our player development program truly sucked.
  16. What ever floats your boat i suppose.
  17. The first step is recognising you have a problem.
  18. Flaming is the key word there Sue. BH is a terrific content generator. A few lines and of people go - particularly the usual suspects who seem completely unable to stop taking the bait (i'm not talking about you Sue btw - you can probably guess who i mean, you just have to read any thread where BH makes one of his chest beating egocentric pronouncements and look at who bites)
  19. It would be funny if that came about because of the ad!
  20. Nice to see things getting back to normal. CS sucks! Lets conveniently forget his professional handling of the various dramas that beset the club last year (including the loss of a major sponsor) and getting two new sponsors on board. Lets also forget the extremely well handled tanking palava and the fact he he came out of it with not a scratch and his reputation far from being tarnished as CW would have liked but rather, enhanced!
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