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  1. Not bad attributes for a footballer. Seriously though one of our biggest problems i reckon is how poor our field kicking is. It is one of the reasons Watts stands out.
  2. Perhaps not but what chance Goldsack?
  3. Big Jim i know your heart is in the right place but i have to say this is not helpful. Remember its high stakes poker the club is playing. The advantage of getting Viney second round is massive and should not be underestimated. Put simply if GC have no doubt we'll take him, well of course they'll nominate him and force our hand. If they're not sure they won't take the risk. I have no contact with anyone at the club or any inside info what so ever. However i suspect the club would prefer passionate fans don't tip their hand, particularly when it comes to quoting our CEO.
  4. A question to the mods. How on earth has this fella got to 800 plus posts. In his last post alone he broke most of the code of conduct rules!
  5. What are you talking about? Of course there is an advantage to be bluffing about this. If we think there is a genuine risk they will nominate Viney (and we really, really want him) we are more likely to do a deal with them that involves as part of said deal them not nominating him. For example (and in complete contradiction to your point about Caddy) we could offer pick 13 and Pettard (or Bate, Morton, Cook etc etc or even a combination deal) for Caddy and a promise not to pick Viney. Forget the AFL direction that this is illegal - impossible to prove so all bets are off in that regard. The extent to which we think any bluff they make (for example through orchestrated leaks to the media, football fan sites such as DL and social media) is for real will influence our preparedness to trade. The point about good bluffing is not knowing whether it is for real or not. I'd love to play poker with you BTW
  6. Huh? Proven? Who said they want him at pick 2? Question mark? We'll soon find out if they want him at 2. If they do they will call his name out. If not it is bluff and bluster (good name for a legal from btw). As suggested by a few posters they want a sweetener not to call his name out. I reckon the dees won't mind giving up a little sugar (do you take Pettard with your tea caddy) but i doubt they will be too generous I'm a betting man and i'm betting they're bluffing. Chances they''ll read out JV's name at number 2 = 5-10%
  7. Melbourne has the whip hand here. GWS and/or GC have to play their hand first and we get the opportunity to respond. If the motivation to nominate Viney is preventing us taking him min the second round as opposed to really wanting him with such a high pick then it is simply too big a risk i would have thought - and is one i doubt they''ll take. If they do nominate him and we rate him say a top 6 player then we get him number 3 and we win or. On the other hand if our assessment is we can a a better player at no 3 then we also win, though I think Viney will be good player so GWS or GC would hardly lose if they end up with him. High stakes poker, but i like our hand
  8. Perhaps you have misunderstood me. Lets say it is true (ie 15 players want out). Does it change my view? Not one iota. If they want out, get out. Go to another club. Now. That leaves 30 blokes who want to be there. Lets be clear: it is about the club not the players.
  9. Comedy gold! As i've said before when you wrote the same drivel get rid of the 15 who want to go - not Neeld. I think you'll find the club is currently helping any player who wants achieve their aim. Good riddance. That will leaves 30 who want to be there. Replace the 15 who want out with 15 who are committed and bingo we're halfway there. I wish a few DL posters would investigate their options to leave. Money on the demons to win the spoon already huh? How about you and i have a side bet. I bet we won't. Loser quits Demonland (and promises not to come back under another name). You on (or are you all talk)?
  10. Blimey don't open that can of worms. My recollection is different - at least in terms of Cook.
  11. I have read this 3 times and still cannot work out what you are trying to say. Its like some ingenious riddle.
  12. Speaking of old ground - how is BP working out at the blues? I guess Malthouse will be super keen to have someone of his obvious talent in his team. And as for this thread - are you for real? Sure we might go after Jacobs but it will have no connection whatsoever with Jurrah.
  13. That's funny. Just wrote on the Neeld Lyon thread that our membership tagline should be: BUY IN!
  14. The tagline for next years membership drive shouldn't have been first and forever. It should have been: BUY IN!
  15. Noooooooooo! I couldn't stand it!. One can only imagine the smug, sycophantic post from RR. Something like: Oh oh! or Woops! or A better mark than Jezza (and twice as attractive) - and we opted for a spud who couldn't catch a cold
  16. Early contender for this weeks silliest thread.
  17. Spot on. To commit to the sort of training loads the top teams (an wannabe top teams) apparently have to undertake takes, i would assume, compete buy in in order to push through the barriers. A player who doesn't get it or doesn't accept the vision is more likely to quit when the going gets really tough and not really put in the hard yards. Certainly that player is more likely not to take on board direction from coaching and fitness staff. There was an interesting post recently about 50% of players coming back from their break not having done the work they were told to do. Doing that work, even if you think its rubbish (or perhaps especially) is buy in.
  18. I'm a little confused by this. I agree the culture of playing for draft picks has not been helpful but clearly under Neeld the club is now following the harder road and in many ways i see Neeld having a very similar approach to Lyon, particularly in terms of being clear about the need to change the culture of the club and not worrying about offending peoples in his attempts to do so. And the bit about looking for a savior to cure our ills? Wouldn't Lyon have been a saviour type? Neeld is a first time coach, which doesn't really look good on the savior CV.
  19. Are you serious? You can't be. Freo's list is way superior to ours and has been for years. The list they have this year is largely the same as they've had for the last 2-3. They have an elite regular AA, arguably the best ruck-man in the AFL - and definitely an A grader,a couple of players just below A grade level and another handful of players that would get a game in any league side. On top of that they have a core of players who are seasoned AFL players. Melbourne has none of these things. Lyon would have looked at that list and been confident of a finals campaign. There is absolutely no way on earth that if he had gone to the dees he would have thought the same - no way. He must be spewing they didn't get Clark as if they did they would have been a chance to sneak into the top 4..
  20. Not for the first time Ron, i'm in furious agreement with you. I was thinking something similar today when listening to 7774 (and a bit of SEN) analyse the freo game. In short on both stations they were saying how Lyon had come in an straight away looked to turn the culture around, in particular in regard to players preparedness to the necessary training to get to AFL standard. Walters and Crowley were playerd who were said to have bee given an ultimate - shape up or ship out. Both rose to the challenge. They also noted Lyon's mantra of play yourself in in to team or play yourself out and his complete almost myopic focus on team, roles and systems as opposed to individuals. Sound familiar? If we had got Lyon i suspect he would have taken a very similar approach to the one Neeldl has taken. And to be honest i doubt he would have had any more success. Freo are a seasoned team, with many players who have played more than 100 games and some genuine star - and one super star. I for one and not surprised at all they are doing so well.
  21. 4515 posts........Give us a spell. Please.
  22. And when Hogan ended up in a spot on the ground where he shouldn't be we could all yell "Rouse, Rouse, Rouse!!!!!'
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