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  1. I don't see anything bizarre about it. Roos is trying to build a culture that puts the team first, we play as a team a unit not of self serving individuals. The essence of the team is about playing your role, now correct if I'm wrong but crowley is pretty damn good role player who certainly puts the team first.
  2. crisis help line number: +61 8 9223 1111 i suspect many on here will ne needing it.
  3. I may be stating the obvious, but it just came to mind so here i go. When Roosy came, he stressed how important it is to not put any pressure on the young players, I don't know how he has done it, but he has! the man is a genius. Think about when trenners, watts ect came in and all the pressure that was on them, compare to now with your tysons, salems, vineys ect and you rarely hear a word about them in the media, there is 0 hype IMO. Tyson of the back of no pre season and 13 games prior to this season polled 11 votes in the brownlow yet you don't hear a word about this, imagine if this was trengove in his 2nd year. Would the old admin be parading him around like he won the bloody thing? The lack of pressure coupled with vince, jones cross, lumumba and dawes gives them a great chance to develop properly. Another tick of approval to what the club is doing, it's little things like this that can go by unnoticed but can make a huge difference.
  4. reported that gws will offer up 4 and 7 for him.. would that open the door for a trade for treloar? they'd want a high pick to ensure quality amongst each age profile through out the list...you'd think? pick 2 or 3 would get that.
  5. no way i'd give up compo! its one step forward 2 steps back from that flag. essentially Sydney get frawley and say pick 5 for mitchell! so they get a ready made gun FB and then another star mid to come in once mcveigh goes. We set them up for now and the future. Don't be silly people!
  6. wrong, proof is going for shuey and rockcliff last year. I'm sick of hearing all this [censored] about roos not bringing in star players it not how he rolls ect... did it ever occur to any of you nipwits that he inherited a sydney team, which had adam goodes (won the brownlow that year) oloughlin, okeefe. stuey maxfield, barry hall, the boltons and kirk and thats just to name a few, you don't need to be throwing the $$ at big names when you have plenty already.
  7. i argue Berny was more of SA boy then any player is to there state of origin, yet he left, why? because Adelaide put him on the trade table, he was the "disposable" one going forward and that can burn a player big time.
  8. a long shot i know and before you all ask he is contracted till 2017, berny and dom were both contracted... I have in my fantasy team last night and was watching him quite closely last night, he is exactly what we need. Once the supply dried up for him up forward he pushed hard up the ground to get involved, but most importantly had 12 tackles(fits team first and defensive ethos) and still kicked 2 goals and had 20 touches. He is a finisher and can win games of his own boot. Our mids have proven to be able to kick goals this year, but we still don't have a true forward who can go into the midfield at the moment, Lecras is that. Why do I think we can get him? If west Coast keep this form up and keep moving south, history shows that most young coaches in that situation will try to amass as many first round draft picks as possible and he turns 28 in August. If they want first round draft picks they need to give up something, they aren't giving up any of shuey, gaff, darling, kennedy natanui ect, Cox and glass at their age have no currency and rosa who would have currency is a free agent. This leaves lecras possibly on the table. He is great, legit gun but not a player you build a team around. We will have a top 10 pick, will the long term prospect of a top 10 pick make up for the loss of lecras? He is the player they can get the most for, with out losing too much (trade shuey lose 8+years, trade lecras lose +3/4 years). Thoughts? at all realistic?
  9. delete the thread. not gonna mung out with you about watts munga
  10. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/if-youre-a-melbourne-supporter-look-away-now-demons-draft-bungles-aplenty/story-fni5f91a-1226881324821 thats the article! sam edmund A grade idiot!
  11. if monfries is out, i reckon we drop terls for jetta and keep the toump in. if theres no monfries who does terls go to? jetta goes to grey and i reckon garland goes to wingard. Dunn and Tmac can gover shultz and hoff
  12. i know, but i'm confident.. the meds in the afl seem to have the nav bone injuries under control these days. Must of learnt a lot since egan and croad injuries.
  13. if he can get over this injury..he will become the elite player we hoped. This new game plan suits him to a tee, he is an endurance runner who loves the contested footy and is clean in tight. If he gets fit, watch him get to contest after contest as the others tire off through out the game and use his clean hands to extract it and lets not forget his tackling, he's no slouch in that department. He will thrive with the enthusiasm generated from the rest of the team (no wonder he looked so flat, imagine being a 21 year old captain with that sort of team morale). Another if, but if he gets that burst power back then he could be anything. We never got to see him play this game plan, just watch him run all day every game contest after contest, where his lack of speed won't be shown up as much. Could be a luke ball type. Hate to use the word but the potential of him and Hogan coming into this team next year is just massive so don't be as surprised if we are not as aggressive come trade time as you all think.
  14. where did i say he was bad? i was saying he is not fully proven as a forward, no player in any position is proven after 15 games in any position. look at jamar one stand out season and since we have had nothing., we can't be relying on a player who can not stay fit. the fact he is injury prone does not mean he has less ability.
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