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  1. Very tough read. I remember those 9 games in 91. He was explosive, kicked a couple of bags then did his knee & we never saw him again. Hope he finds peace @ some point.
  2. Such a fine line between Future Superstar & Dud. He got a few touches in the first 3 quarters. Then had a great breakout leading & marking final quarter but couldn’t finish his outstanding work. Had he kicked 3-4 like he should have we would all be having a different conversation. I reckon he will tear the competition apart sooner rather than later.
  3. Probably start Bertram on the ground ahead of Bennell & maybe Miller ahead of Bate. Apart from that looks good 👍
  4. Don’t look back in Anger 🎶 🎵
  5. No dispute on that one. my point was 2018 has not been our only decent year in the last 50 years 🤷‍♂️
  6. Loges 20 odd years not 50 You disrespect the line ups we had from 87-94. Unlucky not to pinch a flag in that era. 98 & 2000 also had decent competitive sides on the park. Just ran into a once in a lifetime Bombers unit. Things might just turn around quickly when we least expect it. 🙏
  7. Easy fix. We target Maynard 🤷‍♂️
  8. Sad news, like Hannibal Inc, I also had contact with Mark when he was distributing the Robbie Flower DVD years ago. We both worked in Bayswater at the time & being a fellow Demonlander he was more than happy to deliver the copy to me. RIP MarkC
  9. I don’t know Mick Green @ all however I did have a brief random 3 minute meeting with him in Woolworths in Boronia about 12 months ago. From memory Brownlow Medal night 2018. We were both grabbing Munchies before the count & he struck up a chat about the Footy. He was quick to tell me who he was & we chatted about the Dee’s & The Giants. He came across as a super proud Dad & was very excited about Toby’s career. I hadn’t really thought about it much again until the last few days.
  10. I watched the replay on Sunday & thought the exact same thing. Even when Jones dropped his shoulder into him after the headbutt he was wiping his mouth of non existent blood as there was no contact anywhere near his mouth. It was purely for the umpires benefit. He can play but he is a deadset [censored] after that 4 quarter acting display.
  11. Nick Blakey - Emerging Superstar. Played a sensational game tonight. How do we get him to The Dee’s?
  12. I’m with you Ding. Ive got 4 years on you & @ 55 I am starting to wonder if I will ever see that elusive premiership After being down for so long & then finally getting that taste again in 2018 has made 2019 to date agony. Still I have seen us live win 2 Preliminary Finals & know how that felt. I just hope & prey that eventually we all get to experience that one extra week & the ultimate glory. A changed game plan & some smart recruiting & I honestly think we can launch hard again in 2020. You are not alone mate
  13. Nice trip down memory lane Farmer. However It’s now 2019 some 63 years later, the skill levels are far superior & we as a club kick for goal like the little league. It’s completely unacceptable & has put us under enormous pressure. We should of beaten West Coast & Adelaide however due to basic kicking errors we didn’t. Weideman didn’t kick that simple goal from 20 metres out directly in front & we as long suffering supporters & The MFC are now in an even bigger world of pain. Strangely I have seen enough this season in a couple of games to suggest we can &
  14. 25 Metres out directly in front. Its not possible to miss that last kick. Tim Smith’s Miss was just as bad. As for Garlett’s dropped mark in the pocket. Just can’t comprehend how such basic skill errors are possible? The Demons Complete & total embarrassment in 2019......
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