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  1. 1. 88 Preliminary Final when we rolled The Blues at VFL Park. 2. 2000 Preliminary Final when we rolled The Kangaroos at The G 3. 1990 Qualifying Final when we rolled The Eagles at VFL Park. 4. 2021 Anzac Eve v The Tigers 5. 2004 (I think) Semi Final V The Crows (We Lost) The most amazing see - sawing final Iv’e ever been too. 40 points down at 1/4 time then something like 27 points up at 3/4 only to lose. Pretty sure Simon Goodwin was playing that night too.
  2. I kicked off this thread some 16 years ago & am stoked it has come back to life in 2022. Some great modern day 5 minute wonders mentioned also. I have scarcely posted in the last decade but always hover in the background, follow the banter & love my Demonland daily fix.
  3. I am watching from Port Villa in Vanuatu
  4. Disagree with your first sentence DD. In fact I’ll take it one step further & suggest it’s very old school yesterday thinking. Sure if a young player is attempting to break into the AFL starting 23 then it’s relevant but BBB ‘s circumstance was completely different. The dynamics & personal in the 2 competition’s are completely different. BBB was there to maintain match fitness only. He has plenty of credit’s & runs on the board to return ASAP. The bloke was a critical piece in delivering our Premiership & you want him running around at Casey, getting targeted off the ball by VFL thugs? Extraordinary thinking really.
  5. BBB smashed it in Round 1 & 2. Clunked everything in the air & kicked straight. You cant judge VFL form. Harrison Petty was awful 2 weeks ago in his return game & was sensational back in AFL team on Saturday. BBB return is a No Brainer.
  6. Clarrie, Salem, ANB & BBB all looking sensational. A few blokes look a bit dusty but thats what these games are all about. No Jake Lever or Bailey Fritsch so our structures are slightly out. Chandler showing a bit. Looking forward to seeing what The Weed can do in the 2nd half.
  7. 2021 Jobs Done .. Looking forward to adding as The Dynasty unfolds
  8. I have seen us win 88 & 2000 Preliminary’s live. The joy leaving both those games was mind blowing & I can only imagine what winning that one extra week feels like? On the downside I also witnessed us getting destroyed in both those seasons only one week later. I just want to see us win the GF. If that has to be on TV this year well those are the cards we have been dealt. That won’t take away the moment for me as there are no guarantees we get this shot again. Just roll with it guys , if this comes together this will be an epic moment in all our lives!!!
  9. I would assume that was close to the same differential last week with his decisions for & against. He was brutal on us.
  10. Under the Radar is exactly where we need to be leading into September. Then we Launch ?
  11. This is guy has been super solid & winning multiple one on ones on debut. The kid can seriously play ….
  12. We got on a late roll in 1987. We were solid for the last 2 months that season but only just stumbled into the 8.... 2021 is completely different , we are ruthless & afraid of No team. Definitely got the Cats 2007 feel about it.
  13. Derm is still living off his 5 time premiership player days from 30 years ago & still sees the Dee’s as the easy beats of the competition in his mind & always will until we achieve the ultimate success. Like BT he’s stuck in a time warp. He couldn’t of been anymore dismissive of Melbourne’s season to date & refuses to accept we are a genuine chance in 2021. He’s just another smug media personality trying to remain relevant. We just need to keep the Lid on, remain humble & just keep turning up each week with the same relentless pressure & focus. The Dermie’s of the world have had there moment, ours is just around the corner....
  14. Very tough read. I remember those 9 games in 91. He was explosive, kicked a couple of bags then did his knee & we never saw him again. Hope he finds peace @ some point.
  15. Such a fine line between Future Superstar & Dud. He got a few touches in the first 3 quarters. Then had a great breakout leading & marking final quarter but couldn’t finish his outstanding work. Had he kicked 3-4 like he should have we would all be having a different conversation. I reckon he will tear the competition apart sooner rather than later.
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